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Mama Gwyn has a brand new look!

Going with a two-tone color, Gwyneth Paltrow switches up her look just a bit. It’s a safe change with warmer shades of blonde, darker on the underside, lighter on the top. A small change like this is a big deal for a woman who doesn’t change her hair color or style often!

Are you like Gwyneth? Do you live in that one style and/or color that you are comfortable with? Then take inspiration from Gwyneth and make a small change to your hair. Change does not always have to be drastic! You’ll feel like a whole new, sexy mama and it will open you up to possibly making bigger changes down the road when you are ready.

Think about what small change you can make to your hair style today!

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  1. Doing small changes to your hair like this is great for those like you said that are quite comfortable with their current shade. It adds a bit of depth to Gwyneth’s hair.