Hairstyle How-to: Soft, Sexy Curls (simple and perfect for date night!)

How to Create Soft, sexy Curls

It’s Valentine’s Day! Do you have plans for tonight?

Whether you are married, unattached or anything in-between, it’s a fun occasion to doll up! Wear a dress and heels! Put on that red lipstick you rarely wear and do your hair in a soft, sexy style. Embrace the pleasures of being a woman!

Angela Mupo, stylist at Evans & Co. Salon, walks us through a quick style that you can do at home, even if you are running short on time.

How to Create Soft, Sexy Curls: Step 1: Prep

Step 1: Prep with product. Dirty hair holds curl better so if your hair is clean, product is essential for helping your curl stay fresh!

How to Create Simple Curls: Step 2: section hair

Step 2: Section hair. Angela says any great style starts with sectioning.

How to Create Soft, Sexy Curls: Step 3: curl small sections with a small flat iron

Step 3: Curl with flat iron. The smaller the flat iron, the tighter the curl.

How to Create Soft, Sexy Curls: Step 4: zig zag part

Step 4: Define part with zig-zag for body and volume.

How to Create Soft, Sexy Curls: Step 5: separate curls with your fingers to relax them and spray curls with hair spray


Step 5: Separate the curls to loosen them, smooth and spray with hairspray.

How to Create Soft, Sexy Curls: Step 6: finish getting dressed and you are ready to go

Step 6: Put on your favorite statement necklace and you are ready for an evening out!

How to Create Soft, Sexy Curls

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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