Handpicked Handbag: Brahmin Anytime Tote

This lovely tote from Brahmin is the kind of bag I love!  It is one large compartment and a lot of space!  If you missed my last handbag post, you see why a small to midsize bag is not my everyday style (cute and fun but not for my daily life!).  The Anytime Tote is stylish, is not fussy and has 8 stunning colors to choose from.  Currently, I’m drooling over the Cantaloupe!  So perfect for summer!  The Haze (gray) that I received for review is a wonderful neutral for Fall and Winter!

The Anytime Tote has traveled with me to NYC for my Remington Red Chair Ready event!  It compliments my red carry-on quite nicely, don’t you think?

As you can tell by the picture that it’s a bit stuffed.  Obviously, it’s not meant to be a tote bag (when you have such a tiny carry-on, everything else gets shoved into the “personal item” aka purse).  Due to the extra weight of it’s contents, the handles are not comfortable on the shoulders.  They are narrow and dig in.  BUT, for everyday wear, as long as I’m not toting everyone’s water bottles, it’s perfectly comfortable.

What NOT to use your Anytime Tote for:

A feather duster holder! I spotted this little mishap when my cleaning lady was over.  Bless her sweet heart…does she not know that nice handbags should not be used as cleaning supply holders?! Or, is it the latest in feather accessories trends that I just don’t know about yet?

Worth the splurge! $225

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  1. adriana says:

    The cantaloupe color is amazing!!! The leather looks very sturdy, too. Is it as practical as it is great-looking?

  2. Tammy Gibson says:

    @adriana YES, it really is! It’s one large compartment (which i love), interior side pocket, sunglasses and cell phone pocket.

  3. adriana says:

    That’s amazing…I have an obsession with great looking handbags that are somehow very impractical. The sunglasses and cell phone compartment would really save me from rummaging through my bag. Also, to be honest, it’s such a great bag that even the feather duster works…just kidding…I’ll definitely be adding this one to my bag collection. Which color do you recommend?

  4. Tammy Gibson says:

    Adriana, it depends if you want a pop of color for spring/summer or if you want a neutral for year round. I absolutely love the cantaloupe which could work spring through fall (wow! It would be a great punch of color with browns!). If you want a neutral, the oyster or haze has my vote :)

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