The holiday season has arrived!  It’s always a fun season of dressing up for parties and dinners.  I encourage you to go for a look that is outside your everyday norm, making you look and feel extra beautiful for your special events! After you are dressed, complete with red high heels, and have your hair styled, finish your look with beautiful makeup.

You don’t have to spend additional money on products to accomplish your holiday glow.  Use these easy ways for holiday party perfection:

  • Begin with a clean, well hydrated face.
  • If you have it, apply primer.  (If not, skip this step)
  • Apply liquid foundation to let your natural warmth shine through.  Heavy makeup takes away your natural glow and ages you.  Think dewy, luminescent skin.
  • Apply concealer to under eyes, blemishes or areas of uneven skin tone.
  • Apply blush
  • Apply highlighter to your cheekbones.  You can use a shimmer lip gloss to get the same effect.
  • Define your brows with powder or pencil.  Remember, this year, strong brows are in.

Now you have to decide…do you want smoky eyes and soft lips or bold lips and neutral eyes?  Either way, you’re gorgeous.  This is a personal choice but go with either smoky eyes or bold lips, not both.

Smoky Eye/Neutral Lip

  • If you choose smoky eyes,  you have options: brown, gray or purple smoky eyes are all lovely and perfect for evening!  Go darker than you do during the day.  Remember, this look is all about the drama!  It’s sophisticated and sexy!
  • Compliment your smoky eyes with neutral lips like beige, peach or a nude shimmer for the perfect pout.

Bold Lip/ Neutral Eye

  • If you choose a bold lip, red is highly popular for holiday gatherings.  Everything from bright red to brick red to deep blue-red is an option.  Remember, red-orange brings out yellow, stained teeth so be sure your teeth have been whitened prior to the party.  Experiment with shades at the department stores to find the right color for you.
  • Your eyes can be swept with light neutral shades, contrasted with lush, dark lashes and black eyeliner.  The look is classic!

Final Touches:

  • Complete your beauty routine with perfume.  A scent you love and makes you feel sexy is the best choice!
  • Check your mani and pedi!  Fix any chips.  If you are short on time, file evenly and coat with a clear polish or a pale color.
  • Dust a shimmer bronzer, powder or blush (which every you already own) on your shoulders and chest for a bit of extra shimmer.

When you give yourself extra time to get your makeup right, you’ll feel beautiful and confident. That confidence is really the key to your beauty. Smile and go have fun!

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TAMMY GIBSON, founder of A Mom in Red High Heels, is a God-loving, coffee-drinking, heel-wearing, wife and mom offering up her best tips to help women look and feel fabulous so they can achieve their biggest dreams.


  1. Wow!!! they really can make a person look beautiful. Love the make up and color combination.

  2. I love the smoky eyes, so I always end up opting for the nude lips. I am totally excited about the Bobbi Brown Black Pearl Eye Palette: makes a fabulous smoky eye, and one my favorite nude lipsticks is
    Armani BeautyLimited Edition Rouge D’Armani Sheer.