Holiday Favorites: Lindt Lindor Truffles

I won’t deny it…I love chocolate. Can you relate? However, eating too much is easy to do and I have to be careful not to keep it around the house.  I knew I was in “trouble” when my bag of Lindt Lindor Truffles arrived at my doorstep.  You see, I agreed to post about these tasty truffles (knowing I loved them from previous experience) but I also knew that once the bag was open, it would be hard to resist.

I was right.

Hard to resist.  I think I ate 3 or 4 in one sitting.  It was time to distribute them and get them out.  A little is wonderful, and so very yummy, but when you have week willpower, like myself (for chocolate, anyway), then you run into a problem.  I got creative.

For the holidays, I like to give my special friends a small gift.  This year, those gifts will include Lindt Linor Truffles.  In a small drawstring bag, I lovingly packed lip gloss, purse-size hand lotion and Lindt Lindor Truffles.  A small and special treat for my sweet friends to enjoy.  No one goes into chocolate overload but they all enjoy a few truffle balls!

I also love to have a bowl of the truffles out on Christmas Day.  Before dinner is served we often snack on treats (Backwards? Yes. Tasty? Yes.  Hey, it’s a holiday!) and Lindt Linor Truffles are a special addition to the buffet.

Finally, and most importantly, Lindt Lindor Truffles  just over 5 grams of carbs each (serving size is 3 pieces at 16 gms).  This means a person with Type 1 Diabetes may have one as a “free” snack and those of us who don’t, can enjoy as well without guilt.  Allow yourself a treat, one a day is a fabulous way!

I love the individually wrapped truffles, using them to build gifts and having them to serve special people in my life.  Check out the Lindt website for many purchasing options.  They have several gift ready options as well as cases of truffles and other Swiss chocolates that are perfect for the holidays!

Nothing tastes quite like the Lindor Truffles.  Created only by Lindt’s Master Chocolitiers, it’s exquisite chocolate filled with a smooth chocolate center.  When the irresistable center starts to melt…so will you.  Smooth. Flowing. Luscious. Chocolate like no other.

Treat yourself and your loved ones.  You’re worth it!


Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Lindt via Glam Media.  The opinions express herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Lindt.

**Thank you to the comment below for pointing out that these treats are NOT gluten-free. It’s always best to check with the manufacturer to get the most accurate and recent information.

Per Lindt’s site:
Is there gluten or barley malt in Lindt chocolate?
Gluten can be found in several premium chocolate products that Lindt & Sprungli produces; either as a cereal ingredient or as a barley component. Additionally, there are some specific premium chocolate products that are manufactured without cereal or barley malt; however, and even though Lindt & Sprungli incorporates the most stringent cleaning process of all of our manufacturing lines, trace amounts of these gluten ingredients and components may have the opportunity to come in contact with non gluten products, and therefore we cannot make the statement that any of our premium chocolate products are purely “gluten free.” We are sensitive to the fact that there are large groups of consumers who are unable to enjoy our chocolate at this time, and we hope that in the future we will be able to accommodate the needs of all our consumers, and offer options to those with varying dietary requirements.

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  1. Reena says:

    I love those truffles too! lol… yeah, its kinda difficult to control these things, especially when they are toooooo yummy to resist! :)

  2. GlutenFree says:

    Which of the Lindt Lindor Truffles are gluten free? The Milk Chocolatr Truffles, shown in the image above, are not gluten free as they contain barley malt powder & could sicken those with Celiac and gluten intolerance.

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