Flats are tricky for me to wear. I love strappy sandals, boots and heels but a flat makes me feel frumpy…until I discovered Aerosoles Teashop flats. These cuties are full of style and fun patterns! Check out the pair I received for review:

Of course, we all know Aerosoles feel AH-mazing on our feet (if you don’t, you MUST try them!). With the fun look of the Teashop shoe you can manage your busy mom schedule in flats with style!

Six Places You Could Wear Aerosoles Teashop:

  1. Visiting the zoo with your family.  So much more chic than sneakers and you’ll make instant friends with the zebras- your kids will be in awe!
  2. Picking the kids up from school after a long day of running errands.  Your feet and legs will feel fresh and full of energy!
  3. Walking the dogs…you’ll look as fabulous as your pooch who is dressed in a rhinestones collar.
  4. Standing behind the vendor booth of your business at a popular convention.  You’ll be able to focus on customers and sales because your feet won’t be aching!
  5. Driving through LA traffic.  There is nothing worse than stop and go traffic in heels!
  6. Running around New York Fashion Week.  As much as you’d love to wear those 4 inch stilettos, sometimes you just have to be practical when you’re on your feet for 14 hours running from show to show!


Happy Shopping!

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