Finding Your Perfect Pair of Jeans

What is the one item that you wear over and over and over again from your wardrobe? Right. Your jeans!

We all have a favorite pair and we all could use another pair!

With Christmas just around the corner, retailers are begging you to buy with sales and discounts that are too good to pass up (at least for those of us weak for fashion).  For those who are tight with your purse strings, you may come into some money or gift cards Christmas morning so I want to share some tips for finding the perfect pair of jeans for 2018.

  1. Know your body type.  When you understand what your body type is and how to dress it to make it appear balanced with curves in all the right places, you can more quickly and easily shop and find the perfect pair of jeans (or any type of clothing, for that matter!).
  2. Know your style personality. Understanding and accepting who you really are, and how you want to express yourself, will prevent you from buying those jeans that EVERYONE is wearing but are totally NOT you.  No reason to follow a trend if a style doesn’t work for you because it will either be a total waste of money and the jeans will sit in your closet unworn or you will wear them and feel awkward every time you do.
  3. Pay attention to detail. Details make the jeans.  Here’s why:

Pockets have the power to create the perfect jean for you.  They also have the power to make your backside look wide or flat, depending on the design.  Proper pocket placement is a science so study it carefully as it will be the determining factor if the jeans are the ones!

Types of pockets

  • Patch pockets: An unfitted flat pocket on the outside of a garment
  • Flap Pockets: A flap that covers the access to a pocket
  • Welt ckets: A pocket inside the garment
  • Cargo Pockets: Envelope pockets on pant leg

pocket types

Pocket size, placement and shape have a huge impact on the way your bottom will look. 

  • Pockets that are too small leave too much bottom surface uncovered and will create the illusion of a big bottom.
  • Pockets that are too low will cause your bottom to look long.
  • Pockets that are placed higher can accentuate a perky bottom.
  • Flap pockets add volume to your bum.
  • Cargo pockets draw attention to hips.
  • Pockets that are set too far apart will make your bottom look wide.
  • Welt pockets have the pocket on the inside of the jean. This means fabric can gather and look lumpy and bumpy on your bottom. I say, have them removed! We don’t need rear pockets adding unkind bumps to our silhouette!
  • Backside pockets that are higher, embellished, and widely spread apart add plump to a flat bottom.
  • If you have narrow hips, Cargo pockets will help add girth to your hips.
  • On the front, opt for a flat, clean front. Stay away from pleats or pockets that add bulk.
  • Look for stitching that curves around just the outer edges of the pockets to draw eyes in and create the illusion of slimmer hips.

If you simply must have the pair of jeans with flap or interior pockets, my solution is to take them to the dry cleaners and have the seamstress cut the interior fabric out of the pockets. (Those handier with a needle and thread can do the same at home.) Removing the bulk of the pocket fabric keeps your bottom smooth and unwelcome attention off of it.  You may also consider sewing the edges of the flap pocket down so it doesn’t curl up on you, adding more bulk to your bottom.  (Looking your best means paying attention to the details, ladies… including what is only seen when you are walking away!)


Embellishments date your denim.  What is trending today may not be in 3 months.  Save yourself the expense and only buy jeans free of embellishments such as embroidery, hardware or bling.  Remember, you are looking for jeans you’ll be able to wear for years (unless you have unlimited money to spend on your wardrobe) so buy classic jeans that will stay in style for years to come.

Belt Loops

Also, consider belt loops when purchasing jeans.  They are more than just functional…If you have a larger waist, choose more belt loops as it not only will keep a longer belt in line, but it also breaks up the look of your waistline. If you have a small-waist, less belt loops are needed, and you could get away with no belt loops at all, if you prefer.

Warning:  Price Does Matter

Don’t be overwhelmed by price, jeans are an investment.  When you buy a pair that really fits you, is a classic style and you take good care of them, you’ll be able to wear them for years!  The higher priced (costing more than $100 is considered premium denim) jeans are made of higher quality fabric, they are better engineered and every seam has a purpose for flattering the body.  Go prepared to spend money on a good pair of jeans but stick to your budget.  There are a lot of really expensive jeans but don’t buy the jeans for the name, buy them for the fit!

TIP: If you are buying less expensive jeans be sure to check the hardware! Cheaper zippers are used on the less expensive brands. Do some squats in the fitting room to make sure the zipper doesn’t come down!

Now that you’ve found a great pair of jeans that will work in your wardrobe for years to come, make sure you take care of them so the fabric doesn’t breakdown!  Use Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaner products to help them maintain their color and fit. Dryel is your perfect pair of jeans’ best friend!

Take a look at this image and see for yourself:

drye cleaned jeans


Dryel works to clean your jeans in 15 minutes in your dryer, at home, so you don’t have to run to the dry cleaners! It saves you up to 90% of the cost of dry cleaning and it won’t cause the shrinking, fading or stretching that wet washing and hot drying causes.

Learn more about Dryel and get a coupon for extra savings at

Look for the new packaging of the Starter Kit which now includes a FREE Stain Pen in every box! The pen is really awesome! You should carry one with you where ever you go! Check out my review of it here: A Mom’s Secret to Wearing What You Want, When You Want.  In fact, they make a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who wears clothes! (wink-wink)

perfect pairs: dryel and jeans

For a location near you or to shop online, check here.

While you may not typically think of dry cleaning denim, you spent a lot of time finding the perfect pair of jeans. Make them last longer by treating them with the TLC that Dryel can provide!

Love, Tammy

I am a Dryel Ambassador and received product for editorial review. Opinions stated are my own.


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