Hairstyle How-to: Rose Bun Braid

Hairstyle How-to Rose Bun Braid
This Rose Bun Braid is a beautiful way to pull the hair off your face! Here’s a tutorial from RPZL Co-Founder, Lisa Richards to help you create the look at home:

Rose Bun Braid

  1. Brush your hair using a Boar Bristle Hair Brush. Make sure that your hair is smooth and tangle-free. Brush it back and away from your forehead. Brush your hair straight back so that there is no part.
  2. Create beach waves with R+ Co’s Rockaway Salt Spray and a 1.25 inch Marcel Curling Iron. Pull out waves with your fingers.
  3. Make two individual, traditional braids above each ear about 3 inches wide.
  4. Braid each section halfway down–far enough so that the two braids come together to meet in the middle. Secure each braid individually with a thin elastic ponytail holder.
  5. Then, pull the braids back, to create a half ponytail. Use an elastic ponytail holder to hold the two pieces together.
  6. Take the loose hair from the half pony and wrap the hair in a circular motion, giving a rose effect. Use hair pins to hold the rose bun into place. However, you can also take the end of a tail comb and pull little pieces out to give it a messier feel.
  7. Grab a 3 inch section of hair right underneath the rose and make a traditional braid. Secure with an elastic ponytail holder.
  8. Use R & Co Outer Space flexible hairspray to maintain hold and keep the look in place.

Optional: add RPZL extensions to your hair for a bigger and fuller look!

About RPZL:

RPZL is known for its premium hair extensions (which are sold online with worldwide shipping), blowouts and awesome braided hairstyles! Follow RPZL on Instagram for more gorgeous hairstyles!


Love, Tammy


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