Brazilian Blowout alternatives, organic keratin treatments, collagen, agave, sugarcane…in the past few years, a number of products have popped up, promising all the results of the originals but without the chemical content.  Some have been more effective than others, and in 2011 I wrote a comparison piece covering several I had tried.

Pure Brazilian Clear
Pure Brazilian Clear 

Pure Brazilian Clear, which was already amongst my favorites in this category, has reformulated their treatment and now it’s even better! Pure Brazilian Clear is free of methylene glycol, or any other formaldehyde-related ingredients, and it is safe for use on children, pregnant women, and nursing moms!

Pure Brazilian Clear has a pleasant scent, produces no fumes, is comfortable to work with, and delivers beautiful results!  You’ll begin with a clarifying shampoo step, then the solution will be applied.  There is a processing time of up to 60 minutes with this treatment, so you may want to bring a book or tablet with you to pass the time.  After this, your stylist will rinse the treatment out, shampoo and condition using Pure Brazilian Anti-Frizz products,  then blow dry and flat-iron your hair using the technique most appropriate for your hair type and condition.

Hair can be colored the next day, and probably should be, as the process can cause some fading, especially in dark and/or red tones.  I like to see a client for her Pure Brazilian Clear treatment one day, then color and a follow-up with Pure Brazilian Deep Conditioning Masque the next day for optimum results.

My client Anna (shown below) has tried almost every type of treatment there is: Japanese straightening, Brazilian Blowout, keratin treatments, a collagen reconstructive treatment, and an agave-based smoother.  As you can see in her ‘before’ photos, Anna’s natural hair is a combination of wavy and curly, and her ends remain relatively straight from previous services.  Her hair is colored and gently highlighted, but this treatment is safe with any kind of color, highlight, or even bleach!  Your certified stylist will adjust certain elements of the treatment for your hair type, color and condition.



As you can see, Pure Brazilian Clear brings massive shine and a very smooth finish, and removes bulk and kink without over-straightening.  So if you are pregnant, nursing, or looking for a milder alternative to a Brazilian Blowout or keratin treatment, this may be the answer for you.  It’s also great for kids who have wavy, tangled, unruly hair.  In short, Pure Brazilian Clear is the best solution for anyone who wants keratin smoothing-type results, without the use of methylene glycol!

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Los Angeles, CA (Marina Del Rey)
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