Feather hair extensions are the new craze, seen on celebs and IT-girls everywhere, from Jennifer Love Hewitt to Steven Tyler!

But you don’t have to go full-on ROOSTER to rock these plumes!

Feather extensions are for the Bold, the Beautiful, the Young, and the Restless…

…as well the Hippie Chick, the Daring Diva, and any of us who might like to embrace our wild side, commitment-free.

Since they come in a variety of colors from natural to neon, you can go for a soft highlight or a pop of color, without coloring or damaging your hair.

We have scoured several extension shops and feather distributors to find the finest feathers in the widest variety of colors, textures, shapes and sizes. Then we prep them and bond them into little bundles for quick application to the hair.  You can find out more, and make an appointment by contacting:

Jordana Lorraine, Hair Stylist
Los Angeles, CA (Marina Del Rey)
310-922-2645/ jordanalorraine@gmail.com
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A note from Tammy: And feather extensions can be curled so you can wear them straight or curly! I love that!!

UPDATE: For those that prefer to Save the Roosters, LockStarz now has a great synthetic extension. You can’t do a loop curl as there is no spine but you can apply heat to style it! Read more on RedChairReady.com.

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  1. Just started with Babe, not sure the micro bonds are the best, already a few slip. Suggestions? Favorite beads?

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