When Out and About, Don’t Forget the Shoes

house slippers

In a recent discussion on Facebook, I commented that I hated seeing moms at the 3pm school pickup wearing sweats and slippers. I suggested the ladies love themselves enough to get dressed.

I was surprised by the backlash of comments suggesting I was being insensitive and judgmental on both Twitter and Facebook.

Really? Slippers are not shoes.  They are intended for wear at home.

The casualization of America is out of control. Of course, we all have days where family is sick, there is emotional stress or we just have one of those mornings. But, when you have a well-edited wardrobe-void of ill-fitting, slopping sweats- most days you will be able to pull on an outfit that is nice (not talking business wear or heels here). It is just as easy to wear shoes as it is to wear house slippers and shoes are far more appropriate. Also, getting dressed makes you feel more energetic and studies show, you are more productive.

Regarding the self-love, the argument was that being a good mom to your kids is more important than getting dressed. My argument is that by getting dressed, feeling good about yourself, taking time for yourself, you ARE a better mom. Your kids need you to lead by example. How will they learn to take care of themselves if you don’t do it for yourself?

Instead of the slippers, take 2 seconds to put on shoes. The following styles are all slip-ons and just as easy to put on as your slippers. Promise.

Slip On Style


Gameday flats

Melanie Slip On

Vans multi color sneaker


Zara – JustFab

Hindman — Simply Soles


Cute. Comfy. Appropriate for public.

6 simple style secrets

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