Taped-In Hair Extensions: Quick, Easy and Affordable!

Celebrities use hair extensions to enhance their looks

Hair extensions are everywhere in Hollywood!  Not just on the usual suspects (Britney, Paris) but on lovely starlets who you’d never guess were getting a hair boost.  Check out this gallery!

But what’s a regular girl to do?  You don’t have 5 hours and $2000 allotted for hair extensions?  Or $6000 like Kate Gosselin?  Or an insane $24,000 like Miley Cyrus?!  No problem!  Taped-in hair extensions can be completed much more quickly and at a much lower cost.

Before Hair Extensions


After Hair Extensions

The model shown above received a full set in her makeover; with individual extensions, this would have taken 4 hours and cost roughly $1200-1600.  With taped-in hair extensions, they were done in less than two hours and carry a price tag only $750.  Certainly not a bargain, but hair extensions are not something to look for a bargain on!  You definitely want 100% real human hair, and if they are applied wrong you could be looking at pain, itching, scalp irritation, even hair loss!

The method of taping extensions into the hair has become more popular in recent years, because it is fast and the pieces lay very flat, making them nearly undetectable, even on fine, thin hair.  Two pieces of taped extensions are sandwiched around thin selections of natural hair, allowing them to stick to each other while holding tight on the anchor hair.  Waterproof tape allows for regular washing and styling without compromising the tape.  They come in 1″-3″ strips, which can be cut to different sizes for ease of application and excellent color blend.  Some brands use finer hair, which blends well for a client with fine hair, while others provide more dense selections for clients with thicker hair.

LEFT: Shawna’s hair extensions    RIGHT: fine hair extensions vs. fuller hair extensions

For Shawna, I used three colors of hair extensions (dark brown, medium brown and chocolate brown.)  I like to layer colors (two different colors sandwiched together) to give a highlight/lowlight effect.

With all extensions in, pre-cut.  Isn’t it beautiful?

with extensions applied, pre-cut/style


Jordana Lorraine, who did Shawna’s hair extensions for this post, offers 7 different types of hair extensions in Los Angeles, CA.

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