Barb wanted a new fresh look, something that could be easily recreated at home. So we decided to take some length off and add some layers for a nice voluminous shape. For color we went with lots of low and high lights to add the rich deep dimension to create a beautiful shine. I wanted to achieve a look as though there is always light shining onto to Barb’s hair.

The Tools:
Large wide tooth comb
1-1/2inch Curling iron
small and large setting clips

step one: apply products to towel dried hair comb through with wide tooth comb.
step two: Parting and section into 3 sections, starting at the top of the crown temple to temple, section 2 temple to top of ear and section 3 leave out. (image 1)
step three: Starting about 1inch away from your scalp, wind your hair around the barrel of the curling iron until you get to the tip of the section. (image 2&3)
Wait eight to ten seconds, and then release the section of hair and pin with small metal clip. (image4) Repeat this process for the rest of your hair.

Unite 7senconds leave in conditioner, Unite Boosta Spray, Redken Areate Mouse

Nicole applied a light application using bareMinerals products. Barb wanted a light refreshed look.
I took down the curls about after 15mins letting them set. using a wide tooth comb, gently brush out curls. for the perfect polished look lightly spritz your hair with Evans and Company Finishing spray.

Beautiful! Barb has been back twice to get her hair done! We’ve even added more fun red to her hair! She loves her new look!

Contributed by:
Angela Mupo
Evans and Company
(909) 793-1991

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