The fundamentals of style begin with your undergarments. When you wear proper fitting bras and panties, you have smooth lines and a great foundation for your top layers. There is nothing as wonderful as a great fitting bra. When a bra offers proper support and fit, you feel polished and put together unlike when a bra bulges or pinches. As for panties, all I have to say is a thong is the best undergarment ever invented. No visible panty lines is far more sexy than lines across your bottom.

My recommendation is you upgrade your undergarments every 6 months. Add one new bra and a few new panties to your rotation and throw out any that are stretched, stained or ill-fitting.

If you need to begin fresh, invest in 3 new bras to get your basic undergarment wardrobe established:

  • Black Bra
  • Nude Bra
  • Strapless Bra

Once you have your basics, you can start adding in the sexy styles and fun colors.

ThirdLove Bras

I want to recommend ThirdLove lingerie. I love, love, LOVE their lingerie! I recently sampled their Mesh Plunge bra and Microfiber Thong. I’ve never experienced such a fabulous set!  The bras are offered in 1/2 sizes which was exactly what I needed for proper fit!  The fit gives me support and wait, is that cleavage? Yay!

If you are not sure your bra size, ThirdLove offers an app that can help you measure at home! I didn’t get to use it because the app is not available for the android yet but those with iphones can download the app now!  They also offer a detailed “Fit Issues and Easy Solutions” guide that will help you answer questions you have about bra fit.  They really want to assist you in finding the right bra size.

I told my husband that my Christmas gifts need to come from ThirdLove this year. He’s not opposed.  I hope they offer a VIP program soon because it is my new go-to place to shop for undergarments!

Shop now for your holiday party lingerie and undergarment basics (that are not so basic!) for the new year ahead!  Shop via my special link to receive 10% off your order with code HIGHHEELS10.

Love, Tammy


Tammy Gibson, A Mom in Red High Heels

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  1. Nude bras for the win! They can easily go well with any kind of color your top has! Having 2 or 3 nude strapless bras well prove enough for special occasions.