Say Good-Bye to Over Used Hospital Gowns!

When you have a baby in the hospital, the last thing you want is to wear a uniform hospital gown that has been worn many times over by previous patients!  I did and I cringe at the thought now.  ewww.
If you are expecting and plan to deliver in the hospital, you will want to try a 100% Organic Hospital Gown from Hot Mama Gowns.  The selection of fabrics are so pretty, ranging from soft pastels to bright designs.  You will be able to wear this gown long after deliver while recovering at home!

I also think this would be a really sweet gift for a friend who is going into the hospital for treatment of any kind.  Recently, a reader contacted me sharing a story of her friend who is pregnant and has been diagnosed with cancer .  She has 1-year-old twins waiting for her to come home as she is receiving treatment in the hospital (we wish her well!).  It’s hard to know what to do for a friend in a situation like that.  Words mean so little, actions mean more.  Blessing a friend with items that make her feel special and pretty in a time of sickness can make a difference in her day.

What a fantastic and meaningful gift a Hot Mama Gown would be for anyone facing a hospital stay or are fighting an ongoing illness from home!

Hot Mama Gowns offers you 10% off your purchase with promo code RED.  Just leave it in the message box at check out.  If you are attending the Baby & Tween Celebration LA show you will recieve 15% off at the show.  Hot Mama Gowns will be at Booth 625.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, this may be the perfect gift for an expecting friend, sister or wife!  Order now before you forget and have to buy her another bottle of pretty smelling lotion!

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  1. Leslie S. says:

    The gowns are beautiful! And I LOVE the matching blankies. :)

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