Jane By Design Blogger Challenge # 3: Your Purse-onality Profile

It’s time to celebrate! I’ve moved on to the next challenge in the Jane By Design Blogger Challenge! Thanks for your support with comments on Facebook!

Here is task # 3, straight from Gray Chandler Murray of Donovan Decker:

Find the purse in your trunk. Look at it. I often say you can judge a person based on the purse they carry. A sloppy bag shows the world that you are a disheveled mess, very likely in need of group therapy. A matronly purse says you are uptight, humorless and quite possibly spending your nights alone, with only your cat for company. But the right bag represents you better than any other accessory can. The right bag reveals the best aspects of your personality, winning you affection and admiration wherever you go.

Now go to your closet. Find the purse that best represents you. Post a photo to your blog and tell your readers why this purse conveys the very essence of who you are.

And remember—choose carefully. An expensive purse might reveal that you are really just a shallow tart. A cheap purse might reveal that you are a miserly malcontent. To make it to the next phase of the interview process, you will need to convince me that you are an interesting person with a unique point of view. If you’re just another sheep following the masses, you’ll stay in the barnyard where you belong.

This assignment was easy. But hard.  It was hard to decide but it could have been most of the handbags I own. I have so many purses that I feel “convey the very essence of who I am.” (Guess I should donate the ones that didn’t make this cut to Dress for Success!) I am a lot of things, have many interests and enjoy a variety of looks.  In the end, the winning handbag had 2 qualities that are at the very essence of who I am…

My red satchel, purchased at Shop Suey Boutique about a year ago, features a fabulous deep berry red and edgy details that keep it interesting.  You know that I think red is an empowering color.  If you can wear red, you’ve got confidence!  For me, this is the perfect shade of red, reminding me of sweet summer berries.  It provides a pop of color to my normally neutral wardrobe selection and makes me smile to glance down and see it draped across my arm. It’s all about the details in life and enjoying your handbag is an important detail not to be missed!

The hardware and tassels say, “I’ve got personality” and “I like for you to notice me but I’m not all about the bling”.  It’s just enough to make you stop and notice, pass on a nice compliment and wish you could own it too!

The size is large enough for the essential wallet, makeup bag, phone and an item or two that I always end up carrying about for the kids. It’s actually good that it’s not larger because if it was, I’d be carrying way too much stuff (if there’s room in the handbag, it gets filled!).

Does it look familiar? It’s a Balenciaga-inspired bag that retailed for a fraction of the price of the name brand. I’m practical (most of the time) when I buy fashion accessories but I’m worth nice looking pieces. This handbag represents that and I’m never denied a compliment when I carry it. It’s fabulous!

Which of your handbags conveys the very essence of who you are?

Let’s have some fun!

After thinking over which handbag conveys your true personality, are left feeling in need of a new purse? No worries, I’ve got you covered.  Well, at least one of you!

Enter to win a new handbag from Shop Suey Boutique! Winner will receive her choice of handbag (priced $58 or less) from Shop Suey Boutique compliments of A Mom in Red High Heels!  Whoo Hoo! Start 2012 with a new brand new bag that screams “YOU”!

How to enter:
Entry 1 (mandatory): Leave a comment telling me about your favorite handbag and why it is so you!

Entry 2 (optional but very appreciated should you choose to do this): Like A Mom in Red High Heels and Jane By Design on Facebook. Please share on the Jane By Design Facebook wall what your handbag says about you! If you want to upload a picture to show off your great handbag, that would be super (you’ll earn brownie points from me!). If not, just post a comment on the wall and please tell them A Mom in Red High Heels sent you! Tell your friends too! There’s a party going on over at that wall and I don’t want anyone to miss out!

Entry 3 (optional): Follow @amominred  @ABCFJane and @ShopSueyBoutiqu on Twitter and tweet this: I want to win a @ShopSueyBoutiqu handbag from @amominred in honor of @ABCFJane #JBDStyleChallenge #3! http://tinyurl.com/6m9ft2l

Be sure to comment below that you did one or both!

Deadline to Enter:
December 30, 2011 @ 11:59 PM PST

Winner will be sent an email and has 48 hours from the time the email was sent to reply to claim the price. Failure to do so results in a new winner being selected.

Image from ABC Family Jane By Design

For another sneak peak of the ABC Family show, Jane By Design, watch this short clip. Jane By Design is due to air on January 3, 2012.

Learn more about Jane by Design on ABC Family, check out the ABC Family website.

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  1. Michelle H. says:

    My favorite handbag is my gold beaded purse. I can’t go anywhere without someone complimenting me on it. It makes a statement and I love to make a fashion statement.


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