Hairstyle How-to: Voilà! The 5 Minute Chignon!

Hairstyle How-to: Voilà! The 5 Minute Chignon!

Pretty doesn’t always start out that way. Sometimes it has to get ugly before it gets pretty…kinda like life! Know that with a few important steps and consistent action, things turn for the better. Take this pretty chignon for example:

Not so pretty…

5 Minute Chignon: Step 1
1. Section crown and back comb.

5 Minute Chignon: Step 2
2. Start back combing and work towards the back round of the head.

5 Minute Chignon: Step 3
3. Starting with the last section back combed, smooth and shape hair into place. (section by section)

5 Minute Chignon: Step 4
4. Twist and pin left and right side sections in middle back.

pretty bun: Step 5
5. Gather remaining hair in a ponytail. And lightly back comb.

pretty bun: Step 6
6. Staring at the ends of your lengths roll up and pin hair at the base of your pony.

5 Minute Chignon: Step 7
7. Lightly curl any lengths you desire to leave out.

5 Minute Chignon: Step 8
8. Tuck and loose ends and pin underneath.

5 minute chignon

pretty 5 minute chignon
9. Voilà! The 5 minute chignon!

Angela and Tammy

What do you think? Is this a style you’ll be trying at home? I think it’s a great look for Labor Day! Wear your red, white and blue dressed up with this sexy chignon!

Thank you to Angela Bethanie, stylist extraordinaire, for the style tutorial!  You can contact Angela to schedule an appointment at (909) 793-1991.  Follow her on Facebook for hair inspiration and to see what she is up to in the world of beauty and hair!

Thank you to William Chinnock of Mac N Cheese productions for the photos!

Love, Tammy

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  1. It turned out beautifully! Very nice work!

  2. Marsha Bolen » Thanks! Isn’t it a fun updo? 🙂

  3. Very nice and easy way to do the chignon hair style. I never thought it is so easy. Thanks for showing this easy way. It looks so beautiful. I’ll try it at home.