Jane By Design Blogger Challenge #7: Get The Look

Jane By Design finally aired last night! Did you watch? If not, you must go to the ABC Family website and watch! The characters are fun, the story is inspiring and the fashion is nothing short of fabulous!

There is fashion for everyone! Jane is, of course, the high-schooler leading a double life as an assistant to a demanding fashion executive and tends to dress youthful and fresh, putting her own twist on every outfit. Andie McDowell’s character, Gray, and Jane’s boss, is a more seasoned fashion professional and dresses age appropriate with longer hemlines and vintage couture. India is a driven woman trying to get Gray’s job. Her clothes reflect her edginess. Whatever your liking, it’s there. Even the men are fashionable!

For the final Jane By Design Blogger Challenge, I was assigned this:

You must take careful notes on what everyone is wearing because, at the end of the day, what people are wearing is our business. If you want to work for Donovan Decker, you must prove that you have keen powers of observation. And remember, you can’t be everywhere, but I must know everything, so you must ask your readers to help you if you hope to succeed.

Then show me that you can become a trusted fashion source for masses of people who have less style than I do. Choose one person you have observed and write a “get the look” entry on your blog.

I picked an outfit that Jane wore to a party that can work for any age. Adjust the hem length and footwear to fit your needs. (Sorry, I couldn’t find an outfit picture from the episode to share with you!)

In the show, the leopard coat was a faux fur green sweater (no collar) and while I could not find a similar item online, the sweater shown here is the same color palette. I love the versatility of this particular sweater with the zippers and soft angora knit. You could also opt for a faux fur cropped coat instead. When you are inspired by a look, it’s not about duplicating it exactly but taking the key elements and applying them to your own style!

The belt is the key to this entire look. It is the key to making the outfit look less formal, more funky and totally unexpected!

Use this look to inspire your next outfit! Mixing textures and patterns like sequins and leopard print works when you tie it all together with a neutral (but statement making) piece like the belt. Switch out the pumps for booties and you’ve got an even funkier look! Your look will be so fun and you’ll be ready to socialize!

Now it’s YOUR turn! Please share on the Jane By Design Facebook wall how you would get the look worn by any character on the show! Missed it? Either watch the video below or take a look at the images on the website. Remember, please tell them A Mom in Red High Heels sent you! xo

Learn more about Jane by Design on ABC Family, check out the ABC Family website.

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  1. So in love with the silver belt!! Would def. make a statement on any outfit!!! Great Jane challenge T!