Bouqs Fresh Flowers
I absolutely, positively LOVE fresh flowers! Do you?

They are such a sweet, simple way to add beauty to your day! Whether from your backyard, picked wild from the field across the street or shipped to you from someone special, fresh flowers add life and joy to your home or office!

I was recently introduced to The Bouqs Co. They sent me a beautiful arrangement of Pink Roses with purple accent flowers to sample. I am now a fan of their flowers and service!


TheBouqs packaging

Once the roses did die, I kept the accent flowers in a fun water bottle!


Top 10 Reasons Boqu Flowers Rock:

  1. The packaging is so beautiful and simple.
  2. The flowers last longer than other floral delivery service I have experienced.
  3. The flowers are shipped from the farm so you get the freshest bouq possible.
  4. Ordering is simple and there is no upsell of vases, cards, chocolates or teddy bears!
  5. Bouq cuts only what they sell so flowers are not wasted like other companies. Delivery is just 2-4 days after cut.
  6. Bouq offers a concierge service so you never forget an important celebration like birthdays or anniversaries.
  7. The arrangements are stunning and vibrant in color.
  8. Most bouqs are offered in classic size or deluxe size.
  9. The website is easy to understand, prices are clearly stated so there is no confusion or hidden costs.
  10. Bouq is active on social media so I get to be inspired by their beautiful flowers every day from my desktop if I don’t currently have a bouq at home!

Seriously, I love the selection offered on Bouq.  You have to click over and see what they offer, from breathtaking lilies to stunning roses to cheery sunflowers and more!

Live a fabulous life, enjoy fresh flowers! You are worth it! 

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The Bouqs - Premium Farm Direct Flowers

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