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Any family with multiple children understands what a money saver hand-me-downs can be. Children grow up so quickly, meaning they often only get a year of use, at most, out of perfectly good clothing items. With hand-me-downs, you can continue passing clothes down to the younger kids in your family or friends to get greater use out of the clothing. Even for families that can afford the luxury of new clothing for each child, hand-me-downs are a fun and creative way to recycle clothing and create something new. Follow these dos and don’ts for hand-me-downs to make for a smooth process.

DON’T give your child worn out clothing.

You have to be realistic with hand-me-downs. If you are trying to save every last piece of clothing for the younger sibling, you are simply wasting space in the closet with things they will never wear. By giving them a bunch of old, damaged clothing that is basically junk, you are turning them off of the idea of all hand-me-downs in the future. If fabric is worn and beyond repair, it is okay to toss it or recycle the fabric for something else. If you think it might be repairable, make it a fun project for you and the receiver of the new clothes, so that they can make it their own.

DO spruce used clothing before giving it to your child.

Hand-Me-Downs: The Dos and Don’ts | amominredhighheels.com
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There are so many different ways to spruce up clothing before giving it away. Let your child pick out cool buttons to replace the originals with, or even consider dying the clothing piece a new color. If clothing has been sitting in a box for a while, throw in some fabric softener when you wash it so that it doesn’t irritate the skin and so it has a fresh and soft appearance. If the clothing is ill fitting, get it altered to fit. This will still be cheaper than the alternative of buying something completely new.

DON’T ignore child jealousy.

Hand-Me-Downs: The Dos and Don’ts | amominredhighheels.com
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We have to admit; sometimes the baby of the family gets the short end of the stick when it comes to getting new clothes. This may create sibling jealousy, as the oldest will be getting new clothes more often. Instead of ignoring the jealousy, try to throw in some new items with each haul of hand-me-downs. This will allow your child to pick out a couple things that they like that are brand new, while still saving you money from having to buy a completely new wardrobe every time they grow out of their clothes.

Create a display of your own with all of the hand-me-downs so that your child can go through and “shop” for what they like best. This makes the used clothes more desirable, and will aid in alleviating jealousy between siblings.

DO be smart about the types of clothes you are buying the first time around.

When buying clothes the first time around, be smart about what you are buying. These adjustable shorts have an incredible hidden adjustable waistband that allows you to adjust the size of the shorts. This allows for a much longer wear time for each child.

Hand-Me-Downs: The Dos and Don’ts | amominredhighheels.com
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Hand-me-downs save you tons of money, are fun to play with, and are an excellent way to recycle fabrics. Following these tips for hand-me-downs will make the process smooth between kids, and allow you to get the most out of each wear.

Let us know if these tips work for you, as well as any other suggestions you have for making clothing last longer. Good luck!

Love, Tammy

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