Do you dress up for Halloween or leave it for the kids? I usually don’t only because I’d rather spend the money a costume would cost on heels or a handbag. For those of you that do, we are kicking off the first of 3 Halloween looks for the week, Astute Artistry shows us how to get a sexy pirate look.  A pirate can be edgy and sexy, plus the makeup is gorgeous!  This costume I might actually be able to throw together by modifying pieces from my wardrobe! How fun, maybe this year I will dress up!

Ahoy there Ladies! Pirates don’t always have to be dirty and gritty! Let’s get down to business and spice up the Pirate scene!

Start your look with a clean base color covering the entire eye. Neutral palates always work best, especially if you are only adding liner. Keep it neutral to accentuate the liner. Next, we want to add a thick full black line, extending slightly outside the eye for accent. Add a pair of long sexy black eyelashes, and don’t forget that one eye patch for that special pirate touch. Eye-patch not required!

Your skin should be clean looking, with a nice pink or red blush.

To finalize this look, add a wet true-red lipstick, and use a lip liner to define.

For a little pirate twist, but still keeping that sexy look, add a little back grease paint and smudge it throughout the face. If you have pierced ears, be sure to add a big pair of sexy hoops.

You are now a glamified pirate!

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Tomorrow you’ll want to come back for the zombie look…perfect for your teenage son!  Warning: it’s gross looking (as a zombie should be!) but isn’t it amazing what makeup can do??

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