From Frustrated to Fabulous One-on-One Style Coaching Program

Do you get frustrated every day when you go to get dressed?

Do you want to look fabulous but feel comfortable and confident in whatever you wear?

Do you get overwhelmed trying to decide which shoes and handbag look right with your outfit?

Do you wish you loved everything in your closet?

Do you secretly stress before going out because you don’t know what to wear?

Would you love it if your wardrobe excited and inspired you?

I totally get it.

I know how frustrating it is to look into your closet and feel totally discouraged because you own NOTHING that represents who you are today.

I can help!

If I could look into your closet, what story would it be telling me?

Would it tell me you are a woman that knows what she likes, is organized and really has her style game on?

Or, is it telling me that you are not worth the effort, time, or energy to be your best?

If you can’t be your best for yourself, you likely won’t be your best for anyone else. If you are too frazzled and stressed to even think about your style, you are sending the wrong message about who you are as a women.

Our style reflects what we think about ourselves and how we are feeling. Clothes are an extension of who we are. Are you telling the world that you are completely confused about who you are or are you showing up as your best self, a woman who is confident, vibrant, and excited to help others live their best lives?

I’ve had my share of style frustration…

I used to wear clothes that were frumpy and much too old for my age. I wasn’t quite sure how to dress in a practical, but cute, way for my life as a stay-at-home mom but I knew that I did not like how I was feeling in the clothes I owned. I had to figure out a way to look and feel better because I really felt unattractive and it was influencing my self-talk, mood and relationships. I was desperate for a transformation.

I spent time and effort figuring it out for myself because I was tired of stressing about what to wear!

I soon began to really enjoy expressing myself through my style.

I loved that I could embrace being a woman and having fun with clothes!

Style became my way of communicating with the world, literally! I started a blog to encourage other women to make time for themselves and get dressed with purpose each day.

Today, I am helping women change their lives by changing what is in their closets.

I love helping others discover simple ways to feel both confident and comfortable in their clothes. I love the energy of a woman who discovers and embraces her personal style! She is inspired, confident and excited about her future because she feels (and looks!) fabulous!

I work with women to help them build a wardrobe aligned with their personality, body type, and lifestyle. Together, we discover her signature style, which is going to positively impact her life.

Clothes change the way you think about yourself, increase self-awareness, raise self-esteem, and help you achieve life goals.

We wear clothes every day so why not have fun with them and learn to use them to give us an advantage in life? I want to help you discover your own love for style because, honey, great style can take you places you’ve never imagined going!

  • Understand your personal style so you can quickly and easily shop for outfits that make you feel fabulous, so you never spend money on clothes you won’t wear
  • Build a wardrobe that says you are a magnetic and confident woman
    Detox your closet of clothes and accessories that no longer serve your lifestyle
  • Learn how to get ready in less than 5 minutes, and maintain you signature style
  • Discover the tricks for always being ready to step out at a moment’s notice when you need to run out the door at the last minute.
  • Learn ways to use your clothes to help you look more slim and sexy without losing weight.

You may be saying, “But Tammy, I just want to know how to shop for a pair of jeans that fit me properly. Do I really need to know all of this?”

My answer is: Only if you want to learn the skills to help you look and feel your best! You decide. If you just want to learn what jeans to buy, download my free guide, “The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Pair of Jeans.”

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“I have to say thank you so much to Tammy Gibson for your amazing style advice! I went shopping and I was able to make a GREAT choice on a new blouse that I KNOW totally fits my style personality. I can’t wait to wear it tomorrow! You are wonderful!”

Cara Murray, Mary Kay Independent Sales Director

“When I first worked with Tammy, I shared with her my dread of shopping and a little bit about my likes and dislikes, as well as my budget. Tammy met me at a store to shop for my first big speaking engagement. She made shopping simple and stress-free. I walked out with exactly what I needed and had an awesome pep talk from Tammy on why the look was so important. She was right! I felt stronger and had greater confidence when I took to the stage.” 

Rebecca Tabbert, CPT Fit Body Bootcamp

“With your help, I figured out what my style is and what I am comfortable wearing outside of my daily uniform of exercise clothes and running shoes! Thank you for everything!”

Bridgett N., Young Living Essential Oils Distributor


“You are right, heels do make you feel more confident! I’ve been making an effort to dress up more and I feel better!”  

MaryBeth, elementary teacher


You are an ordinary person living an extraordinary life. It is time for your style to reflect that!

What You Get…

From Frustrated to Fabulous Style Coaching Program includes:

• 4 x 60 minute mini-intensive calls
• An in-depth welcome pack so I can get to know you before our first coaching call
• A private Pinterest board customized for you with outfit ideas, shopping resources and visual inspiration
• Home study material to do between our coaching sessions

Plus, the following BONUS Gift:

$100 Nordstrom gift card to help you start your shopping! (to be sent in the 3rd week of coaching and after full payment is received)

Invest in Yourself Now!

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If your goal is to stop getting frustrated when you look into your closet, you need to upgrade your style and start confidently representing yourself and who you truly are. If you want one-on-one support while learning the tools you need to move forward independently (& stylishly) then, this is for you!

Style is about creating possibility. It is about taking passionate, strategic control of your image so you are ready for the life you deserve and desire.

Are you ready to step up and finally make a positive change for yourself? Are you excited to finally discover how to look effortlessly fabulous for any situation? Are you ready to stop second-guessing yourself when it comes to getting dressed? Are you ready to transform your style and use it to help you reduce the stress of getting dressed?

How you spend your money reflects what you value. Do you value yourself? The most important marketing tool you have is yourself! Are you proud of how you represent your life and your business? If the answer is no, then we both know it is time for you to step up and commit.

Click the Apply Now button and let’s get you going on this life-changing adventure! When you discover your signature style you begin experiencing life that is aligned with your hopes, dreams and desires!

Or, go back to life as usual…

feeling uninspired and frustrated with your look and wanting to hide in your home rather than go out and make more opportunities for yourself and your family.

I’ve learned the skills to dress to express myself in the way that I want to show up in the world. You can learn those same skills. Life is complicated, getting dressed doesn’t have to be. Looking and feeling your best is just the beginning of what is ahead for you in life. Step up and into the life you desire, one full of confidence and style! Let’s get started!

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