During the GKT process

I want to apologize to those that have been waiting to hear my final thoughts and results of my Global Keratin Treatment that I received on October 21 from Jordana Lorraine (now at Phenix Salon Suites in Marina Del Rey).  The delay is not that I’ve been busy with my kids, because I’m always busy with my kids.  It’s not because I didn’t have a picture to share.  It’s not because I had more important topics to blog about.  Honestly, it’s because I wasn’t quite sure how to present my opinion without sounding wishy-washy.  I have a definite opinion about which of the two keratin treatments, the Global Keratin Treatment and the Brazilian Blowout, that I like best.  I’m just not sure I have a really good reason to like one better than the other as they both gave me the straight locks I lusted for.

Let’s start with the Brazilian Blowout that I received in July.  The process took just over 2 hours to complete.  I left the salon with my hair completely process, washed and dried.  My hair did feel like it had a coating of product on it and I’d say it remained “heavy” for at least a week.  I could wash it, dry it, style it, add product, swim with it….anything you can normally do with your hair.  The Brazilian Blowout lasted about 7 weeks before some minor waves started to come back.  By 10 weeks, I’d say most of my curl was back but the frizz and volume of my curl seemed to be missing (which is OK by me!).  While I was back to blow drying my hair straight with the hairfreé™ brush I told you about, I’d say it was easier to get straight than it was pre- BB.

Four months and 1 week after I had my The Brazilian Blowout™, I returned to Jordana for a Global Keratin Treatment.  I wanted to try the GKT because it is a gentler formula of keratin treatment and does not contain any of the “hyde” family of chemicals.  I had experienced eye irritation with the BB and hoped not to have that same experience with the GKT.

I showed you pictures of the Dino-Clark keratin treatment room and ventilation system that Jordana used.  Dino-Clark is now closed, and Jordana is at Phenix Salon Suites in Marina Del Rey, where she has a private studio suite with an advanced air filtration system.  Granted, the fumes were less intense due to the ventilation so the comparison is not exactly accurate.  During my GKT, I had very minimal eye irritation (we are talking 10 seconds!).

The other differences this treatment had, compared to the BB, was that the process took 1 hour and 30 minutes but I left with the treatment in my hair.  My hair was dried straight but the keratin remained in my hair 72 hours.  My hair felt heavy but silky soft.

Now, having to wait 72 hours to wash my hair was like torture.  It feels similar to when you have to wait for a service company to arrive during a 4 hour period of time!  The waiting kills you, you thinking of a million things you could be doing but instead you are stuck at home waiting.  While waiting to wash my hair during the 72 hours, I couldn’t go to the gym because I could neither put my hair up in ponytail while I worked out or wash my hair after the workout.  I could not clip my too-long bangs back.  I could not wear a headband while washing my face.  Even showering proved to be a hassle as the humidity of the shower needed to be avoided if possible and no, there would not be any pulling my hair up with a hair clip.

Don’t get me wrong, I do sometimes go 72 hours without washing my hair.  Life gets busy so I’ll skip washing my hair when I shower.  The difference is, I can pull it back into a clip or headband or wear a cute hat until I do have the time to wash, dry and style my hair.  It was more the inconvenience of not clipping my hair back that bothered me.   I wasn’t going to take the chance of causing a bend in my newly treated hair!

After I did finally get to wash my hair, I was pleased to be able to rough dry it and get straight hair without sectioning my hair and blowing each section dry with a brush.  The results of newly washed hair gave me soft, smooth hair but with definitely more volume than I experienced with the BB.  I think the GKT left my hair with more fluff, though it was straight fluff. (This should not have been a surprise as the GKT formula is the most gentle of keratin treatments.) I personally prefer the sleekness that I got as a result of the BB.

Hair in Natural State

This is my hair in it’s natural state, air dried

Hair rough dried after GKT

This is my hair 72 hours after my Global Keratin Treatment.  It has been washed with GKT shampoo & Conditioner.  I rough dried it, using no styling product or brush while blow drying.

In addition to my treatment experience and results, I will add that I don’t like the GKT shampoo as much as the BB shampoo.  The GKT formula  is made with Aloe Vera and appears separated when poured from the bottle.  It also has no sudsing power.  I’m sure the Aloe Vera is very healthy and gentle on my hair but I really liked the BB formula much better.  The special shampoos and conditioners are recommended as “these products will generally contain the same hydrolized keratin and botanical extracts that were in your treatment, so each time you use them you will be refreshing and enhancing your results. Shampoos should be free of sulfates and sodium chloride.” Get more tips from Caring for Your Keratin Hair Treatment.

Global Keratin Hair Product

Considering the cost of the Global Keratin Treatment and Brazilian Blowout are the same (starting at $350), and I like the overall results of the Brazilian Blowout better than the Global Keratin, I will go with the BB for my next keratin treatment.  Hopefully with the new ventilation system in place at Dino-Clark Salon, I’ll have much less eye irritation.  Until then, I’ll be happy with the fact that I can rough dry my hair straight, and do it quickly, with the GKT.

Considering a keratin treatment?

Before deciding on which keratin treatment is right for you, please consult a certified stylist, read as much information as you can about the treatment you want, and ask to see the stylists certification, as well as the bottles of product to be sure you are truly paying for the experience and product you ask for.

Jordana is happy to answer questions regarding keratin treatments via email or phone.  You can receive a $50 discount off the Global Keratin Treatment or Brazilian Blowout from Jordana when you mention A Mom in Red High Heels through November 30, 2009.

Find Jordana at Phenix Salon Suites in Marina Del Rey, CA.
contact: 310-922-2645


Tammy Gibson, A Mom in Red High Heels

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  1. Noreen M.

    Hi! Like your site. Informative and concise. Using the GKT Formaldehyde Free and working up to the other formulas. Good results so far with Free but what are your thoughts about GKT Free formulas vs. Formaldehyde formulas? Is there a DRASTIC difference? My results are clients are feeling silky and easier blow outs. If I do use the Formaldehyde formulas, I will be doing them with masks and aerated environment. Are you concerned about the long-term effects of these products being carcinogenic? Do you feel GKT is the best Free formula and or non-free formula so far? Coppola seemed like the ONE for a while, but I have heard negative reports directly from some clients who tried it (“breakage later on…”). Have you heard of Belissima? That’s what the salon I’m in is using and it makes us all cough! Thanks for your feedback! N.M.

  2. Hi Noreen, congrats on your good results so far! I have only ever used the Formaldehyde-free GKT (now called “light wave formula”) because I just don’t want to expose myself to formaldehyde. I also don’t really want to wear a mask because I just don’t see how that thin piece of paper can protect you all that much. And I assume we’re not talking about a gas mask here LOL

    Brazilian Blowout uses a related alternative to formaldehyde, which I feel good using especially now that we have an air filter. I don’t know Belissima, but if it makes everyone cough I would certainly proceed with caution.

    But ALL of these treatments do involve chemicals being vaporized into the air (with the flat iron) and you, the stylist, are standing just above it breathing it in. In my case, 10+ hours a week! So I would recommend good ventilation for any of them, the best you can arrange for.

    There is a button to email me on my site, please contact me if you’d like information about the air filtration system we use.

    Best of luck!

  3. Hi Noreen and Jordanna, and Tammy,
    I have used all five methods and Brazilian Blow Out is by far the best, and I mean head and shoulders better than all the rest. The shine factor is extremely better due to a better sealing of the cuticle. I did research on the glutrahyde that is in the Brazilian blow out, and the product is used in many cosmetic moisturizers, foundation and eyecreams as an emulsifier that binds the ingredients together. The percentage of the product in the Brazilian Blow out is very low and not a health hazard. What it is, is an irritant to some people, and not to others. But the main issue is that some stylists are using to much product on the hair, and therefore when they blowdry and flat iron they are releasing way to much of the product in the air. The small amount required for application is just enough to lightly coat each section. One capful and a half shoud be all it took to do your hair Tammy. I have experimented with using more and less, and the results for more product were the same for the proper amount of product, but much more steam coming off the hair. As for the client, if you place a fan blowing the product away from your clients eyes, when you get to the front of the hair, or provide with a towel to cover face for just a few minutes as you get to the front sections, your client will be fine. I do wear a harder paper mask, and never experience irritation. The whole service, even with super long hair should not take more than 90 minutes. The first ones I did, took longer because you are super meticulous. Well now it takes maybe 10 minutes to apply, and the rest is going quicker and quicker. I do reccommend that stylists watch their body posture when blowing and flat ironing hair. Lean in at roots, and drop back as you pull hair through iron or blow dry. Do not stand directly over fumes, and the most important thing when flat ironing is to pull hair in direction of growth when flatironing. For everyone that flat irons, you should never pull hair down from the top of the head, you will break hair at roots. Pull up at the top, side ways at the sides and down at the bottom, and you will never break your hair again. This is especially important with the Brazilian Blow out as, once smoothe all that breakage will show! Last but not least, educate clients about the importance of the product. Everytime they wash and dry, it’s like receiving a mini treatment that will expand the life of their blow out. The masque is the same product used in your stylists back bar to do the final seal of your Brazilian Blow Out! I use the smoothing serum on all my clients now, even those without the blow out, and the results are fabulous. Love, Live and Glam out!
    Vena Renee Cundy
    Vena Renee Spa Salon & Glam Vault Boutique, located in Los Gatos,Ca. (408)354-2000
    Please feel free clients and stylists to email me with any questions. I am located in North Cali, in silicon valley.

  4. Ann McMahon

    I had a Global Keratin treatment around 6 weeks ago. After the first wash, my hair has been falling out in handfulls as continuing to do so. Has anyone else experienced this and if so, how long does it last for? Anxious.

  5. @ Ann, I am so very sorry to hear that! Was the product applied directly onto your scalp (it is not meant to be)? Do you know if it was the formaldehyde-free type or one of the ones with 2 or 4%?

    I would recommend calling the salon for a list of ingredients and visiting a dermatologist immediately. You may be having an allergic reaction. I hope it stops soon!

  6. I am a certified Brazilian Blowout stylist in Encinitas, CA. I have been having the treatment done on myself, as well as performing the service for over a year now. It has truly changed my life!!! I feel like I can be beautiful anytime of the week, with little effort. As a woman, hair is very important.

    I get dressed up for work EVERYDAY so when the weekend comes all I want to do is take a break from my beauty routine. Somehow that didn’t seem fair to my husband. Now I can look fabulous all weekend too. We are avid beach-goers and now I can swim and literally dry my bang with my fingers and the ocean breeze!!

    Before the Brazilian Blowout I couldn’t even wear bangs, people! No kidding!! They would curl up like horns, especially in the morning.

    Can I get an “AMEN”?

  7. The reason why people loose hair after the keratin treatments is because the treatment has high concentrations of formaldehyde and that happened to me as well. Now I only use QOD COSMETIC products. I found this website and they are formaldehyde free and offer a complete line of after care products. I love the after care shampoo/conditioner as well. Visit them today the company is called keratin4u.com

  8. Dear Ann McMahon,
    Question for you — Is your hair heavily highlighted or bleached ?
    If you had an allergic reaction to the Global Keratin product the only thing that would have happened is redness on the scalp. You would not experience ANY breakage because of the product.

    Now, the reason I asked the above question. If you are a doubled process blond or have heavily highlighted hair or hair that is fragile in nature it is possible that your stylist did not lower the flat iron to a temperature that would be compatible for your hair type. It is recommended to lower the heat range to 420 degrees F. instead of the 450. Bleach will hollow out the core of your hair and whatever moisture is left in will blow out the cuticle layer as you are using a heat level past boiling point.

    Flat irons will not burn your hair if used correctly. Analogy — If you were to iron a shirt and kept the iron motionless it would scorch the shirt. If you keep it moving it won’t. Same with using a flat iron.

    Hope this was informative for you. And, maybe it may be time for you to change to a stylist that knows what they are doing. Perhaps you may want to ask him/her if they were even certified to do the treatment in the first place.

  9. magyzakI

    what do you think of buying the product and applying it on my own as a cheaper option.the hair salon that i trust is asking $ 400 for the keratin treatment. what do you think? thank you

  10. I emailed Vena but then I thought maybe their are others with similar questions/issues.

    Dear Vena,
    I read your very informative response and information in the Moms in Red High Heels re the various keratin processes, thank you.
    I hope you don’t mind helping me decide whether to try BB for my daughter and what I need to ask a stylist.
    I was wondering if you have had experience with Black hair and BB and/or Brazilian Gloss(BG). We are not looking for straight hair, just loosened and able to style easier…….??

    Background: My now 18yo daughter has very tight frizzy curls, “nappy” hair, thick. No more lye based products !
    No matter how careful we are with after-care of her hair, every professional relaxer, perm, texturizer causes break off when new new growth is
    1 inch or so. Approx. 6-8 mo ago her hair had finally grown out to 8-10 inches and “virgin” again.
    Long story short; I got talked into going to a salon in Beverly Hills that vowed their mixture of a Japanese/Brazilian process would work great on her hair but they wound up having “problems” and gave her a perm too!!!
    After many hours, cute wavy hair, then breakage around entire perimeter as soon as there was new growth.

    We live in Ventura Ca.and their are a few certified BB and BG stylists here. But I can travel into the L.A. area if you happen to know of anyone.

    I appreciate any input/advice.
    Patricia James

  11. @Patricia James: You definately need to go see Jordana! She is in Santa Monica and amazing! She’ll be happy to work with you in deciding what is best for your hair. I know she has experience with many types of keratin treatments! Please give her a call or email her at:
    Find Jordana at Dino-Clark Salon in Santa Monica, CA.
    contact: 310-922-2645

  12. @Patricia James: I Have experience on doing the Brazilian Blowout on various types of “mixed” girls hair. Some of them have been very curly, like your daughter’s. I have had great success. The are virtually free of frizz and are able to proudly show off and style their hair. I have had absolutely NO breakage issues. I would only suggest that you ask a zillion questions of your stylist about her feelings on what it should do to the already damaged ends. If she’s good she will have an honest and accurate answer. Remember, the BB is not magic. It may not fix the damage already done, but it sure as heck will get your daughter on the right track to beautiful AND healthy hair.

    contact: 760-633-4533

  13. Hi Patricia,
    Yes, the good news is yes. Brazilian Blow Out will work great on your daughters hair. I have seen the results with my own eyes, and hands. It’s hard to wrap your mind around a treatment that will not harm your daughters hair, but here it is. Her life will be changed with this application. My good friend and cousin, who is the wife of a Giants football player, has for years done all the straightening, from lye, to the Japanese straighteners, and now only does the Brazilian Blow Out. Her hair has never been shinier or easier to manage. The real trick is to make sure the stylist takes extremely small section when flat ironing. The hair type you described also has to be coated meticulously and dried well before flat ironing to avoid any damage to cuticle from the iron. This takes a bit more time, but the results are worthy. I am in the Bay Area, and can only recommend the original site, brazilianblowout.com which will provide you with a list of trained specialists. I’ve tried other products, and found this to be the most effective, and damage free on the market. No one can touch the shine it produces! So go ask the questions you have asked here to the recommended stylists on the website, and if they provide you with the correct answers, and know about smaller sections, etc. then you can be assured. It’s hard to damage the hair with this process, but you don’t want to waste money and time with an inexperienced stylist. Hopefully someone in L.A. area will see your questions and provide you with before and after pictures of their work. Good luck and if you are ever in Los Gatos Ca., swing by my salon and day spa and let me see your awesome results.
    Vena Renee
    Spa Salon and Glam Vault

  14. @magyzakI None of the high quality keratin treatmetn products are available to the public, they require a cosmetology license to purchase. Never trust a re-seller, you don’t know what’s in that bottle…as for doing it yourself, there is too much room for disaster…did you ever see a home perm that looked good? It is best to save up and see a pro.

  15. @Patricia James I would be happy to meet your daughter for a free consultation and hair analysis. It is important to note that Brazilian Blowout is NOT a straightener, however it can relax curl, kill frizz and add incredible shine. Is your daughter “mixed” as Jennifer referenced? I have done the treatment with great success on a variety of ethnic textures, but on fully “afro” textured hair it is important to see someone who is experienced in that area, and who know how to take care to protect those ends which were previously damaged. I know you’re not really in my neighborhood, perhaps you could email me a photo of her natural hair? There’s a link to email me on my website http://www.jordanalorraine.com

    I have to recommend against Brazilian Gloss based on the following:

    1- they are SO NEW. Just launched in early 2010
    2- milder results. I took their class and used 2 models who had previously had Japanese Straightening or Brazilian Blowout. The results in both cases were milder, so especially on heavily textured hair I would not try this
    3- the claim their product does not irritate peoples’ eyes as BB sometimes does, but both of our models experience the same as some do with BB, about 10 minutes of discomfort.

    4- poor professional ETHICS. One of the students in our class felt an allergic reaction to the product; we told the education team, and she left early. When symptoms persisted after 48 hours, she decided to go to her Doctor. She called Brazilian Gloss and spoke with several different people, including an exec who was present at the class, and they refused to fax her Doctor an MSDS (which chemical manufacturers are required to provide as per OSHA guidelines.)

    I think Brazilian Blowout can definitely work on most hair, giving different results depending on the natural texture, but it is important to find a stylist who is experienced with BB in general, and with your hair type. I hope to hear from you soon!

  16. I had this done on my daughter and myself at Marc Azzi hair, the brazilian blowout is amazing, thumbs up.

    look forward to having frizz free hair for months on end.

  17. thank you so much everybody.

    I am happy to have found this blog site! I am going to go ahead with the Keratin straightening treatment next week. The cost is by the hour, and the stylist believes that it may be an hour or so.

    I will be getting color and highlight foils as well, first, on the same day.

    My hair is thin, naturally curly, frizzy and breakage. I do have gray hair coming in. I am counting on the hair coloring process to give me more volume, as it has always done. Otherwise, my hair would lie flatter on the head that looks poorly w/ thin hair.
    I do realize that daily hair care products used can definately effect the amount of frizz, and may weight down (flatten)thin hair.

  18. Hi! I have fairly straight, semi-wavy, very blonde highlighted, damaged (from blowdrying daily w/round brush) hair. It’s halfway down my back. The bottom half of my hair is so stringy, brittle, fried and broken. It almost looks like I burned off most of it from about my chin to the bottom of my hair (which I’m sure I did with the metal round brush & blowdrying daily). I’d love if anyone could suggest the best treatment for me (I know, I’ll def have to cut at least to my shoulders off). I was going to do the Brazilian blow out but I don’t want my hair STICK straight either, I like some body to it (hence, the round brush & blowdrying everyday). I read about the “light wave formula” but can’t find any salon in S. Florida who does that. There are so many treatments, what should I do that will hopefully make my hair look healthy again? Thank you for any suggestions!

  19. @Jackie:

    Hi Jackie. I have been doing the BB on myself and on my clients for well over a year now. First of all, there is an actual technique that is taught by Brazilian Blowout that says if you apply the solution about a centimeter or so away from the root you will be able to maintain your natural volume. The only people it doesn’t work on are those w/ tight and/or frizzy curls coming right off the scalp.

    I do this technique on quite a few of my clients and you would be surprised…Even THIN hair can look great. Also, the straightness is only a little severe for about the first week. Plus, you can get it to hold a curl right away. Just use a curling iron to get quick romantic waves…..and super shiny ones at that. I hope this helps.

    I’m telling you….the Brazilian Blowout is TRULY a miracle!!

  20. I agree with Jennifer, Brazilian Blowout is amazing, and can leave body in the hair if modified properly. Be honest and direct with your stylist about what you hope to achieve with the treatment. However, if you want to try a milder treatment, Global Keratin Light might be a better option. Please note that “Light Wave” refers to the type of hair it is appropriate for, it is not to indicate that it adds wave.

    Global Keratin is a Florida based company, so I’m surprised you couldn’t find someone who offers it locally. Their salon locator is not working yet, so I would suggest you contact Global directly at 1-888-588-3946 and ask for a referral.

    You may even consider having consultations with stylists who offer both and seeing how you feel about them and the products after that. Best of luck, whichever treatment you choose!

  21. I just got a Brazilian Blow Out today on my hair, I am SOLD !!!! I had really nice hair before, but now I have supermodel hair 🙂 I love it so much, I hope it will last. I am even scared to wash it for the first time, because I am afraid it will go away.

  22. Thanks for help…I GOT the BB on Sat!!! I was VERY happy when I left salon. Since I washed it on Sun, it’s still fabulous but not as soft as on Sat. My friend said I have to flat iron it again for the silky feeling. I did blowdry with a round brush for some volume. Also, my stylist said I didn’t need it cut but I’m sure I def need a haircut asap. So, do I flatiron daily? And/or use a boars hair bristle brush for blowdying? I’m going to call back to schedule a haircut asap. Thanks again!!!

  23. Hi Jackie.

    Flat ironing isn’t really necessary every day unless you want it stick-straight. What I did a lot was air dry my hair which allowed it to be more shiny. Then I would curl my hair w/ a curling iron into those vertical curls you see all over television. Because of my BB I could do it in about 10 mins., whereas w/ my curly hair I didn’t even attempt such styles unless someone else was doing it for me.

    Also, I use Moroccan Oil religiously. It is great!! If you haven’t heard of it, google it and read reviews. That stuff is amazing. Additionally, make sure sure you are using SULFATE-FREE shampoo. My favorites are Pureology or the actual BB retail line shampoo. The conditioner from BB is so-so, pureology is better, and then the Acai MAsk from BB is AMAZING!!! I use it once a week. It smells citrus-y so you should have smelled it at the end of your servuce at the salon because that is the last step in BB process.

    All these things contribute to maintaining the best results. The BB is wonderful but it is not the magic pill. You still have to do your part. 🙂 Hope that helps.

  24. Thanks for replying again. I did get the shampoo, cond & serum that you have to use with the BB. When I let it air dry 50% yest before blowdrying it was still frizzy which is why I had to blowdry it. Then it was def better but not super silky like the day I had it done. I will get the oil you suggested. I am getting it cut tomorrow too. Thank you!!!!

  25. maria kousoulou

    hi can you tell me if as a stylist and pregnant is it safe for me and my baby to be applying the brazilian keratin treatment to my clients?

  26. @Jackie A haircut is always a good idea with a Brazilian Blowout (or any keratin treatment), not only to remove split ends, but to complement your hair’s new texture. BB will help prevent split ends from breaking, but it won’t make them disappear.

    I have also found–anyone else?–that if I onyl blowdry halfway, it’s not nearly as nice as if I blowdry all the way. Sine the difference is literally 2-3 minutes, I’ve taken to doing it. It’s even shinier, and has more bounce, if I go through it with a metal-barrel round brush. I rarely use a flat-iron unless I want a suuuper-flat look.

    For a total of 7-10 minutes of styling, compared to my old 45 minute routine, I still say it’s a miracle!

  27. @Maria First of all, Congratulations! And, you are smart to research this concern.

    I would definitely not proceed with applying any keratin treatment while pregnant or nursing. As the stylist, you are standing above it and breathing in all the of the fumes…if it’s not recommended for the client, who might only get it 2-3 times during this period, I certainly wouldn’t recommend you doing it on a regular basis. Particularly if you are using Brazilian Keratin Treatmetn as you said (Marcia Teixeira), as it does contain formaldehyde.

    I would actually recommend you move to a station which is not near anyone who does these treatments…better safe than sorry! See here: http://amominredhighheels.com/keratin-treatment-pregnant/

  28. tammy,

    hi and thank you for the great info…I was wondering how long both the BB and GKT treatment lasted for? is there really no formaldahyde in any of them or are the companies just lying to us? have you seen the ingredients for verification? my friend had a GKT and loved it but I want to try the BB any suggestions on why/why not I should/shouldn’t go with one or the other?

  29. Ling Darwin

    My daughter is 14 and some girls in her school have been getting their hair straightened through these processes. She has been telling me about the amazing results and wants to do it herself. Her hair is not curly but a little wavy and extremely thick, the waves are not the problem but it is the frizz that she hates. I’m not sure if it makes a difference but she is half Chinese so her hair is a little bit course, but not too bad. I was wondering if 14 is too young in your opinion and if the Brazilian Blowout technique would be good. Thanks.

  30. @Ling:

    Hi Ling.

    I think your daughter will love a BB and 14 should be fine, esp. because the BB is formaldehyde-free. Make sure your stylist has great ventilation and uses a fan of some sort to blow any smell or fumes away from her face. I do that with ALL my clients.

    Her result should be great because the less curly the hair is, the longer it will last.

    Good luck.

  31. Josie Wood

    Hello, I just got the BB and am quite happy with it but I do have a question, my stylist told me I could wash it tomorrow and I can tie it back in a ponytail and it would not affect the BB.
    I have seen in every article that you should not wash it for 72 hours and do not tie it up in a ponytail and do not put it behind your ears. So of course now I am confused.
    Can you let me know the real facts because after spending that kind of money on this product i definitely don’t want to wreck it.
    Any response would be greatly appreciated
    thank you

  32. Okay, I need help. I feel like am idiot. I got the Brazilian Blowout today, and I LOVE it! However, I am also a nursing mother, and my stylist didn’t mention anything about this treatment being unsafe! I feel really stupid/worried/mad. I have not nursed my baby since receiving the treatment (I have been giving her milk I had frozen for emergencies), but can anyone tell me if I can continue to nurse my baby if maybe I wait a week?? Is the danger mostly coming from the initial exposure to the chemicals in the air breathed during the treatment? Or is it now a permanent danger coming from my hair?

  33. Hi Nikki.

    I’m sorry that your stylist didn’t inform you properly. The initial exposure is the main concern and although there are still no actual guidelines when it comes to breastfeeding, this is what I would do: Wash my hair and wait three days. I say this because I also have a science background and I know that is the amount of time something takes to metabolize and be completely gone from your body. It’s basically a digestion thing, believe it or not. It’s not “stuck” in your body forever or anything.

    The BB is only a mild IRRITANT, not TOXIN, which are very different. You would probably have worse exposure issues if you drove on the freeway with your window down for any period of time.

    So Nikki, forgive yourself, pump for a few fays and if all else fails double check with your doctor.

  34. @Nikki: Our Brazilain Blowout specialist, Jordana Lorrain, says this:

    “@Nikki Please do not panic. You didn’t know! And you’ve learned right away of the possible issue and are looking into it immediately. I’m sorry to hear that the salon did not do a full consultation prior to booking or performing the service.

    The best thing to do would be to call Brazilian Blowout at 877-779-7706, and/or your pediatrician for advice. It is nice that you have some natural milk on-hand, to help in the interim. Best of luck for you, and your daughter”

  35. What is making people’s eyes burn?
    Something fishy going on here
    and at $300.00 a pop maybe not knowing is better for some
    The chemicals are making the eyes burn and where do all these chemicals
    go when rinsed?Our water, and our air
    where does this ventilation system send the vapors? our air?
    Hair dressers were calling it the Brazillian flu not long ago?
    i wonder why?wake up and do the research
    It’s not just fruits roots and acai
    defrizzing your haiR
    Do you think the companys that make this care if in 3 years you havE issues with your health
    after repeatedly exposing your self to these so called safe treatment
    companys should have to say what their ingredients are
    no ifs and or buts
    then let people decide
    marketing marketing marketing
    just watch Mad men
    remember we were told cigarettes were not harmful either way back when?
    In this economy I can’t believe people are paying $300.00 and up to flat iron toxins into their hair?
    I thought we were suppose to be going greener?
    everyone is saying what’s not in their products but not really saying what IS IN THE PRODUCTS?

    Alarms bells should go off if the exact ingredients are not listed
    and most likely it’s a chemical !
    It’s a shame stylist are putting up with it

  37. Okaaaaaayyy……..What about chemicals in hair color, fake nails, BOTOX, cleaning products, just to name a few. I DID do my research and the BB is primarily silicone and the polymer which binds it to the hair, which is NOT formaldehyde or even a derivative of it.

    Oh, and I still don’t care because I love my hair now, so there.

  38. @Jennifer: Many people are very passionate about living green. I don’t agree with all the conversations that go on here, especially the bold statements that are not so kind. So, know you are comfortable with your decision and stay educated on your decisions. It’s a personal choice. Yes, the companies could offer us a better explanation of ingredients but until that day, based on what is available, every woman has to decide for herself. Glad you like your BB! I love mine too! 🙂

  39. @Jennifer good point about our daily chemical exposure, and BOTOX lol

    @Tammy I love mine too!

    @Yolanda Angry much?

    ~I have been in the industry for 15 years and have never heard of “Brazilian Flu.” Brazilian Blowout has been around appx 3 years, so whatever you are referring to was likely something else. I even Googled the term “Brazilian Flu” and the results were mostly articles on Swine Flu and H1N1 in Brazil…nothing about hair products

    ~No one has ever said this was “chemical-free,” at least not any actual representative of the company. It is unfortunate, but yes, salons rinse many chemicals down the drain. So I guess you’ve never colored or permed/straightened your hair? Had acrylic nails? Used 95% of nail polish brands?

    ~The ingredients are not listed on any of the above products, BTW

    ~As Tammy said, this is each person’s choice to have done or not. If you don’t want it…don’t have it. If you’re super duper worried about any exposure, go to a salon that doesn’t offer it at all.

    ~The natural ingredients such as acai and other extracts are the conditioning agents, for shine and smoothness. Just like you might find in your own hair conditioner. The “proprietary polymer system” is what seals in onto the hair when heated, and that is what sets them apart from most other companies which use formaldehyde or formaldehyde derivatives, and make you leave them in your hair for 24-96 hours.

    ~Brazilian Blowout is afraid of being copied; no one else has been able to do what they’ve done, and they are trying to protect that magic formula. And they are not required by law to disclose the ingredients list.

    So, I happen to agree with you that I wish they would publish the ingredients, but you seem so passionate about the topic that I am surprised by your method.

    Why are you SHOUTING at a beauty blogger about this? She cannot change the law or the company’s mind. My guess is that no one at Brazilian Blowout even reads these blogs, or they would be chiming in.

    Your concerns would have a better chance at being productive if they were directed towards the company (whose contact info is readily available on their site) and/or the laws governing beauty products.

  40. dana82ca

    I got the Japanese Hair Straightener (JHS) done in October 2009, and now I am dealing with the awkwardness of letting it grow out. (luckily i my curls were on the ends of my hair and not the roots.) I know I need to do something about it but I am afraid to. Afraid that whatever I do will be wrong choice- much like the JHS was. I read “mom in red heels” review on BB vs. GKT and I felt comforted by the information. Mom in red heels clearly prefers the BB over the GKT but for my case I was thinking the GKT would be a good idea since majority of my hair has the permanence of the JHS.
    I don’t want the lifeless hair anymore- which is why I will never recommend JHS to anyone. I wish I would have known about Keratin hair treatments.
    In your experience, what have you recommended to woman after having a JHS?

    thank you- i would appreciate any and everyones experiences on this topic. 🙂

  41. @dana82ca I’m sorry to hear about your experience with JHS. Unfortunately, you are not alone. The good news is, keratin treatments can repair some of the damage and while they cannot give you the body back, they can help re-strengthen and prevent split ends from breaking off.

    Which one is best for you, will depend mainly on how curly your roots are and how closely you want to match them to the straightened ends. No keratin treatment will damage your hair, if done properly, so the decision should be based more on your natural regrowth than on your previously straightened ends (for example, if you want to make the roots as straight as possible with a keratin treatment so they blend better, or if you just want to mellow them out so it’s not such a stark contrast.)

  42. Thanks for this great summary of your experiences. It’s funny, though – my experiences were the exact opposite of yours when it came to the application. I had the GK treatment done in December 2009 and the fumes were very difficult to live with. It took two hours and my hair was stiff and in my face for the three days post application. The smell of the solution also bothered me even though the company tries to mask it with a chocolate scent. My son was after me for days about my “chocolate hair!” I did love the ease in styling it but the kinks on the underside of my hair started coming back only after a couple of weeks – and I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week. It was frustrating. I just had the BB done today because there was a salon closer to me that did it (I live on a small island with limited access to such things). I was pleasantly surprised about the ability to walk out of there with soft hair (i.e. no residue like with GK) and the lack of fumes (was only bothered briefly) and smelly hair. The time commitment at the salon and costs were comparable on my end, so that leveled the playing field for me. I hope the results with BB last a while – I was happy at the salon – we didn’t have a lot of time after my final mask was applied to flat iron it again (I had color and cut at the salon so it was a long morning) so the stylist just used a paddle brush to get the moisture out and my hair looked pretty good. I did flat iron it when I came home because I have pretty kinky hair with layers growing out of a bad haircut so it needs smoothing regardless, and I’m pretty happy. I live in a very high humidity area and my hair has remained smooth throughout the day unlike with untreated hair. GK gave me the same results, but they just didn’t last very long. Here’s hoping this will last longer, but I also read that there is a cumulative effect so hopefully it will last longer every time.

    Worth the $ and time, for sure.

  43. @Melissa Thank you for contributing with your experiences! It is not surprising that you and Tammy had different sensitivities, as the ingredients are different in the two products. Just like my favorite lotion gives my best friend a rash…which is fine with me, because I know she won’t use it all up when she’s here 🙂

    Anyway, it is interesting that you both preferred the Brazilian Blowout. That is my favorite as well!

  44. I had the Brazilian Blowout done about a month ago and I love it.

  45. Tammy I’m a stylist in CA that has been doing the BB. I was also trained in Global and BB by far is the best. With the recent OSHA finds I have been doing extensive research on BB trying to figure out is it safe or not. I have been trying from the beginning to get an ingredient list from them and always get the same answer of “it’s a trade secret that we are trying to keep away from competitors” Besides being illegal in CA it’s very irritating that they wont tell us what we’re putting on our clients. Yes, there is a psudeo list on the website, but it’s bs. Now, when the formula was redone from the original in Brazil to remove the formaldehyde they just say it was replaced with a cousin hyde, but I have not been able to find out what that is. You have glutrahyde on your site. I would like to know how you found that information. I’m also trying to find exactly what that is and if you google it the name only comes up on your site and one formaldehyde testing site. Thats it. Cant even find it in a dictionary or reference site. Can you help me out here on what this hyde is???
    We are dying to keep using this amazing product, but not at the expense of our health. A low dose of form. is not concerning, but if it’s the 10% as stated, thats a problem. Another thought is, this product is a coating around your hair and slowly “worn” off. If you have formaldehyde on your hair is it being released into your bathroom everytime you heat up your hair??? Are you bringing the product to your home and family??? Whats your thoughts and knowledge on this?

  46. @Julie I’d like to pop in here, if I may. You have a valid concern, but BB has never released their ingredients and they are not legally required to (though I also wish they would.) I don’t know the pseudo list to which you refer…?

    Glutaraldehyde (http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/topics/glutaraldehyde/) was used instead of formaldehyde in the Brazilian Blowout Solution for some time; I was given this information by a high-level BB exec in early 2009. I assume you’ve read the post on this blog about this.

    In April 2010, some co-workers took the class and told me they were taught it contained no ‘hydes’ at all. This led me to investigate a bit and Tammy and I created this post: http://amominredhighheels.com/big-news-brazilian-blowout-hydefree/ A company rep told me the formula had changed in November 2009, but they hadn’t made an official announcement because it wasn’t such a highly-charged or -discussed issue at that time. Brazilian Blowout still asserts that their current solution is free of all hydes.

    If you choose to continue offering BB, please look into an air filtration system such as the one I use, seen here at http://www.safebrazilian.com.

    Best of luck! Jordana

  47. @Jordana…Thanks, I did finally find the other hyde, it was mispelled in an above post (glutrahyde), so I was having difficulty finding it anywhere! I was also taught there are no hydes in the 09 updated soluting,but a prot. polymer. Again no specific names thou, so I can’t research this polymer. On the website there is a vague ingredient list (amino acid, polymer, etc), but no actually technical names to research.
    Because of what this product does to clients hair,I have no problem still doing these services, we actully have a nice deck outside and are starting to do them out there (till it gets colder) untill there is 100% guarentee that everything is all safe. I’m just trying to educate myself as much as possible so when my clients come in freaked out, I can give them the best information possible. I still am a little leary about the product being released from their hair at home, but have had no complaints of stining eyes after they left the salon, so I’m hoping that is not an issue. What do you think?