Your pregnancy and birth experience are among the MOST important experiences you will EVER have and research now confirms that the QUALITY of your birth experience has long-term implications for both you and your baby’s health and wellbeing.

With so much riding on the outcome, wouldn’t you want to know ALL your options and the BEST ways to prepare for what lies ahead?

In the ground-breaking FREE series, Holistic Pregnancy Tele-Summit, some of the foremost experts in self-care and natural childbirth will teach you how to take the stress and fear out of pregnancy and giving birth, and transform the experience into one of joy and love –the way Mother Nature intended it!

If you’re pregnant right now OR you work with pregnant women and would like to better support them through this process, then don’t miss these calls! Just click over, fill out the registration form they’ll send you email reminders with all the call-in details.

Tomorrow’s session (Thursday May 30, 2013) of the Holistic Pregnancy Tele-Summit series starts at 5PM Pacific/8PM Eastern. The topic of the call is “Look and Feel Your Best without Compromising Your Baby’s Health.”

Donya Fahmy, CEO & Founder of Dropwise Essentials, will be talking about something very important –the hidden health threats in most personal care and beauty products! Some of the things she’ll cover in this session include:

  • Startling new research about ingredients in mass-produced personal care products that may pre-dispose your baby to obesity (among other serious health problems!)
  • The top 10 ingredients you MUST avoid to keep you and your baby safe and how you can find out if the products you’re using right now may contain them
  • Using Mother Nature’s Rx: Essential Oils to safely address the most common pregnancy-related complaints

This will be incredible information! Everyone who registers (whether they make it to the calls or not) will have access to audio replays for a limited time after each call –but you need to register to get the replay information.

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