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Do you know any women who are beauty product savvy and you can tell because her makeup always looks perfect? I just met one! Angela Garcia is a mom and AVON Representative. Her “job” (business, really) is to sell AVON. She chose this career because, well, she is good at it! She is passionate about beauty products and helping women learn to use them! You know what they say, “Do what you love and the money will follow.”

I asked Angela to share with us a video demonstrating a gorgeous summer look featuring AVON products. She shows us a quick look that is perfect for every day:

Here are the makeup products she used (available on Angela’s AVON website):

Do you hear Angela’s enthusiasm? I love it! I love when women find something that they are passionate about! The AVON opportunity is perfect for Angela! Here is an interview I had with her:

How did you get your start with AVON?

I started with AVON at age 21 but it wasn’t until recently that I began working it as a full time business.

What are some of the activities you do to build your AVON business?

I put catalogs out around the area to meet new customers, I will set up booths at craft fairs and I book appointments to give women facials. I ask my current customer base for referrals. Now, I am expanding my business online with Facebook and YouTube!

How does AVON make women feel and look beautiful?

They have such great skin care products! It leaves my skin so soft and gives me a great testimonial to share with my customers. I sell a trial pack that allows women to sample the products before investing in the larger bottles. They are always so happy with the product! The trial pack is also great for travel, by the way!

What are some of AVON’s best-sellers, according to your customers?

Genetics Night Cream, Proline Eraser and Skin So Soft (which has multiple uses including cuticle softener, insect repellent and it removes sticky residue).

What are YOUR favorite AVON products?

Glaze Wear Lip Gloss, Ultimate Day Cream with SPF, Proline Eraser and Eye Lift Pro.

What about for summer? Any products we need to know about?

The BB Cream (used in the video) is great for summer. It’s lightweight and has SPF 15. I also love ANEW REJUVENATE 24 Hour Eye Moisturizer SPF 25.

How did you get involved as an AVON Makeup Maven?

I won a trip to NYC for makeup training with AVON celebrity makeup artist, Paul Innis. I took a master class with him and learned so many great techniques! Being a Makeup Maven has helped my business grow because I can demonstrate to clients how to use makeup to look their best. Being able to help the client by actually applying the makeup for her, gives me a new way to reach the customer and demonstrate the products.

What is your favorite aspect about selling AVON?

I love meeting new people! I love teaching women how to use the products, how to enhance their natural beauty and the how-to of applying makeup. (Note: I could hear how enthusiastic Angela was over this question. She really loves sharing beauty with women!)

Why does AVON attract so many women in terms of entrepreneurship?

It is a low cost of $10 to start and it offers a variety of products like holiday decor, jewelry and even clothing! The support of the upline is amazing and there are many training videos on how to sell AVON on YouTube. I think women need to do their own research and go into something that they really enjoy.

What have you been able to do with your AVON earnings?

This summer, I am taking my family to Hawaii!

What are you looking forward to most for the remainder of this year in terms of your AVON business?

My goal is to make Leadership, get referrals, meet more people and work on sharing the benefits of the AVON business with other women!


I had a great time speaking with Angela. I could really tell that she has a passion for AVON and helping women enhance their beauty with all the products she loves!  If you are interested in purchasing AVON product (how about that awesome mascara? Wow! That brush!), please visit Angela’s website.

If you are interested in discovering if AVON is the right business for you, send Angela an email. Her contact info can be found on her website.  The beauty of AVON is that you don’t have to be as interested in makeup as Angela is. You could tailor your business more toward home products, men, jewelry or fashion (you need to check out cute summer dresses currently available!).  It’s your business to design around your life, your time and your interests while being providing all the support you may need!  Learn more about what it takes to sell AVON.

I wish Angela a ton of success and a great time in Hawaii this summer!  And to you, dear reader, I hope you’ll do some research and discover that an opportunity like AVON is a great fit for you! Good Luck!

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  1. Kelly says:

    I have always wanted to work in the beauty business and never even thought about Avon. I guess it is a great way for me to do something I love and that is to play with makeup! Thank you for the post

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