Rachel, A natural blonde, wrote in for advice after dying her hair dark and getting short layers around her face.  The cut is allowing her only limited styling options, and time is short as she has two young ones.  Rachel has beautiful, creamy skin, deep, dark eyes and cheekbones to die for, but how can we accentuate these positives while keeping her maintenance routine simple?

Rachel's makeover request
Rachel’s hair: naturally blonde, dyed dark, with many layers around the face


The good news for Rachel is, her hair appears to be healthy and shiny, and pretty tame in terms of texture (not too coarse, wavy or curly, which all require more maintenance and styling.)  Many brown-eyed celebrities who are naturally medium blonde color their hair darker for a more dramatic look–and in some cases, it has really helped open doors for them.  Just look at Leighton Meester and Sofia Vergara!

Leighton Meester blonde and brunette
81% of poll respondents prefer Leighton Meester with dark hair
Sofia Vergara blonde and brunette
Sofia Vergara has become known as a sultry, sexy brunette, despite being a natural blonde

I personally like Rachel’s look with the contrast of dark hair against fair skin, but I’m not sure Rachel is in love with it.  She has two options:

To stay dark, I would recommend tinting her brows dark as well, and maybe even lashes, to provide more definition around the eyes without daily makeup application.  If she does have a few minutes for makeup, a soft pinky/peach blush would look great as well, and a lip gloss in the same tone for events and parties.

To lighten locks and downplay roots without bleaching her hair back to light, Rachel could add some caramel highlights, like Penelope Cruz and Jessica Biel.

Penelope Cruz and Jessica Biel
Penelope Cruz and Jessica Biel, wearing their hair dark with caramel highlights


As for growing out layers, this can be a challenge.  Rachel expressed that she is bored with pulling her hair back and wants some more options.  My favorite way to grow out layers (also a good way to mask baby hairs around the hairline which often come in during or after breast-feeding) is to cut bangs.  This allows a shaggy, layered cut to flow, and bangs can be trimmed/maintained as the layers grow out.  Bangs can be thin, thick, sideswept, wispy or choppy, depending on the desired image.  They also highlight great cheekbones, like Rachel’s!

layered hairstyles with bangs
layered hairstyles with bangs


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