Do you feel like you are walking barefoot in the snow during the winter?  Are your feet cold, no matter what you try?  You are not alone!

A reader wrote in asking how she could keep her feet warm in her boots this winter. I totally understand her problem. My feet are always cold and if my feet are cold, I am cold!
Cold Feet: Ways to keep your toes warm this winter |

Aside from wearing shearling lined boots, here are a 6 things you can do to keep your tootsies warm this winter:

  • Wear wool socks. Cotton socks provide little insulation and they absorb and retain moisture. This results in cold feet. Wool socks are a better option! Wool socks are thicker and most importantly, dry even while being worn so your feet won’t get wet from perspiration! Stylist Jennifer Rosson of Style Your Life, recommends SmartWool PhD Running Socks.  These socks are short and great for booties or ankle boots.  Invest in longer wool socks for knee-high boots.  For extra insulation, layer thermasilk socks under the wool socks to help wisk away moisture. This is a trick I remember using when I hiked with my parents while growing up.
  • Remove your boots.  If you sit behind a desk and can sneak a few minutes without your boots on, give your feet a break!  Allow your feet and boots to air out.  While you are sans footwear, role your arch across a baseball.  The massage will help the blood flow in your feet and warm those toes right up!  (I always keep a baseball under my desk at home.  It’s an easy and wonderful way to relax my feet after a long day!)
  • Invest in quality boots.  Having breathable boots allow your foot perspiration to escape. Boots made of plastic/pleather will trap your foot sweat.
  • Wear Bootliner Tights. Hanes Silk Reflections Blackout Boot Liner Tights incorporate a knit-in, micro-rib, comfort sock for added warmth and traction without the bulk. It’s the ultimate boot solution with the perfect Blackout leg.  You’ll appreciate these when you pair your boots with a dress!
  • Wear a red pedi.  Just kidding, it won’t keep your feet warm but it will look HOT!
  • Don’t forget your rain boots!  I love, love, love this idea!  Rain boot liners!  They come in a huge variety of colors and fabrics.  Splash through puddles in style and keep your toes warm too! Don’t forget a pair for your kids too!

6 Ways to Keep Your Feet Warm in Your Boots |

Betsey Johnson at ShopStyle

Keeping your toes warm in the winter is super important. You are far more beautiful when you are cozy and comfortable, not to mention, you’ll be avoiding frostbite! Be warm!

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