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The Brazilian Hair Straightening craze has frizzy gals buzzing across the world, sending them out in search of smooth, shiny, manageable hair.   Keratin treatment expert Jordana Lorraine has done some research on your behalf, and wants to share with you one of her favorite treatments, Global Keratin (GK Hair).

GKhair is the first and only company to harness the beauty benefits of Juvexin. Juvexin is a special blend of proteins and peptides optimized specifically for hair. It has been developed specifically to protect and restore the hair back to its youthful state and is used in all GKhair products worldwide.?? Juvexin penetrates throughout the hair shaft delivering important conditioning and moisturizing benefits.

GK makes three different smoothing treatments, but this post will focus on the two that are the traditional keratin treatment style.  The “Curly” formula will make a dramatic change in most hair textures, it tames waves, eliminates frizz, repairs damage and delivers shine.  The “Resistant” formula works wonders on coarser, dryer hair, which may not be controlled by milder treatments.  This is not just about curls and frizz; it’s about the health of the hair!

Our hair loses sheen, flexibility and strength due to age, environment, chemical treatments and heat styling. You can recondition and fortify hair with GK’s natural keratin and botanical extracts; it will be softer, shinier and in better shape than it ever was, even before the elements got to it!

Global Keratin

This is an email Jordana received from a client who had seen her for a Global Keratin Treatment before going on her summer vacation:

“I cannot thank you enough for my hair!!! AMAZING! I went to yoga…and NOTHING stood up!
I have been in Hawaii where it is beyond windy and humid and I can run my hair into my fingers NO PROBLEM! I just feel so blessed…my hair was a cause of a lot of insecurity…and now I am feeling more confident and am in love with how manageable my hair is…I have not blow-dried it once! It is beach wavy and smooth! My only regret is that I bought a 200 dollar hair straightener [flat iron] a month earlier that now I have to try to sell on ebay or something!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I actually look forward to the next time I have to come in and get it done:) Have a wonderful summer and Aloha.”

If you’ve been considering a keratin hair treatment, but have been hesitant due to rumors it is unhealthy, check out Jordana’s page about safety with salon chemicals.

before Global Keratin Treatmentbefore Global Keratin Treatment

Before Global Keratin Treatment

after Global Keratin Treatmentafter Global Keratin Treatment

After Global Keratin Treatment

Semi-permanent hair treatments are much different than Japenese hair straightening treatments.  Learn more about them by comparing the Global Keratin Treatment to the Brazilian Blowout and the Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment. Whew…no wonder we get confused with all these names so similar! Do your homework, ask questions and make sure you are truly getting the brand and formula you want at the salon!

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Looking for an alternative to GKT? Brazilian Blowout™ is now free of formaldehyde and all hyde family ingredients (as of April 2010), as shown on their website Read our report: BIG NEWS: Keratin Hair Treatment, Brazilian Blowout™ in Now HYDE-FREE!

Not ready for the commitment of a keratin treatment? Try an at home anti-frizz system for hair: Living Proof Straight Making Styling System ($34 Value)

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  1. perrymason007

    Thank you jordana. I feel better now. So it is Juvexin but the treatment is called ” The best”. My stylist clearly told me the name “juvexin”. I really hope they knew what they were doing.

    Thank you again. Wish my stylist had explained it like you do. They also told me that there is no downtime but to wait for 24 hrs before washing. I waited 48 thinking that would give me long lasting results.

    Jordana, I go to the gym everyday for 2 hrs atleast. I used to shower everyday but used shampoo on alternate days. The other days I just washed my hair in cold water. Now with this treatment my stylist told me the less you wash the longer it stays. What would you advise. How can I take care of my hair without missing out my gym days.

    Thank you so much.
    Wishing you the very best and more and more success

  2. @perrymason I do wish stylists would keep names straight, to prevent client confusion. Juvexin is an ingredient, which is used in all GK hair treatments, aftercare and even styling products. “The Best” is their newest treatment, which is performed more like you described (although in my training class, we were not taught to use heat.) You can see more about it, here:

    As for your gym and shampooing situation, it is a common one. You are doing everything right, except that I would suggest using conditioner on the days you do not shampoo (and the water does not have to be cold.) If you continue on your every-other-day routine, and use the GK aftercare shampoo and conditioner, you should get a good few months out of your treatment. You can also use their masque once a week or so, if you can do 10-20 minutes with heat (such as a sauna or steam room at your gym) for added softness, smoothness and longevity.

    Jordana Lorraine

  3. perrymason007

    Thanks Jordana.

    Today I left my hair to air dry . I usually blow dry and flat iron but just wanted to see. Lot of the frizz is gone but the waves are back. When the stylist treated me I had asked her to use medium strength because I was afraid of pin straight hair. I have medium curly indian hair. Now the curls are softer . I am now thinking pin straight hair looked much better on me. How soon can I have the treatment done again. Thanks for your time.

  4. It makes sense to tread lightly the first time, if you’re not sure you want to be completely straight. I checked with a top GK Educator; you can have the treatment repeated in a few weeks, and ask the stylist to leave it on for 60 minutes this time. He also said the heat is not necessary. Please let us know how it goes!

  5. Jordana help!!
    I am so confused, are you now recommending the Global Keratin more than the Brazilian Blowout.
    I am planning to do the Brazilian Blowout but I also have a stylist that perfroms the Global. They are two different stylists each raving for the treatment he is more experienced in.
    I am a working mom and have absolutely no time to do anything to my hair in the morning and the best look for me is the straight look. My hair is naturally wavy and I blowdry and flat iron every week. Please advise me quickly.

  6. I forgot to mention that I don’t intend to do the zero in BB since they say it doesn’t give the same results. This is btw my first ever keratin treatment but i do dye and highlight my hair alot

  7. Hi Ruby, I’m sorry that it is so confusing! I am not endorsing one product or the other, in fact I use both regularly but for different purposes.

    Unfortuantely it would be impossible for me to advise which treatment is best for you without seeing your hair, but if I understand correctly the straighter and lower-maintenance the better? In this case I would probably recommend the Global Keratin *Resistant* formula, but please understand that that is not the product reviewed above. GK makes four different treatments; this post is about the gentlest one, and I am suggesting the strongest one (which does contain methylene glycol, the ingredient that produces formaldehyde when heated.) If your GK stylist does not offer the Resistant formula, you are likely to get better results from Brazilian Blowout.

    I hope that helps!

  8. Jordana you’re amazing. I didn’t think I would get an answer this quick!!
    I will ask my stylist about this type of GK.
    Yes you did understand correctly I want it straight with low/no maintainance if possible.
    Would you mind answering some more questions?
    Which treatment would allow me better results just by air drying ? I would not mind a few waves as long as its not all over the place and looks as if it was blowdried . I like to let my hair down most of the time no buns or ponytails.
    Which would make leave my hair healthier? BB original or GK Resistant.

  9. Hi Jordana, It is really a very helpful article. I really want your help me to decide which treatment is best for me as this will be the first time I dared to do any chemical treatment on my hair. I have soft curly or you can say wavy hair and I love my natural hair structure. But they are very dry and frizzy and unmanageable . I don’t want straight hair coz my hair are very thin. I also have very serious dandruff too. When I treat my dandruff it makes my hair more dry. So please tell me the treatment which will retain my natural hair structure I just want healthy, smooth, shiny, Split ends free manageable hair …..But I want long term results as well… And please recommend some shampoo live-in conditioner that I can use after treatment for my dandruff and which will still give protection to my treated hair ….I also want to know Does keratin seal the existing split-ends ? And does keratin also prevent split ends after treatment ?

  10. @Ruby I’m glad I could help! I’m afraid these questions are more specific to hair type and should be addressed with your stylist(s.) I realize they are to odds, but you could try asking each what kind of results you can expect. I will say however, that air-dried hair *never* looks blow-dried. Not even on a supermodel! It is very important to have realistic expectations.

  11. Thankx Jordana,
    I just discovered that the Global resisstant is not available where I live. So I made a final decision to try the BB original. It’s good that you helped me adjust my expectations.
    I wanted to run one last thing by you that a friend mentioned: its called ionic treatment by Snips salons. Have you ever heard of it?

  12. @Ruby I am sorry to hear that, but it does seem a bit unlikely as GK’s distribution is quite wide. Are you in Canada? You can double-check availability here: (remember to call local salons to confirm which strength treatments they carry.)

    I have not heard of any product called “Ionic Treatment,” or of Snips salons. There is a company called BioIonic, which makes permanent straighteners (Japanese style) but that is something very different from a Brazilian Blowout or keratin treatment.

  13. I just got back from the Premiere Orlando International Beauty Event and discovered Peter Coppola’s new line of formaldehyde and aldehyde free products called Peter Coppola Keratin Concept, including Keratin And Ceramide Formaldehyde-Free Treatment and styling products. Peter Coppola has not been associated with Keratin Complex for many years. You can learn more at the official Peter Coppola website

  14. Hi Jordana, I would really appreciate your help and expertise, I had the Brazilian Keratin treatment with formaldehyde done to my hair a couple of years ago, and ever since, I’ve lost like 75% of my hair, now I have very thin hair, it also never washed out, I now have strong curls from roots till like 1 third of my hair lenght and the other 2 thirds are straight, of course I look awful and have to blow dry all the time. I heard about the best and interested to do it bec we r in summer and beach and I wear it natural without blow drying everyday. I am afraid of more hair loss which I absolutely can’t afford. Do u think I should go for it ? I want it to wash out too after a few months. Many thanks in advance for your reply.

  15. Hello Jordana,

    This article is great! I did keratin few years ago and I loved it. My hair was frizz free but still had body/volume. Then I went to other salons for the treatment and my hair came out very flat and pin straight : ( I thought that keratin is keratin but after some research online I realized that the first stylist used global keratin ( strawberry scented) while all the other salons I went to use keratin complex by Coppola. Do you know what is the difference between them?

    Hardly anyone in my area uses global keratin. I know only one salon that does and it is extremely difficult to schedule an appointment with them that works with my schedule. Please help.

  16. Very good gk and I useing gk kration,,,,,, I’m hairstylist (fahim12345