Susan is a very busy mom who is growing her fine hair out. Both she and her husband like her hair pulled back but she would like some alternatives to the standard ponytail. I asked Jordana Lorraine of Lorraine Colour Bar to give Susan some styling tips.

Susan, mom of 3

Susan, mom of 3

Susan says:
I am a stay-home mom to three great kids ages 7, 4, and 18 months. Between driving to elementary school, preschool, dance, soccer, gymnastics, playgroups, etc etc etc, I have less and less time to take care of myself.

I have almost always worn my hair in a bob of some sort…relatively short. I used to keep it highlighted, but have started coloring it myself to save money. My hair is extremely fine and does not hold curl very well at all. It is also thin. Since baby #3, I have been growing my hair out. It is just at my shoulders now, and I wear it in a pony tail every day. My husband has actually said he prefers it pulled up like that.

Do you have any recommendations for ways to quickly pull my hair up that would be make me look more current and chic, but also appropriate for my daily mommy duties?

I’d love to get some more body and volume in my hair.

Thanks for any help and guidance you can give me!!

Jordana says:

Good for you, for being patient in growing out your hair! Fine hair can be a challenge to style. Here are some tips to pull it back and achieve volume when you’ve only got a few minutes:

For root lift: If you can, use a volumizing mousse and blowdry just the top section, upside down for a minute or two to give volume at the roots. Then when you pull it back, the pony or bun will be tight but the top will be fuller.

Making a very high pony and wrapping it into a bun (before bed, on dry hair) will set some body into your hair but not interfere with sleep. In the morning, don’t wash it; take it down, re-do the pony at a more comfortable height and use fingers to break up the hair in the pony.

Follow these steps:

ez-set step 1

Pull back like you are making a ponytail, then twist

ez-set step 2

Allow twist to coil into bun

ez-set step 3

Secure with clip while sleeping

ez-set step 4

Soft, casual waves in the morning

These next two styles will take a practice run or two, but will provide great styles once you get them down:

“Hot For Mom”: Your husband will love this one, by day and night. Pull your hair back as if you were going to do your usual pony, but don’t put the band in. Hold it with your left hand, close to the ends. With your right hand, hold a pencil (point down) on the left side of the pony. Twist clockwise one and a half rotations until the pencil is pointing up, then lift the eraser end, using the point of the pencil to skewer through the hair, close to the scalp. It will hold well, and the hair will be a bit wild when you pull the pencil out! You can also use a chopstick or pretty much anything that shape and size.

"hot for mom" step 1

"hot for mom" step2

"hot for mom" step 3

"hot-for-mom" Final

“The French Fudge” (fudging a French twist): Pull your hair back as if you were going to do your usual pony, but don’t put the band in. Twist the handful of hair to the right, then flip it upwards to the left. Use fingers to smooth the hair as it wraps from behind your right ear to the wrap. Secure with a small claw clip, and allow ends to playfully “sprout” above your head. This look is youthful, summery and fun!

"The French Fudge" Step 1

"The French Fudge" Step 2

"The French Fudge" final

For more ideas, check out Daily Makeover’s Easy Updo Gallery!

Susan, I hope these styles and picture tutorials help you create modern, chic updo’s that work with your busy schedule!  Sometimes the best makeover is just learning to rework what you already have!

Jordana, thank you for the amazing picture tutorials and ideas!  These are tips that many women will be able to put to use, especially busy moms!

Thanks also go out to stylist Miranda Mathes who helped Jordana take the pictures!

You can find both Jordana and Miranda in Santa Monica:
Jordana Lorraine at Lorraine Colour Bar 310-922-2645
Miranda at Allen Pacheco 310-581-3696

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  1. I have fine hair as well. I love it long but it gets straggly and doesn’t look so hot. A medium length seems to be the best. One thing that I do to create an instant hot, glam look is use a product like Aquage Transforming Paste. By using a small amount that has been worked into the fingers of both hands, I run my hands through my hair in the front and sides above my ears. This action lifts the hair away from the face and creates a nice slicked back look with a little body. You can mist it with your hairspray to hold in place. Instant glam!! You might have to practice it once or twice to get it right. Save this one for a special occasion out. I also think that it works the best with hair that has not been freshly washed.