As seen on the red carpet at the People’s Choice Awards last night, purple is the hot color of the moment!  While it didn’t show up on on dresses or heels, it did make an appearance in a variety of other ways.  Take a look:

The official envelopes were purple

The photo wall was purple.

Side note: Taylor Swift, thank you for taking a break from the red lipstick. You’ve never looked more gorgeous! (take a note from Taylor and get out of your makeup rut!)

Men’s wear was purple

And the best…eye liner was purple!

This last one is the winning purple of the night! It’s something you can apply at home to bring out your gorgeous eyes as well as shake off that makeup rut that we talked about (come on, I know you wear black…every day!).  Give it a try!  Purple liner looks best with deep brown, green, or hazel eyes!


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