When Brazilian Blowout announced their new product, Zero, without so much as a trace of formaldehyde, I was ecstatic!  I wanted to try it right away, and I was dying to know how it compared to the Original (find out here.)  I took a class (stylists, check schedule here,) and set about trying it out.  Since Tammy of A Mom in Red High Heels has been so kind as to lend me her forum, I wanted to thank her and her readers with another contest (we have previously given away two makeovers and a Brazilian Blowout.)  I wanted to give one reader the chance to try this brand-new product, and give her review for everyone else to learn from, as well!  While winners have previously been chosen at random, this time I decided to choose by hair type.  So, we asked readers to send in their frizziest hair pics, and a brief rundown of their chemical history.

Enter Dahlia: she has hair that is thick, wavy and medium-textured in the back and more fine, less wavy, and more chemically “affected” in the front.  She has color and highlights, and had never had a treatment to alter her texture, but she did style it regularly into a smoother, straighter look. This made Dahlia our winner!  Her mixed condition and texture are a great way to test a product.

(Photo taken after Dahlia did a quick blow dry and then slept on it! It looks beautiful, and so easy!)

Two weeks later, I emailed Dahlia and asked for a testimonial to use in this post.  I would have been happy to publish Q&A’s, but was pleasantly surprised when she wrote back in enthusiastic (and flattering!) detail:

“I had an incredible experience with Jordana Lorraine getting the Brazilian Blowout Zero.  I didn’t know what to completely expect, but I had asked around before going, and was told to expect that my eyes would tear up and that the fumes were going to be on the strong side.  I didn’t experience either one at all.  Jordana did have a machine that vents the fumes, but I had no issues with odors from the process nor the burning of the eyes.  Jordana took her time to make sure that my hair was perfect.  She explained everything she was doing and made sure to answer all of my questions.  My hair is long and can be tedious, but Jordana worked her magic.  I walked in a frizzy mess and out with a beautiful head of hair!  I couldn’t believe how incredibly soft my hair was, AND frizz-less!  Not only was Jordana very gentle and kind, but her assistant was as well.  There is nothing like an awesome salon experience, but we all know that the true test to having beautiful hair is waiting to see what it is like when you get home.

I really put my hair up to the challenge because it rained the day after I got it done.  I was sad when I saw the weather because I didn’t want to only have beautiful hair for the one day, but I must say the complete opposite happened in this case.  In damp weather my hair will kink up and totally frizz out.  It sprinkled at my son’s baseball game the next morning, so I wore a hoodie, no issues with my hair.  It poured in the afternoon and I had to go out a couple of times, with an umbrella of course, but still, no kinking or frizz!  My hair looked perfect for days, then the next test…washing it.  I thought that I would lose the softness (seriously my hair is like baby soft) once I washed it, not to mention that the hair around my neck loves to tangle and frizz, and I was sad that it was going to come back.  I couldn’t believe that after washing, drying and sleeping on it, no rat nest underneath!  My hair is so awesome!  I am still in awe of how much easier it is to blow out, quicker with the blow dryer and so few tangles.  I find myself running my fingers through my hair and it is wonderful how it actually makes it to the end with ease. My husband loved it and everytime I see my friends, they are always complimenting me.  My color looks brighter and my hair is just beautiful.

The anti-tangle thing is something I didn’t expect at all.  My brush just glides through my hair now, when I used to have to fight with it before.  It makes drying it easier too…my hair doesn’t knot up on me when I pull a brush through it to blow it out.”

What could I possibly add to that?!  I am so glad that Dahlia is enjoying her Brazilian Blowout Zero, and I hope this helps people see how great this new product is!

Jordana Lorraine, Hair Stylist
Los Angeles, CA (Marina Del Rey)
310-922-2645/ jordanalorraine@gmail.com
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Dahlia’s color and cut by: Kristy Forge  (626) 261-3228.

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  1. Chloe A.

    This woman does not have “problem” hair, whatsoever. I’m glad it worked for her, because it means if you’ve got minimal wave and a bit of frizz, there’s a safe product on the market to help.

    However, someone with actual curly, frizzy hair would have shown the results more accurately.

    The model used in the comparison post was a slightly better example because she has had the original BB treatment in the past, and she’s done Yuko, etc, which means she’s been struggling with her hair for years.

    I don’t mean to be negative, but taking someone with pretty hair and making it prettier does not qualify as a review. But I can tell from the information you provide that you are a true professional and take great care in the process….so choose a better model and do it again : )

    Possible candidates: a redhead with the signature dense curl and frizz that often come with red hair, a gal with ethnic, or half ethnic hair…there are lots of fun challenges out there. Can’t wait to see!

  2. @Chloe A.: Hi! Thanks for your comment. We ran a contest and of the local entrants willing to test this product and give us their review, Dahlia’s hair texture was the best fit. I’m sure Jordana will share if/when she has someone with dense curl as you described 🙂 Personally speaking, and having not used BBZ yet, I do love the BB even though I don’t have dense curl. I have uneven texture, a lot of curl in the back with no curl on the top. Left untouched, it gets frizzy and for me, it is problem hair. I think defining “problem hair” is a challenge as each woman has her own definition.

  3. I first had the brazilian blowout done on my hair about 6 months ago. My hair came out really smooth and straight, although it zapped my hair of all its volume. The experience during the treatment was not pleasant. My eyes were burning and my scalp felt like it was on fire. I also had trouble breathing for awhile afterward with strange coughing fits. I avoided having another treatment for that reason, then when all the publicity came out over the formaldehyde I realized what had been causing those symptoms.

    When the zero formula came out I was excited because the company was claiming the same results but without the formaldehyde. The zero DOES NOT produce the same results as the original. It’s as if I had nothing more than a conditioning treatment done on my hair. My frizzy hair stayed the same and my hair was not even a little bit straighter. Even the day of the treatment there was only a slightly noticeable difference but I think it was just because they gave my hair a good blowout. The next day it reverted back to its natural state. I was even using all the Brazilian Blowout products!

  4. I just want everyone to know that the blowout ZERO is not worth the money, time or effort. I cannot BELIEVE they are charging the same price for this. I have had the original done in the past and the zero does not even begin to compare. My hair was still frizzy and wavy and the product did not stick or take at all. The original product gave me silky, smooth BEAUTIFUL hair. The zero had no impact. Perhaps if you never tried the original, you would be happy with the Zero. BUT they definately should not be charging the same price as there is such a dramatic drop in quality. I feel ripped off and distrust this company. They have demonstrated that they are not concerned about the health of their consumers (by releasing an unsafe original product). They have also demonstrated that they are not concerned about the quality of their products (by prematurely releasing the zero, knowing it would not produce result & advertising falsely). This will only do further damage to their already hurt reputation. DO NOT GET THE ZERO. it sucks. Im going to try a keratin treatment instead.

  5. I hope you hairstylist arent falling for these before and afters…. we all know how easy it is to straighten hair with no chemicals at all!!!! after using the zero… (which was so terrible) i didnt charge my client and ending blowing her hair to look very smooth. i could have used the pictures in the before and after. the point of the brazilian was for HER to be able to do what i can do. i gave her the original, she hated the process, but loved the result. this time with the zero, it didnt burn her throat, but IT SMOKED UP OUR SALON SO BAD, and wasted our time 2 1/2 hours to be exact. wasted time and money, only to find out this company doesnt care enough about us to give us an exchange for the product we want. not even a refund, or exchange. im now informing everyone i know, writing bad reviews everywhere i can, and hopefully making a difference. this is a company that doenst have enough faith in their product to offer refunds or exchanges. why? probably because, as you can tell by many many reviews that they know it doesnt work. if you care about your clients time and money, make sure and do the right thing to keep their business. always do what it takes to make them happy!

  6. I have posted on the above blog about comparing the original and the zero and Jordana has made me look like I didn’t have a clue! Amen to all of you . The product does not work and it has nothing to do with my stylist. I feel better and grateful to the truth.

  7. Breaking news!!! the federal government issues warning about brazilian blowout. google it. very informative stuff that some brazilian supporters think they know more about than the federal government or osha. the people who are on this companies side care less about the health of themselves and others, and more about the money thats being put in their pockets. its just getting more and more sad for this sinking company. oh…, and did i mention that whatever you buy from them, they wont return or exchange? they wont tell you that when your spending your money…., they wait until you tell them your unsatisfied with their product. i would also like to add that the company never suggests on the bottle or instructions any specificif requirments for ventilation. ive also heard “have you had the class?” uh, does the class fix their shady tactics? or does it fix everyones side effects? nope! so i encourage any hairstylist and clients to google the new federal warning about brazilian blowout, then make an educated decision on where your moral values lie… is it worth the risk of your, and your clients health, just to make the money? i guess its more clear than ever now.., why they wont give us our money back. they are trying to hold on to every penny, because its getting to be a very bumpy ride!!!! sorry bb, so so so sorry. but its what they deserve.

  8. I think I will expalin my story again. I had 2 blowouts done. then I read some really questionable things on Naturally curly.com which at first supported the product and since no longer does. (Honest website). I did not have the procedure for another 10 months as I researched other possibilities. Finally I went to the Brazilian blowout facebook page in February 2011. There was inforamtion on the ZERO and a link to this amominredhighheels.com

    That is how I ended up on this blog. I looked over the other entry Jordana did where she compared the ZERO to the regular on one model’s hair. I read the comments, looked at the pictures, and thought ok, this shows promise.

    I made an appointment with my stylist had the ZERO done, it didn’t work, I went back to the blog posted that it didn’t work and was told a variety of things by jordana that were quite upsetting. i am not a stylist, just a client with thick, curly hair. To others who have this type of hair….the ZERO does not work. i am sad that the original may not be available and that it is dangerous, but to reiterate, THE ZERO DOES NOT WORK. And I am sure jordana will try to make me look as though I am crazy again….

  9. I think I will expalin my story again. I had 2 blowouts done. then I read some really questionable things on Naturally curly.com which at first supported the product and since no longer does. (Honest website). I did not have the procedure for another 10 months as I researched other possibilities. Finally I went to the Brazilian blowout facebook page in February 2011. There was inforamtion on the ZERO and a link to this amominredhighheels.com

    That is how I ended up on this blog. I looked over the other entry Jordana did where she compared the ZERO to the regular on one model’s hair. I read the comments, looked at the pictures, and thought ok, this shows promise.

    I made an appointment with my stylist had the ZERO done, it didn’t work, I went back to the blog posted that it didn’t work and was told a variety of things by jordana that were quite upsetting. i am not a stylist, just a client with thick, curly hair. To others who have this type of hair….the ZERO does not work. i am sad that the original may not be available and that it is dangerous, but to reiterate, THE ZERO DOES NOT WORK. And I am sure jordana will try to make me look as though I am crazy again…. done

  10. Cristina

    I have very thick curly long hair and just had the brazilian blow out Zero done a week ago. My hair was extremely soft and straight the very first day and I thought I loved the results. I purchased the recommended shampoo & conditioner and have been using it, but my hair feels like it’s back to its original state. I have been blow drying it straight and then using my flat iron and was starting to think that something was not right when I started reading some of the reviews how it doesn’t work on thick curly hair. Since I’ve never had this done before, I thought maybe this was how it was supposed to feel like, but it’s taking me almost as long to straighten my hair as it did before I had it done. I’m out $200.00 and wish the lady had told me that it wouldn’t work on my hair. 🙁
    Don’t waste your money if your hair is thick & curly.

  11. Hi, it’s been awhile since I’ve written about The Brazilian Blow Out, but i feel it’s time to clear up a few things. First, every report or blog that screams the dangers of The BB, end up quoting old Osha reports, and neglect to state that the levels California Osha extensively tested came well within the safety standards for air quality. What happened to responsible journalism, not misleading the public, and seriously checking your facts? i guess I should not be surprised at the sloppy reporting, or blogging out there, but as readers, it’s also really important to search out facts, and sources, not just believe everything you read. It is my experience that hairdressers who use to much product, and do not insist that the client keeps their eyes closed and a physical barrier, such as a towel lightly held over their nose and mouth, will experience the unpleasant side effects of stinging eyes and nose. However when used properly and precautions are taken, like with any service, you need good ventilation, and the results are safe and fabulous. It is all in the hairdresser, and there are so many cheap substitutes that the client has to beware, if it seems to good to be true it is. Lastly, with all this said, ZERO is a huge disappointment! The company that I have stood up for through all the bad press and lengthy questions from clients, has really let me down as well. I ordered the zero after talking extensively with their sales person, and being gauranteed that it was exactly like the original formula but with out the irritation, and invested in their product. I now have a four hundred dollar paper weight they refuse to take back. I had to redo five blowouts I did Zero on. Each time I called the company they would tell me I must have not followed the instructions, blah blah blah. By the fifth client redo, I just accepted i have a four hundred dollar paper weight, and a lesson learned. Some companies behave with integrity, and others don’t. I still use The Brazilian Blow Out original, still have superior results, and sell a ton of their products, love the new styling products, however i have a really bad taste in my mouth, i feel like I have a permanent knife in my back, and I am sorely disappointed in the company. However, until something comes along that can compare and perform like the Original Brazilian Blowout, I will continue to use the product. Not because I make money on the service, because frankly I make alot more per hour doing color, with alot less product cost, I’m one of those really expensive hairdressers that do exceptional work, but the reason I will continue to do this service is because I see the way my clients lives change. I see the freedom they gain, the confidence it builds, and the life long dream fulfilled as they swing their shiny smooth hair and utter in astonished voices, oh my God, it’s so beautiful. If you’ve had this service, and been unhappy, you have had it performed wrong, because I guarantee, literally all my work and I have never had a less than great experience with this product. Good luck to you all, only go to someone who refers you by their great hair, and you will find a great hairdresser. In conclusion, out of feeling slighted, I’d love a new brand of Brazilian Blow Out, or at least an apology, but all this said, I still stand firmly behind the product because no other keratin, brazilian or straightening product can touch The Original Brazilian Blow Out results. God Bless! VR

  12. No one that has not had a thick head of curly hair on a humid day in 90 degree weather can ever understand exactly what you describe above- the ability to swing your hair back and forth and not feel as if your head is covered in fur.

    I loved the 2 Brazilian Blow-outs I had and the stylist re-did the ZERO and I am back to being able to blowdry my hair in 5 minutes. Sometimes I look at the clock in disbelief.

    The reason I wrote on the blog in the first place is because the ZERO did not work.

    How dangerous is the original to the client? Besides the unpleasant side effects, with burning eyes- but I get that same feeling in a poorly ventilated nail salon and also I have had allergic reactions to certain hair dyes. What is the danger to the client of the original?

  13. I cannot believe there are still those that choose to back a NEGLIGENT money hungry no ethics company,namely The Brazilian Blowout. That there are those that STILL choose to overlook the REAL FACTS of this product.It’s ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.

    * oregon OSHA,cal/OSHA has investigated this ,which if you read thouroughly states IT DOES NOT AGREE that it is SAFE to use.
    * the FEDERAL OSHA has released(April 13th,2011) a Health HAZARD ALERT on this product,stating the dangers including but not limited to ; burning eyes,onset of ASTMA and CHRONIC cough,breathing problems,burning sinus pain,headaches,INSOMNIA,dizzyness,nose bleeds and oh,yeah CANCER of the sinus/throat and blood cancer/Leukemia!
    *The california state attorney general is in process of a Lawsuit with them for LYING.
    * The extreme abundance of complaints from professional hairstylists with severe health problems as a result of using this product !!!

    After searing in this Formaldehyde into clients hair…what do you think happens when they use HEAT on it again at home??!! IT RELEASES MORE FORMALDEHYDE…

    This is the only product in my 25 yrs of being a Hairstylist that I have seen such tremendous awful effects of my fellow workers! WE ARE PAYING THE PRICE!! and thats worth a few hundred bucks??!! Unless you work in a special room with expensive($1500 or more) Hood vapor ventilators…( which we know is NOT the NORM!) ALL hairstylists ,and the poor unsuspecting clients that didnt choose to breath it in…GET EXPOSED to the FORMALDEHYDE.

    Can this be any clearer??!!

  14. oh..wait,not finished… Let me add that
    *Canada has RECALLED this product(namely Brazilian Blowout,plus others)
    *the UK has taken it off shelves
    *Ireland has recalled this
    and the list goes on…………..

  15. Thank you. Very scary…. I appreciate honesty.

  16. Brazilian Blowout Zero does no work on curly, frizzy, hair! I drove 3 hours to have it done, upon washing my hair, with the BB products, my hair went back to natural state. I called and the stylist said she would redo it for free. I drove the 3 hours the next week and she did it again! Still didn’t work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a waste of time & money!!! I tried asking them on facebook, but they kept deleting my posts and then deleted me from their list!!!!!!!! More of us need to speak up on twitter and facebook!!!

  17. The new Brazilian blow out Zero Does NOT work. I have mine done a week ago at the Changing Times Salon at Tillicum mall salon in Victoria BC. The lady advised me that this formula is not an straightening but it will smooth the hair and get rid of the frizz. Well, I was ok because I love my curl but I do not like the frizz. She made me sign a paper. I am afraid my hair is now worst, it is really frizzy. It was a waste of money and time.

    The fumes are very strong still when the hair is blow dried. The salon doesn’t have a good ventilation. The salon should NOT offer this service. They just protect themselves with a signed paper but the reputation will suffer. It is not a good way to build a business.

  18. Joann,you are very welcome….. : )
    as u can tell I am very passionate about this situation. I just hate to see clients/people being lied to….all for money and the higher cost of permanent bad health ….

  19. Hi I’m thinking of having a bb too. But I still worry about my hair after the bb treatment are fade out.(3-4months) My hair will be the same as before I get a bb done right? There is no damage or breakage to my hair after the treatment right? It will improve my hair not damage it? Are there any bad review on bb ? I mean does anyone get a damage hair from bb ? And if there are some of people who get the damage hair from bb, Can u suggest me the reason why it is happen? Is it about the over use of the product or the wrong process or the product itself? I see a lot of nice review on bb. So I thrilled to get it done too. But I have had a bad experience with the Japanese hair straightener(my hair were absolutely damage with a huge frizz and no shine since then. It took time to recover it. I almost waste my 2 years in my university life with a bad damage and frizz hair. So I just don’t want to go back to my nightmare again) Hope u guys can help me with this! Thank a lot !

  20. Please excuse me for the delay in replies. I will address several entries below.

    @JoAnn It sounds like you are chemically sensitive in general, so you definitely want to look for a salon with a good ventilation/filtration system. You can read about mine, here: http://www.SaferBrazilian.com. If no one in your area has something like that, try sharing the link with the owner of the salon where you had your BB’s done. Hopefully, s/he will want to make an upgrade for the safety and comfort of both clients and staff.

    @Shelly This post is about Brazilian Blowout Zero. There is no need to shout about the negative concerns of the original product, when we are here to showcase their efforts to provide an alternative. As for the ‘expensive’ filtration systems, as you pointed out, the service is quite profitable. Salon owners should reinvest some of those earnings into making the salon a safer and more comfortable place. Aerovex Systems, which makes mine, offers payment plans and possibly even leasing, to keep initial investment down. Why more salons haven’t done this, is beyond me. I think many of them don’t even know what’s available, so perhaps you could redirect some of your energy towards educating your salon and others you know that offer the treatments?

    @Eluza Perhaps you can let your salon know of the air filtration options as well. http://www.SaferBrazilian.com is an example, with a link to the makers of the filters shown. Also, there should not be fumes with BB Zero. There is steam, but it does not irritate. However, if they used too much product and didn’t have good ventilation, that could cause the steam to linger in the area.

    @Pui If done properly, there is no risk of damage with Brazilian Blowout or Brazilian Blowout Zero. The risk is in how it is done; evaluating the hair type, texture and condition, and making choices and recommendations based on that. For example, if your hair is thick and highly textured, Zero may not be the product for you. A skilled and experienced stylist can tell you what each product will do for your particular hair. See this post for tips on choosing a stylist: http://amominredhighheels.com/keratin-treatment-choose-stylist/

    Cheers and Happy 4th of July!

  21. Jordana, Thank you for your comments about the ventilation system. However, the problem with BB Zero is not only f ventilation, let me repeat again the product doesn’t work.

    To anyone: I need advice: I am having a very important engagement in a very hot and humid area and I need my hair to be presentable. My hair is now dry, coarse and very frizzy. I did he blowout in early June should I tried other method/ product? I read about realizze? Does someone has tried? I understand that trying again the bb zero would not work, my stylist is no keen to do it. She did it well the first time and she doesn’t think will work. Any suggestions. My hair is thick and black.
    I would be grateful for any advice

  22. I had the brazillian blowout zero donecabout three weeks ago and it’s not worth the money. I still have alot of frizz and I am still having to pull it up when I’m outside in humid weather. The only good thing it did dramatically reduce my blow dry time which helps but not worth paying to save on blow dry time. I can’t compare it to the original brazillian blowout however thankfully my new stylist is awesome and will be redoing my hair with the original bb since shecis claiming that one really works so we will c how that goes.

  23. I have been getting the original brazilian blowwout for about a year. I loved the results regardless of the burning eyes, and sometimes burning scalp whenever I lighten my roots. Probably a raw scalp from the bleach. I decided to try the new zero and was severely disappointed. It took forever to blowdry and the results were…well there wasn’t any. My hair was still frizzy and still damaged. With the original my “cotton candy” hair was turned into healthy perfect hair. After the zero though, it felt just as damaged. I don’t recommend it for anyone who doesn already have healthy hair.

  24. Unfortunately, I have had the same disappointing experience as many of you. I had the Brazilian Blowout Zero done with the promises and expectations that it would produce the same results as the original but without the unsafe chemicals. THE BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT ZERO DOES NOT WORK! I cannot tell any difference in my hair. It is just as curly and frizzy as it was before the treatment. What a disappointment after spending all that money and even buying the special Brazilian Blowout shampoo and conditioner for over $75. I feel totally ripped off! What a scam and a waste!!!

    I have a question for all of you… Have any of you done the regular Brazilian Blowout or another keratin treatment immediately after the BB Zero? Does anyone know if I have to still wait the 3 months? Any response or advice would be much appreciated!

  25. Yes do the original right after! I did and when I was done, I felt my hair and thought to myself, “this is a blowout!” You don’t have to wait the 3 months. The Zero doesn’t do anything bu waste money and time. It takes longer than the original.

  26. Hi Lauren,

    While I have had success on many clients using Zero, I did have two clients who were disappointed because it didn’t reduce as much curl as the original. In both cases, I gave them original treatment soon after (a week or two) and there was no problem. They were both pleased and will stay with the original solution.


  27. I’m writing about the Brazilian Blowout Zero because my hair situation is a bit different from many of you who have already posted. I have fine, thin, healthy, totally white/gray hair that is between chin and shoulder length. Every day, I wash my hair in the shower after I work out. I then use a little volume gel, a heat spray/frizz control combo and then blow dry my hair straight with a large round brush. Because I have a fairly young-looking face, the smooth white hair is very striking, as long as the humidity is below 45 percent. Once that humidity creeps up there, as it’s wont to do where I live here in the South, my hair goes bonkers and frizzes up into a wild tangle. There is not one single pretty ringlet on my head, just a horrid, witchy fuzz that makes me look like a hag, regardless of the products I use and believe me, I’ve tried them all with no luck. After hearing about the original Brazilian Blowout, I was sorely tempted, but I had read too many negative reviews about the formaldehyde and my hairstylist cautioned me that my thin, fine hair might not stand up to the harshness. You can imagine my excitement when I heard about the Zero! Finding a Groupon Coupon for a $150 treatment at a local salon (with BB trained stylists) sealed the deal for me and I got my little frizzhead over there as soon as they had an appointment. Well, yesterday was the big day and I had the treatment. I thought my hair looked great when the treatment was finished – just like my hair looks on a low-humidity day, with maybe slightly less volume. But I thought that was a small price to pay for not having to worry constantly about the humidity. I was SO excited at the prospect of having smooth, lovely hair regardless of the weather! So the next morning, I went out on our deck to check my flowerpots. It was a very hot, humid morning, and it had rained overnight so everything was wet and steamy. What a perfect morning to test my BB Zero!!! But there’s a sad ending to this story. Within three minutes, my hair was a rat’s nest of fuzz and frizz, just as if I had never had the treatment at all. What a monumental disappointment! I called the salon as soon as they opened but my stylist doesn’t work on Saturdays, so I’ll have to wait for Monday to hear what she’s going to do for me. You can rest assured I will NOT be getting another treatment, even if she offers to do it for free. I really want my money back, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to chalk it up to a rather expensive experience. I would NOT recommend that anyone get the Zero because it simply doesn’t work. Too bad, I thought I had found the Holy Hair Grail. Sadly, I’m still searching……

  28. Jordana – I will be eagerly following this blog for your next post about these second generation products. The postscript to my story is that when my stylist called on Monday to hear about my situation, there was no offer of a free redo (not that I would have considered it), no offer of a reduction in price ( I would have been happy to pay her for a wash and blow-dry, which is really all I got), not even a hint of an apology! She told me she knew that it wasn’t going to be good because I have coarse hair. I was speechless!!! First of all, why didn’t she tell me this BEFORE she gave me the treatment? Secondly, why did she lie about the texture of my hair, when it’s clear that I have BABY fine hair, even though it’s white. I was proud of myself for quietly hanging up the phone, when what I really wanted to do was tell her I was going to report her to the Better Business Bureau, which I still might do. I will certainly tell ALL of my friends about my bad experience with BB Zero as well as with this salon. I still have a tiny shred of hope and look forward to your post, but I must admit, I’m very discouraged of ever finding a way to tame my frizz.

  29. @Noelle I am sorry to hear of your disappointment. I am having good results with some of the 2nd-generation treatments. If it turns out they are not strong enough for you, maybe you could consider a 1st-generation treatment, if done with an air filtration system designed to protect from potentially harmful fumes? Feel free to share this page with any salons you talk to about it: http://www.SaferBrazilian.com

    While you have said that your hair is fine, the fact that it is white and uncolored does make it resistant so that may have been a reason BB Zero didn’t work for you. This is one reason I like to have a consultation first, to see if I think Zero is a good idea for a new client’s hair type. Of course this is not really possible when doing the Groupon thing…one of many reasons I don’t recommend that. You also should research a salon before making an appointment, and not base your decision on a coupon. You’ll want to check their experience, reviews, etc. Ask yourself, “Why is this salon offering a popular service at such a low price?” They may be new to using it, or just not have a lot of clients, which may not make them the right salon to go to for such a pricey and important service. For more on choosing a salon, check out this post: http://amominredhighheels.com/keratin-treatment-choose-stylist/, and for things to watch out for with deals thatg seem too good to be true, see this one: http://brazilianblowout.blogspot.com/2010/08/beware-brazilian-blowout-fakes-scams.html

    I hope that helps!

  30. @Jordana, Which of the 2nd generation treatments do you suggest for very coarse, curly hair?

  31. Great question, Abbie! Most of the gentler chemical formulations are not recommended for use on coarse or very curly hair, as it is naturally stronger and more difficult to change. Pravana Perfection SmoothOut is the only one which says it is good for coarse hair; advanced training teaches that you can process it for 30 minutes, combing every minute or two, for best results on stronger hair. But, please remember that you will not see the same results as you might with a regular-strength keratin treatment.

  32. tia randolph

    well I’m interested in the BB cuz IV had problems with my hair all my life I have very kinkey curly hair and I hate straightening it all the time then only for it to curl up not so long after. its a high price to get this treatment done but if it actually worked I would try it. but I do agree the person that got picked for the contest hair was nothing if anything I would rather have her hair then mine. so u should get someone with hair a little more unmanageable and curl to put this product really to a test.

  33. I just have Zero done- I have fine, wavy hair that gets frizzy in humid weather- supposedly the perfect hair for this. We4ll- one wash and its like I never had it done. My hair is frizzy, wavy – this is a rip off. It’s ridiculous and a waste of money. I have a fabulous stylist and I know it’s not her. I while back I had the regular BB done (about 1.5 years ago before the controversy)- this product is not even close to anything like a Keratin treatment. It’s like using an over the counter product in your hair…except about 1,000x more expensive. Don’t do it. My stylist is giving me my money back voluntarily, she is so mortified by the results (I am one of the first in the salon to have it done).

  34. @Liz I am sorry to hear of your underwhelming results. Do you know if you had the Zero done (the product shown in this article came out in February 2011) or the new Zero Plus, which replaced in earlier this year? You can read about Zero Plus here: http://amominredhighheels.com/brazilian-blowout-frizzfree-formaldehydehyde-free-hour/

    It does not perform in the same way that the Original formula does, but can be effective for people who want volume and defrizzing, without straightening. For what it’s worth, numerous tests have shown that the controversy over BB was based on inaccurate tests and/or improper use of the product, so you may want to revisit the idea of the full-strength formula if you were pleased with its results.

    For other options that do not use methylene glycol (which created formaldehyde when heated,) see here: http://amominredhighheels.com/comprehensive-guide-formaldehydefree-brazilian-blowout-keratin-treatment-alternatives/

  35. I have the BB done a year ago and was happy with the results except it seemed like it did some damage to my ends. I have very curly/frizzy hair so it really helped and made it straight and managble for the first time. However since thin I have had horrible headaches since then and especially the past couple months there everyday all day and I have went to the dr. over it and nothihg I have taken has helped and they can’t find what it could be. I don’t know if this could be linked?

  36. Jordan, who knows. Its very likely, since the original formula has SO MANY TERRIBLE SIDE EFFECTS. The zero just doesnt work at all, despite the overwhelming bad reviews, a certain someone continues to try and protect this brand. If the zero works, then why is it being replaced? Im sure this certain someone is going to ask “have you had the class.” so you might want to have a class…. And maybe offer a class on reality, or one on how to be a hairstylist concerned more about the health of our clients, than the money in our pocket. No one offers that class???? I DO! I’d be glad to give it. And this certain someone will preach about ventilation as well…., but no one knows how much or little it takes to do harm to the body, since everbody is different. It would take years to determine long term effects. Some people dont think long term. I hope you figure out your problem, and if you do, dont expect b.b. company to care. They dont. Despite how i may seem, my clients know me as happy and optimistic, but when it comes to this brand, and the people that make excuses for them, i have very little patience. Its a harmful pruduct that also rips people off, because they wont refund or exchangs.

  37. Please don’t waste money doing this treatment.
    I am a fully qualified hairdresser and was doing this treatment in my hair salon, I wasted a lot of money getting the product, the product does not work according to what the Boucher say. the hair is ironed numerous times while the product is in the hair and the smoke fumes effect the throat.
    I unfortunately did this for a good regular client and the hair reacted badly I contacted the company and the rep was suppose to come and redo, then they decided the national trainer would come and redo it, after 6 months of having initially contacted the company the national trainer contacted me and said no help will be provided as I did a bleach bath( I never did a bleach bath!! The only thing which I did was applied the mildest hydrogen peroxide to open the hair cuticle so the Brazilian blowout would be cleansed out which really worked and the hair was manageable ) and after explaining that i was told make a complain and it will be forwared further!!!!!!!! so after 6 months, I gave a full refund to my client .

  38. @Sonia I am sorry to hear about the trouble you have had with this product, and the service the company has (or has not) provided you. My experience with them has been very different, I have always found them very supportive, willing to answer questions and provide ongoing education.

    ***Readers, please note that this post is 18 months old and the product reviewed here has been improved and re-released earlier this year. You can read about Brazilian Blowout Zero Plus, at the link below***


  39. Antoinette

    I had the formaldehyde free done as well . I have thick wavy hair , brought all the products and washed my hair ……hopeless it was very dry and frizzy , I hadn’t expected it to be very good from the research I had done prior however I was really disappointed as it didnt do one thing , I ended up buying a set with formaldehyde in off eBay and will do it myself , gas mask and all , but I wouldn’t waste my time or money on the zero I can honestly say it didn’t make any difference at all, not even in the condition 🙁 I really can’t see how the model above got such good results I would like to see a pic before it was blow dried as I can easily make my hair look that nice with a blower ey regardless of what’s been done to it , how about a just washed and dried naturally pic.

  40. @Antionette I am sorry to hear you were unhappy with your salon treatment, but why not address that with the salon? If they gave you false hope for what the results might be, maybe they would be willing to perform a stronger treatment for you.

    ***Please do NOT attempt to perform a professional-only treatment on yourself*** Even I, a professional who does this every day, would not do this treatment on myself (I have another stylist do it.) Your results will not be as good, but more seriously you are likely to hurt yourself or harm your hair. This treatment is meant to be done by a trained professional, in a safe environment (www.saferbrazilian.com) using cautions which cannot be replicated when performing the steps on yourself.

    As for the model above, she is a reader of this blog who won this treatment, and the photo she provided was after she blow-dried it at home (which she does regularly, she does not wear air-dried). This is not a professional styling job; we asked her to send in a pic so readers could see how it looked when styled herself at home as opposed to in the salon. This treatment is best for clients who style their hair as opposed to letting it air-dry.

    The treatment shown above was Brazilian Blowout’s first ZERO product, released in February 2011. They have since released a new and improved formula, called ZERO+ (read about it here http://amominredhighheels.com/brazilian-blowout-frizzfree-formaldehydehyde-free-hour/) If the old product was used on you, you should definitely discuss this with the salon as it may be part of the reason your results were underwhelming. The process for ZERO and ZERO+ is also different from BB Original in a few detailed ways that are imperative to getting the best results, so you’ll want to find out if the stylist was experienced with whichever solution s/he hsed.

    I urge you to discuss all of the above with your salon and try to find a professional solution to your problem, rather than risking safety and results by attempting to perform the service on yourself.

  41. Seriously, the only OSHA certified Keratin Smoothing product on the market is the Copolla Keratin Complex. Check out the MSDS sheets for both Copolla Keratin and the Brazillian Blowout…the comparisons are outstanding. Copolla wins hands down.