Faith Hill joined her husband, Tim McGraw, on the 2013 Grammy’s red carpet.  This year, the 45 year old mother of 3 was sporting braces.

If you are wondering if you can pull braces off as an adult, the answer is sure you can!  Follow these tips to look your best while your teeth are being adjusted for your best smile yet.

5 Tips to wearing braces confidently:

  1. Smile proudly!  Faith’s wide smile shows she is confident in her braces. Being confident outshines the awkwardness you may feel being a woman over 19 wearing braces!
  2. Go clear!  Faith is wearing clear braces, which I think is the most common type offered these days.  Leave the colored bands for the kiddos.
  3. Wear nude lip color.  Avoid bright shades that will draw attention to your mouth, instead dial up the eye makeup a notch to bring the attention upward.
  4. Add bling.  Earrings that sparkle will also bring the focus up away from the mouth toward the eyes.
  5. Check the mirror. Make sure your braces are clear of food!

You and Faith Hill will be out of braces before you know it and you’ll have a beautiful set of straight teeth!  I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to stop smiling and it will all be worth the hassle of wearing the braces!

Do you currently wear braces or have you worn them as an adult?  Please share your tips for confidently wearing them!

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