If you love to adorn yourself (and you should!), then you likely have many pieces of jewelry that you need to store when not worn.  I have a separate box for earrings, necklaces and bracelets.  The rings reside with the bracelets.  Despite my careful organizing by type, my necklaces get tangled, my earrings get misplaced.  It’s time to get a jewelry tree for my most worn pieces!  The rest can stay put until I need to pull them out of the reserves!

There is a jewelry tree for all types of personalities!

City Girl Walking the White Dog Jewelry and Earring Treenote, she is wearing red high heels!  So cute!  This is a great gift for a swanky modern mama!

Pagoda Leaves Earring Tree– Any zen-mom would appreciate showing off her drop earrings on this!

Victorian Flair Jewelry Organizer– For the mom who loves old world romance!

Umbra Bijou Jewelry Tree, Chrome– Simple and chic for the mom who likes the bare minimum!

If you are in need of some help organizing your necklaces but can’t afford to treat yourself to a jewelry tree right now, try this tip until you do get one (hopefully for Christmas!):

Place each necklace in an individual small ziplock bag.  Leave the clasp out of the bag and zip closed.  This prevents the chain from tangling with other necklaces and keeps the clasp easily accessible.  This is also a great tip for packing your necklaces when traveling!

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  1. Love these! I have a wooden stand with bunches of holes and hooks on the side – not quite as cute, but does the trick.