#GiveBackNews LA: Women Helping Women & Angels Fly in Santa Monica

#GiveBackNews LA: Women Helping Women & Angels Fly in Santa Monica | amominredhighheels.com

#GiveBackNews is a new social media local broadcast dedicated to highlighting those who are giving back in the Los Angeles area, making our community a better place to work and live.

In this week’s #GiveBackNews:

• Women and children Syrian Refugees get help from women in downtown Los Angeles;

• A woman who survived a gunshot to the face, is ready to put her face forward; and

• Angels in Santa Monica spread their wings for children in need.

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I love the story about Steve Danz and the way he is helping sick kids with his flying skills. Amazing! Let’s get more stories about good people out there! Our country needs to focus on the good as often as possible! Please share this video with others and help spread the good works of others!

About Stephanie Abrams:

Former television news reporter and anchor Stephanie Abrams started #GiveBackNews to celebrate those making a difference in our community with stories that invite participation by volunteering, or by joining the broadcast and sharing their GiveBack stories. Stephanie heads up GiveBackPR, working exclusively with charities and nonprofits, with the same goal of “making a difference one story at a time.” Visit www.GiveBackNews.com to share your story or learn more. Stephanie is a mom of two.

Love, Tammy


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