During the GKT process

I want to apologize to those that have been waiting to hear my final thoughts and results of my Global Keratin Treatment that I received on October 21 from Jordana Lorraine (now at Phenix Salon Suites in Marina Del Rey).  The delay is not that I’ve been busy with my kids, because I’m always busy with my kids.  It’s not because I didn’t have a picture to share.  It’s not because I had more important topics to blog about.  Honestly, it’s because I wasn’t quite sure how to present my opinion without sounding wishy-washy.  I have a definite opinion about which of the two keratin treatments, the Global Keratin Treatment and the Brazilian Blowout, that I like best.  I’m just not sure I have a really good reason to like one better than the other as they both gave me the straight locks I lusted for.

Let’s start with the Brazilian Blowout that I received in July.  The process took just over 2 hours to complete.  I left the salon with my hair completely process, washed and dried.  My hair did feel like it had a coating of product on it and I’d say it remained “heavy” for at least a week.  I could wash it, dry it, style it, add product, swim with it….anything you can normally do with your hair.  The Brazilian Blowout lasted about 7 weeks before some minor waves started to come back.  By 10 weeks, I’d say most of my curl was back but the frizz and volume of my curl seemed to be missing (which is OK by me!).  While I was back to blow drying my hair straight with the hairfreé™ brush I told you about, I’d say it was easier to get straight than it was pre- BB.

Four months and 1 week after I had my The Brazilian Blowout™, I returned to Jordana for a Global Keratin Treatment.  I wanted to try the GKT because it is a gentler formula of keratin treatment and does not contain any of the “hyde” family of chemicals.  I had experienced eye irritation with the BB and hoped not to have that same experience with the GKT.

I showed you pictures of the Dino-Clark keratin treatment room and ventilation system that Jordana used.  Dino-Clark is now closed, and Jordana is at Phenix Salon Suites in Marina Del Rey, where she has a private studio suite with an advanced air filtration system.  Granted, the fumes were less intense due to the ventilation so the comparison is not exactly accurate.  During my GKT, I had very minimal eye irritation (we are talking 10 seconds!).

The other differences this treatment had, compared to the BB, was that the process took 1 hour and 30 minutes but I left with the treatment in my hair.  My hair was dried straight but the keratin remained in my hair 72 hours.  My hair felt heavy but silky soft.

Now, having to wait 72 hours to wash my hair was like torture.  It feels similar to when you have to wait for a service company to arrive during a 4 hour period of time!  The waiting kills you, you thinking of a million things you could be doing but instead you are stuck at home waiting.  While waiting to wash my hair during the 72 hours, I couldn’t go to the gym because I could neither put my hair up in ponytail while I worked out or wash my hair after the workout.  I could not clip my too-long bangs back.  I could not wear a headband while washing my face.  Even showering proved to be a hassle as the humidity of the shower needed to be avoided if possible and no, there would not be any pulling my hair up with a hair clip.

Don’t get me wrong, I do sometimes go 72 hours without washing my hair.  Life gets busy so I’ll skip washing my hair when I shower.  The difference is, I can pull it back into a clip or headband or wear a cute hat until I do have the time to wash, dry and style my hair.  It was more the inconvenience of not clipping my hair back that bothered me.   I wasn’t going to take the chance of causing a bend in my newly treated hair!

After I did finally get to wash my hair, I was pleased to be able to rough dry it and get straight hair without sectioning my hair and blowing each section dry with a brush.  The results of newly washed hair gave me soft, smooth hair but with definitely more volume than I experienced with the BB.  I think the GKT left my hair with more fluff, though it was straight fluff. (This should not have been a surprise as the GKT formula is the most gentle of keratin treatments.) I personally prefer the sleekness that I got as a result of the BB.

Hair in Natural State

This is my hair in it’s natural state, air dried

Hair rough dried after GKT

This is my hair 72 hours after my Global Keratin Treatment.  It has been washed with GKT shampoo & Conditioner.  I rough dried it, using no styling product or brush while blow drying.

In addition to my treatment experience and results, I will add that I don’t like the GKT shampoo as much as the BB shampoo.  The GKT formula  is made with Aloe Vera and appears separated when poured from the bottle.  It also has no sudsing power.  I’m sure the Aloe Vera is very healthy and gentle on my hair but I really liked the BB formula much better.  The special shampoos and conditioners are recommended as “these products will generally contain the same hydrolized keratin and botanical extracts that were in your treatment, so each time you use them you will be refreshing and enhancing your results. Shampoos should be free of sulfates and sodium chloride.” Get more tips from Caring for Your Keratin Hair Treatment.

Global Keratin Hair Product

Considering the cost of the Global Keratin Treatment and Brazilian Blowout are the same (starting at $350), and I like the overall results of the Brazilian Blowout better than the Global Keratin, I will go with the BB for my next keratin treatment.  Hopefully with the new ventilation system in place at Dino-Clark Salon, I’ll have much less eye irritation.  Until then, I’ll be happy with the fact that I can rough dry my hair straight, and do it quickly, with the GKT.

Considering a keratin treatment?

Before deciding on which keratin treatment is right for you, please consult a certified stylist, read as much information as you can about the treatment you want, and ask to see the stylists certification, as well as the bottles of product to be sure you are truly paying for the experience and product you ask for.

Jordana is happy to answer questions regarding keratin treatments via email or phone.  You can receive a $50 discount off the Global Keratin Treatment or Brazilian Blowout from Jordana when you mention A Mom in Red High Heels through November 30, 2009.

Find Jordana at Phenix Salon Suites in Marina Del Rey, CA.
contact: 310-922-2645


Tammy Gibson, A Mom in Red High Heels

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  1. @Julie I understand what you mean, and I also understand the company’s desire to protect their formula from competitors. You should definitely consider looking into the sir filtration system especially as the weather cools and your deck is not an option.

    As far the release at home, I have no idea. I have heard it mentioned before and I think it sounds equally possible, and paranoid. The only way to know would be to take someone who has had it on their hair a week, two weeks, etc and test the air around them as they style it. If a client’s bathroom has an exhaust fan, it couldn’t hurt to turn it on while she styles her hair, but I also have not heard anything about eye sensitivity or similar issues at home following a treatment.

  2. @jordana. Thanks for your input and info. We’ve actually taken a sample of our solution to a client that has a chemical testing company. If it does come back with 10% formaldehyde like OSHA is claiming then we’ll make more decisions from there. And I will know 100% for myself who to believe.
    Looked at the filtration system. Looks great. Love that we can move it around from station to station. Talking to owner about it tomorrow. thx

  3. You’re very welcome, and thank YOU for this info…please do report what your client finds, as well as info on the bottle (when it was purchased/shipped.) Are you testing Global as well? You are so luck to have this resource. I tried looking into testing but it was sooo expensive!

  4. @Jordana I’m still waiting to hear back from my client. They MAY need up to 32 oz. to do the test and we’re not willing to give up all our solution! I’m also doing a test this week from healthy home test kits that tests formaldehyde in the air. I”m going to put it right in the steam and see what it comes back with. That test is only $49. Only concern is will it test + for all hydes and polymers? Still kind of iffy. We didnt like Globals results and are not offering them. + they come right out and say they have a 2% and 4% solution. (but did not talk AT ALL about ventelation durring cert?????)
    I just got word from our owner that CA OSHA has gotten so many complaints/inquiries this week that they are going to start going around to salons and do their own air quality testing and if there is formaldehyde in the air they will be fining the stylist…NOT BB.
    I also feel that the BB online cert is a joke and doesnt REALLY teach you how important the proper dosage is! Our owner didnt take it seriously and thought hum, chemical free no problem, and did 3 caps for med hair!!!! Had the whole salon smoked up and crying. Once I got my doses perfect I have almost no steam at all or watery eyes. I think tons of stylists are using it wrong and thats whats caused this problem!

  5. @Julie 32oz?!?! WOW!

    Very interesting about the home test. Someone else has recommended a some strips but I’m not sure I trust the test (or myself, to do it right!) but an air test seems more practical than a test on the lotion. I had heard somewhere that air was too tough to test.

    As far as misuse, yes unfortunately it is rampant and it upsets me a lot too!

  6. Hi,
    I am a stylist in Louisiana. I haven’t tried the Global Keratin Treatment, but have been using the Simply Smooth Brazilian Keratin Treatment (not the Brazilian Blowout). I am too sensitive to the BB, and I’ve been happy with the results of the SSBKT. My only complaint is the company is small, and can’t seem to keep my distributor stocked…so everything ends up on back order. I’m curious about this GKT. What made you suspect “hyde” family chemicals in it?

  7. There is class action suit against the Brazilian Blowout product. Even though it says formaldehyde free, it does release it during the heating process. Health Canada tested it at 12%, thats 60 times more than the law allows for cosmetics. Is there any similar problem with the GKT?

  8. Sherry Smith

    I had the Brazilian Blowout and it smelled something fierce during the heat application. Yes, mye yes watered, but they claim it’s formaldehyde free….

    I’m not thrilled with mine. I still had fuzziness. Looked good when I walked out of salon, but once I did it myself, the fuzz came back. The stylist just told me to “use an ionic hairdryer”. Other stylists have told me he musn’t have done it correctly.

    Not sure what to believe. My hair feels much nicer, no argument there. Condition great. Wish I could find a good system that really works. I was disappointed.

  9. @Sherry Smith

    Hi Sherry.

    I agree with the “other stylists” you spoke of, who said they didn’t do it correctly. Unless, of course, that your hair is extremely curly. The curlier the hair, the less straight it is at the end. Buuuut…….you can blow-dry in 10 minutes or so. That is the miracle.

    Here’s how:

    Blow-dry you hair w/ a good blow-dryer until it’s pretty much dry. Even if it looks frizzy, don’t worry. It should still feel silky. Then you section hair, using sections no larger than size of brush barrel. Boars Hair is best. Literally make one or two passes with the brush using tension and your hair should be silky straight. Your stylist should have warned you, if you have very curly hair, what to expect.

    That is the problem with all these stylists who just jumped on the bandwagon. They havn’t bothered to get truly experienced before making all sorts of promises they aren’t sure they can keep. BTW, Sherry, the smell shouldn’t have been horrible. Just the fumes aren’t the greatest. If it smelled like rotten eggs or something like that, they used a different product.

  10. Ok you have your story completely wrong. You really should get your facts straight.. Everyone reading this needs to go to the Brazilian blowout website. I am a stylist in New York an have been for 10 years.. I am a former educator and currently a master stylist. The Brazilian blow out is NOT for straightening it does NOT remover any curl whatsoever. It only removes frizz and swelling of the cuticle like when u go in humidity. When u r caught in rain or wet your hair WILL curl up BUT have absolutely NO frizz or poofyness. It’s 1 and a half hours from the time u walk in salon to the time u leave. Has absolutely NOO formeldahyde in it and is just protein infused into the cuticle through the hear of a blowdryer. Hense the name(Brazilian blowout) the keratin straighting is just a straightening, which DOES have chemicals in it especially the ones ending in Hyde. It straightens out curl but foes not tame friz. If you did the keratin straightening and the Brazilian blowout in the same day you would have the best results. But anything you do u have to do the BB first or the second product ( keratin, or color etc. Will not take. So make sure before you write something u actually know what ur talking about!

  11. @Faith This post is not even really about facts, it is about the writer’s experience with two different treatments she had, comparing the two and reporting her opinions to her readers. But since I am the stylist who performed both treatments, I will weigh in on your challenge of the facts and even counter that you have made inaccurate statements.

    Neither of the treatments Tammy had–Brazilian Blowout nor Global Keratin Light Wave Formula–calls itself a straightener. However, they do both calm/smooth/reduce curl by 50-90% and make it very quick and easy to blowdry most hair into a straight style.

    There are at least a dozen smoothing treatments on the American market, and they vary in many ways, including straightening power, texture created, and longevity of results. Global Keratin’s lightest formula is the mildest I know of, and Brazilian Blowout is medium-strength.

    If you (and/or readers) visit the Brazilian Blowout website at http://brazilianblowout.com/archive-statements, you will see that there is in fact a very small amount of formaldehyde in the product. Not only that, but these reports were in response to accusations that it actually contained a significant amount of formaldehyde. As the hair and smoothing treatment consultant for this site, I feel obligated to state that I DO NOT agree with or condone your statement that BB “Has absolutely NOO formeldahyde in it …” and warn you that stating so could actually get you in trouble so you may wish to educate yourself a bit more on the topic.

    As far as performing multiple services; Brazilian Blowout clearly advises in their FAQ (http://brazilianblowout.com/FAQs) that other chemical services be performed BEFORE the BB:

    “The Brazilian Blowout works great directly on top of a relaxer. Perform the relaxer first, Brazilian Blowout next, and then neutralize at the very end of both treatments.” and

    “you must color your hair prior to having the Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatment.”

    Global Keratin does not have an FAQ page, but they also teach that color or any other chemical processes should be done BEFORE the Global Keratin Treatment.

    Please feel to confirm anything I have stated above with either company (or both.) There is one thing we agree on:

    “make sure before you write something u actually know what ur talking about!” — you said it, I’m just agreeing.

  12. using a boar bristle brush is not correct. the boar bristle will take out the keratin. In use Global Keratin and love itl. I get no fumes and all my clients love it…. therefore sending me lots of clients. Please get the facts right before you type them. The Brazilain Blowout does have formaldehyde in it…. actually double plus what the FDA allows. The Global Keratin does also but it has 3 different formulas…. 0= no formaldyhyde… 2 has 2% and 4 has 4%…. all the above are smoothing treatments…. Not straighteners. If using the shampoo and straightener with it from Global Keratin… you have an awesome treatment….

    30 year stylist…

    Don na

  13. @Donna Before making accusatory statements, please note that this article is (exactly) one year old. A recent controversy regarding the ingredients of Brazilian Blowout is currently under investigation and reports from both sides have been published/linked to on this site. Now to respond to some of your statements:

    There is nothing wrong with using a boar-bristle brush at home to style one’s hair, whether you have a smoothing treatment on it or not. It certainly will not remove keratin that has already been bonded onto the hair.

    Global Keratin does indeed have 3 formulas, which they teach as 0, 2, and 4% formaldehyde, respectively. However, testing inspired by the recent BB controversy has actually shown 1.5% in the “zero” formula. Only you can decide how much faith to put in these tests, but you may want to pick a side and stick to it.

    Brazilian Blowout and GK’s light and medium formulas all call themselves smoothing treatments, but the “Resistant” formula from GK (4%) says it will “straighten unruly hair.”

    I cannot make sense of your final sentence: ” If using the shampoo and straightener with it from Global Keratin… you have an awesome treatment….” Please feel free to clarify if you’d like.

  14. I am so glad that this forum is available. If nothing else, then to illustrate how misinformed so many people are. I have been Doing the BB at the salon for about a year and a half now, and getting it on my own hair for about two years. The bottom line is that it has truly changed my life and the lives of many of my clients. To say that a boar’s hair brush is bad to use on the hair is just silly. I would actually be curious to know where you heard that, as I have heard a lot of “myths” in my life-just never that one.

    I mean no disrespect. In fact, I don’t know that I actually love what this forum has turned into…a sort of sandbox fight, with all of us girls fighting over our toys. Just like MANY beauty treatments, the results don’t guarantee anything, and in fact users have results that are all over the board. However, the fact that so many actually DO have great results is enough to keep these companies in business.

    Let us all keep this in perspective, and DO get our facts straight, or perhaps don’t start our sentences with things like, “Ok, first of all, all you guys are wrong…etc.”

    What I think that is doing is scaring all sorts of people off from anything. They don’t know what to believe because they have so many list of so called “facts”.

    Thanks for listening.

  15. So did anyone test the % of formaldehyde in Global Keratin???

  16. I am a Certified Global Keratin Technician and We were trained and tell our classes NOT to use a boar bristle Brush on the Global Keratin smoothing Treatment..

    sorry if you misunderstood my last statement about the cond and Shampoo. I dont guarantee my treatments to work totally unless you buy the Moisturizing shampoo and Conditioner with Juvexin. since the keratin is also in the shampoo and conditioner, it makes the entire treatment awesome.

  17. I can’t tell if this may be a misunderstanding…Donna are you saying that the client should never use a boar-bristle brush again? Are you saying the product is bonded to the hair so delicately that it can be scraped off with a brush??

    Or do you mean that the stylist should not use a boar-bristle brush while performing the treatment, during which the bristles could remove the solution?

    The latter makes sense to me, and I never do. The former sounds a bit extreme and I was never taught that.

  18. I just have read all your comments and the interesting fact is that non of you are concerned about your health. The fumes of formaldehyde is highly carsogenic and you are putting yourself and your coworkers in great risks of cancer. Canada has stopped the distrobution of the bb products since tests have showed over 10% of formaldehyde. Your health is more important than the clients hair and bb or Gkt etc. I have personally used both product from both companies and i felt more comfortable using 2% formula by gkt than bb. Now I only use the light wave formula by gkt. take care of yourselves.

  19. @Ali I’m glad you’ve found what’s best for you. Please understand that the test results you refer to above are under much scrutiny, and also the subject of a major lawsuit.

    Some of us do care more than others about health (and our clients’ health.). I for one have gone to great lengths to create an environment I feel safe doing many treatments each week in.

    You (or anyone else who is interested) can learn more about it at http://www.SaferBrazilian.com

  20. Hi Jordana,
    Just wanted to give you an update on my findings and chime in here…..Do to the big controversary, we went out and did our own air quality test. I didnt know who do believe and like ali said, I was worried for my and my clients health with all of these products. Not just BB. All of us in the salon were extremly cautious with our application and measuring, but were still having some adverse affects. (stinging eyes, heavy breathing, headaches, dizzyness.) we were using great ventilation, but not the safebrazilian system. I just got the test back and it was 172ppm! Which OSHA recommends no more that 1-2ppm for short term exposure. I believe all of these products have trace amounts of form. in them and it’s necessary for these products, but I’m just irked that BB still has form free printed right on the bottle and continues to lie and say form. free in all their advertising.Just own up to it and say yes there is some in there and let the stylists make an educated decision on if and how they want to use the product. At least Global states that they have up to 4%. (we didnt like that brand) We have now switched to Cadiveu, which I am also a little confused about, they have form. free on their advertising, but if you call and ask they will come right out and say it’s 2.9%. They work as good as BB, but we had NO effects from the steam, without fans or ventilation going.
    ps…for the above stylist who says you CANT straighten with BB. I just did a 1/2 asian 1/2 af.amer. woman (kinky coarse hair!) and she turned out straight! I’ve also had slightly wavy only be de-poofed and frizzed, but held the wave. I find every head is slightly different and there is no guarentee it will straighten, but most of the time I am getting them straight, so it’s not impossible.

  21. @Julie So am I to understand that your personal tests showed 2,177 times what OSHA’s did?! OSHA found an average of 0.079 parts per million…forgive me if this is a little tough to believe. I feel like you might want to re-check that.

    I tried Cadiveu in a workshop with the company, and am hoping to try it on my own soon to compare it to Brazilian Blowout. No one at Cadiveu told me it was 2.9% formaldehyde, so I am curious who you spoke to if you don’t mind? I would love to confirm that.

    I absolutely agree that BB gives varying results on different hair types. I think it is our responsibility as stylists to recognize which hair types get more (or less) out of the treatment and advise clients what they can expect.

  22. Jordana,
    Yes I was a little surprised with the extremly high results. I have to admit I didnt do the testing exactly how we would do a normal treatment. I attached the test to my wrist and then did the treatment with the steam going directly into the tube and not using any fans or ventilation. I usually would of had fans and ventilation going and not had any steam floating around us. BUT I wanted to get a sample of IF we did get a big whiff of steam in our face, how dangerous it could be. I’m sure the results wouldnt of been so high if I had the ventilation going and had it further away than right at the flat iron.
    Our Cadaveu results have been just as amazing as BB, with one exception. The stylist that we did it on in the salon noticed a significant difference in the amount of body she kept in her hair with the Cadivue. She felt with the BB she was too flat, but with this one she can still be sleek and smooth but round brush a little volume in the top.
    Im not the one that ordered this product, the owner did. I’ll find out what rep. he spoke to that told him the 2.9%.

  23. @Julie Thanks, yes, I would love to know more about that since it is not what I was told at Cadiveu.

    As for the test, I understand that you were trying to show that it could be dangerous if done wrong, but it’s not really fair to post that without defining it…thank you for clarifying. Maybe you could try testing it properly now, to compare? And/or testing BB and Cadiveu in the same manner to compare them? (I think the collection point is supposed to be your collar so it’s in your breathing zone? And of course being done according to directions and with good ventilation.)

  24. Interestng that BB is just treathening about lawsuits and by now the general attorney in California has filed a action law suit against BB. You can find it online. There are also other action lawsuits check them out.

  25. @Ali Brazilian Blowout is suing Oregon OSHA for the damages (lost sales, reputation, etc) caused by test reports that another chemist and independent labs have proven to be inaccurate. The State of CA and some class action firms are suing Brazilian Blowout based on those same results. It will be very interesting to see what happens in this case. My guess wouod be that the former might have to be settled first, and/or the latter might have to conduct their own independent tests.

    As a stylist who works with ts product frequently, I am of course following this string of events closely. Tammy has been kind enough to cover it on her site, because she and many of her readers receive the treatment. You can read the most recent updates at:

  26. I found your observations interesting as I also did a BB in September and the GK in November. while waiting 72 hours to wash/do anything with my hair was torture, my hair looks much better – straighter, softer with the GK. I will definitely do the GK again.

  27. @Diane I’m glad you like your Global Keratin Treatment! While different products work differently from one hair type to another, it is important to note that Global Keratin makes three different treatments: Light Wave, Colored/Curly, and Resistant. Do you know which one you received?

    Tammy had the Light Wave formula, the gentlest; if your hair is straighter, you like had one of the stronger two formulas.

  28. Donna Slagle, Certified Global Keratin Technictian

    Diane, I am very excited you loved the Global Keratin. It is very easy on the hair and gives it so much shine. The waiting for 72 hours makes such a huge difference. I am here if you have any questions. Donna

  29. Hector, Certified Global Keratin Tech

    My clientele is mostly hispanic and I love the long lasting results I am getting on curly hair with Global Keratin. I prefer the new improved formula that does not smell like strawberries and has way less fumes.

    I have been reading the above comments and find them very interesting. My comment is that we are licensed cosmetologists, not lab technicians. Labs work under a very controlled environment and beauty salons for the most part do not as far as conducting tests are concerned. The above conversations sounded like a vegetarian class I attended a few years ago. As some in the class were trying to make recomendations on what foods are healthy to eat others gave their oppinions to the contrary. Finally, and elderly woman raised her hand and said, “Everything you eat is going to kill you but if you don’t eat you will starve to death.” To you I say, We know that we work with chemicals every day that if improperly used could harm us. The bottom line is that we must use common sense and protect ourselves and clients because if we don’t it could cost us our good health.

  30. I had the brazilian Blowout done last week, my hair is soft and silky, i hope this lasts for 3-4 months, why couldnt they have invented this years ago.

    i def recommend!

  31. Alison C

    Hey I am black with have Afro hair and have had the GK light wave treatment done 3 times since about Oct 2010 so basically every 8 weeks or so.
    I love it! I can wear my hair straight without reverting in the rain or humidity. It still gas volume and body it’s great. One question…a stylist I met recently said that you are only supposed to do the roots everytime you have it re done but the treatment gradually washes out so if you only did the roots then you would have straight roots and poofy ends right?
    Can someone clarify? Also I found the GK shampoo was drying to my hair so i have switched to a sulfate and sodium free shampoo. Will it wash out the treatment? I haven’t noticed any adverse affects but I was just wondering.. Thankyou

  32. I am a dealer for Global Keratin and I only became one after I experienced the product myself last year. I saw a new stylist after my old stylist quit, and she was an avid Global Keratin fan. I had the BB done first and was disappointed by how quickly it was gone. After having Global Keratin tried on me, I was floored at the results.

    The restrictions for the 48-72 hours don’t have to be as bad as you made it. Sure, you can’t wash it – but that is WHY it lasts for up to 5 months (3 for me) and BB doesn’t do that.

    The keratin that is used in Global Keratin is not hydrolyzed like that in BB. It is very pure and has a cumulative effect after subsequent treatments. I have had my treatments done close together and now I only have it done when my roots grow out.

    I think you must have gotten an older formula (the bottle pictured are the really old branding). They have revamped the system and hands down, I am a true fan. I had the worst afro, kinky curls, frizzy & damaged nightmare hair that stood straight out from my head, and after the Resistant formula, I never looked back.

    There are 3 strengths of Global Keratin (who is now GKHair). They have light wave, curly and resistant – with Light Wave being the least straightening and resistant being the most straightening.

    Any of these 3 formulas can be used on any hair type – it depends on what end result you want. The only thing that is adjusted is the flat iron temperature depending on how damaged your hair is. The health and “split end” repair that comes from Global Keratin is second to none. It won’t glue all the split ends, but it gets a lot of them.

  33. @Leann Thank you for your informative updates. Please note the date of this post as an explanation for information and images being outdated. I am now offering all three formulas of GKHair, and have had great results from each.

    Most of my clients get results for 2-3 months out of the Light Wave formula, 3-4 from the Curly formula and 4-6 from the Resistant formula. While the results themselves do differ, my Brazilian Blowout clients also get 3-4 months of results.

    The Curly formula is the least popular here, since clients can see the same longevity from a Brazilian Blowout, without the wait time. It’s not just the shampooing, but no ponytailing, clipping, sweating, etc. is an inconvenience, especially in LA where not only is it warm but many women work out daily.

    Thank you again for contributing the updated information about the formulas.

  34. I just had the Global Keratin treatment done about 48 hours ago. I understand that waiting 72 hours will probably help the results last longer. Will waiting even longer (3 and 1/2 days) be OK? Could that damage my hair or cause hair loss?

  35. Sorry, I don’t know which treatment it was – the stylist just said Global Keratin. So far, I am very pleased with the results. I can tell that some of the natural curl is left, but I can blow dry my hair and it is straight without having to flat iron it. I have not let it air dry yet to see just how much curl it has left. However, the stylist told me that it would not frizz in humid weather, and most of my hair does resist the humidity except for a small section in the back still. Also, my hair seems to be oily and limp by the end of the day, but I will trade that any day for straight hair that requires less effort to style.

  36. @Kendall I am glad to hear you like it! It is true that the hair can seem flatter and get oily faster just after a treatment. This is because the cuticle is so smoothed-over, that oil sits on the outside rather than being absorbed. This is a problem straight-haired people always battle, and by smoothing out our hair, curly girls sometimes get a taste of it, too. Within a few weeks, your hair will grow and adjust, and the problem should subside. If it doesn’t, there may be options to help avoid it next time, based on the way to treatment is performed.

    I would estimate by your description that you had the medium strength formula; if so, upgrading to the resistant formula next time will help you more with that challenging area in the back. If you are in Southern CA, I would be happy to see you and discuss options; I carry all three formulas of Global Keratin, as well as four other treatments.


  37. Hi there,
    I was wondering if you guys knew of a treatment that would relax my curls, turn them more into waves and get rid of all the frizz.. I have extremely thick coarse hair, and my curls are very tight. I just need it to last a month since im going to florida. I’d prefer it formaldehyde free.. so I’m definetly not going for the brazilien blowout. Im kind of overwhelmed by all the products on the internet, I want it done in a salon, but I don’t know wich treatment is best.. Is there one that would last up to 3-4 weeks, formulated with no formaldehyde, or very little, that will relax my curls, i don’t want my hair stick straight.. and if there is a treatment matching my description, how much would it cost approximatly, and do you have any good salons or branches to suggest? I live in Montreal Canada

  38. Hi Nadine, Generally, the products which do contain methylene glycol will be more helpful on stronger types such as your own. Something gentle like Brazilian Blowout Zero or RealLisse won’t have a dramatic effect. I’m not sure which products are available in Canada, or their ingredients/results, so I would suggest looking for a Specialist in your area. See some tips on choosing a stylist, here: http://amominredhighheels.com/keratin-treatment-choose-stylist/

  39. OK – so I need some help. I have hair that is similar to Tammy’s BUT the waves that I have when my hair is air dried are not as pretty. My hair looks crazy if I do not blow dry it, and there are pieces around my face that curl up if not dried properly. Like many, my hair poofs out when it is humid – and I have a lot of hair on the thin-medium side. I love my hair straight and blowdry every single day so am thrilled to have these straightening options. I have had the keratin treatment done 3 times and I have no idea what type of keratin and what strength. I have been generally happy with the results, although I still have to dry my hair every day and I think some of the treatments lasted weeks longer than the others (been to different stylists). Should I try the BB to deal with the frizz? If not, what should I ask my stylist to use if I have my Keratin done again in the fall? I have read all of the comments and am just a bit confused. Thanks soooo much!

  40. @LBN unfortunately, your situation is not uncommon. You’ve tried a few different stylists/salons/treatments, trying to find which is best for you, but how can you research and compare when you don’t know what you’re getting? I do wish more salons were clear about what they were offering. ‘Keratin treatment’ is a term almost as broad as ‘color,’ in that there are many brands, types and strengths, but the processes and results can vary more greatly. Most salons will only offer one type, or one brand, but for some reason they don’t always proudly display what it is. Clients, like you, are left confused, often not even knowing what has been used on them. I would recommend contacting the stylists to try to find out what you’ve had done, if you want to research and compare. Remember to give the approximate date you were there, because they may have changed products since then, as there are always new ones coming out. Why not just go back to the stylist whose treatment you liked best?

  41. Needed to put you one little bit of note to help say thanks a lot again for all the striking techniques you’ve contributed at this time. It’s so shockingly generous of people like you to allow unhampered exactly what a lot of folks could have sold as an e book to help with making some dough for themselves, specifically given that you could possibly have done it if you decided. Those thoughts in addition served to be the good way to fully grasp some people have the identical eagerness similar to my very own to know much more in respect of this issue. I’m sure there are thousands of more pleasant situations in the future for individuals who read through your site.

  42. I had a global treatment done to my hair about three weeks ago and my hair feels like straw. My ends are frizzy and look horrible. I have to blow-dry my hair as usual and follow it up with the strightning iron. If i let my hair air dry it looks like I have a lion’s mane! When I run my fingers through my hair little tiny pieces break off…..I am absolutely disappointed with the treatment and crushed that my hair is in worse condition it has ever been. 🙁

  43. @Laecia I am so sorry to hear that, it sounds awful! I have used all three formulas of Global Keratin, and never had such results. My guess would be that the stylist may have used too much heat and/or too little product to protect from the heat. I would recommend returning to the salon to speak with the stylist and Manager or Owner.

  44. Hi

    I have done the Brazilian Blowout twice and absolutely loved it!!!
    But this time around I tried the Keritn and am not as happy with the results. I still have waive underneath my hair which I have to flat Iron and it took longer to blow dry to get it straight, and the ends looked frayed even though my hairstylist trimed my hair. Very disappointed to spend all the money and not get as good results. Having to wait 72 hours was a pain in the A#$ and not worth it to me. I also do not like the smell of the shampoo and the conditioner seems thins not nice and thick like theblowout. Anyways, right now I’m kinda bummed but oh well.
    With the Brazillian there was a beautiful shine to my hair and after I washed it it dried bone straight the first few washings, I had to work a lot harder to get it straight this time and it was the first wash. Wondering how long it will last in my hair.

  45. @Fran Thank you for your feedback! Which treatment did you have? If it was the mild GK formula that Tammy had in this article, it is not a surprise that your results were underwhelming by comparison. If your salon has dropped BB, but you are committed to staying there rather than looking for BB elsewhere, ask them about a stronger formulation of GK. It comes in three strengths, named after the hair types each will work best on: Light Wave, Curly/Colored, and Resistant/Virgin.

  46. I have naturally curly hair, I decided to go for the GKT just to tame the frizz down on the damp mornings of the UK. I was told that this was not a straightner and that my curls would be more managable. what a disapointment, I am now left with a head of frizz if left to dry curly, not products work and I cant wait for it to grow out. I now have to dry and straighten my hair more time than I did before I had it done. It felt heavy and as if loaded with products. The hairdresser could not give me a reason why this has had happened. Is there anyway that I can strip it out, the thought of having to wait another three months is awful.