I Am Forgetful, Thank Goodness For My Smartphone!

In the world of blogging, what is a major faux pas? Showing up as invited media without a camera card. Have you ever done that? I have.

This past January, I was invited to attend the CAbi Scoop event which was to reveal their 2012 Spring Collection. Toting along my heavy Sony camera, I was prepared for pictures galore!

We started with a group shot of all the bloggers. I had someone use my camera to take a picture. She snapped and looked at the camera to check the picture. A funny look came across her face. I noticed but she said nothing. She took a second picture and handed the camera back. I thanked her and we moved on to the show.

Along the corridor of the convention center, HUGE posters hung with a hint of what was to come on the runway.  I was impressed with the shutter speed of the camera.  Sometimes it can be so slow to recharge for the next picture.  I also used my smartphone to take a few pictures to send over social media.

It was not until the fashion show had concluded that I knew I had made a big mistake.  I just knew I had fabulous pictures the way the camera was click-clicking!  I went back to review them and saw the warning, “no camera card.”  SHOOT!  I’m dead.  So embarrassed.  Such a novice mistake!  I text my husband to share my frustration then started snapping more pictures on my smartphone.  This one is of CAbi owner, Carol Anderson.  The color is washed out but I was so close, I had to capture the memory!

Later, during the “vintage CAbi” shopping event, Andrea from Savvy Sassy Moms wondered if she should buy this jacket.  I took the picture for her to see how she looked (no mirrors on the floor).  Super cute, right?

At dinner, I took a picture of my tablemate’s prickly pear margarita! Beautiful.  I sent it to Twitter via Instagram and to a friend via a text that read, “CHEERS?”

Then, I took this picture of the triple guacamole appetizer.  You need to understand how much I LOVE avocado.  This was the ultimate treat.  I, of course, sent this picture to my husband who was back at the hotel with the kids!  (I’m such a brat!)

When I wrapped my time with CAbi, I spent some time at the pool with the family.  I have no idea how the kids swim when it’s 60 degrees but they loved it (until they had to get out, then they were cold!)

The fireside is where I sat!

In the end, my coverage was not a disaster.  The other bloggers shared photos and I received copies of professional photos from the runway- way better than I would have taken anyway!  Having my smartphone camera with me totally SAVED me.  I got the coverage and the memories!

Flipping back through my phone to find these images for the post brought back a lot of memories.  I sure do take a lot of pictures!  The pictures include silly things my kids do, a handbag I love and want to remember for a post, the parking spot that I parked in (especially at airports or Disneyland) and product pictures that I want to Tweet!  My smartphone camera really captures the moments for me!

What do you use your phone camera for?  Please leave a comment below or on Facebook!

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  1. Thank goodness for camera phones! Luckily your camera seems to have a great resolution, and the story makes for a great post (haven’t we all been there in one way or another??) 🙂