Wondering what to dress your child in on the first day of school? Your child’s appearance is a reflection of you, you know. Despite her/his personal style, the bottom line is what they are allowed to wear and how clean they are is your responsibility. While you may never get your son to wear the latest trends (mine won’t!) or your daughter to wear bows when she is all about tees and skater shoes, you can make sure their style is age appropriate and modern.

FabKids is a great place to shop for the latest styles that are fun and kid-friendly!

FabKids has just introduced a line for boys so now you can shop for all the kids in your home sized 2-12! Take the style quiz for each of your children and FabKids will generate style recommendations for him or her. You can, of course, opt to shop the other styles but it is a great place to start!

My son is casual cool. He likes his clothes comfy and would wear gym shorts and tees every day if I let him. He likes bright colors. I like his clothes modern with a touch of the latest styles. I won’t let him wear skulls and I prefer to avoid brand names scrolled across the chest. FabKids clothes provide a great mixture of our wants and needs! Take a look at some of the new styles:

My daughter goes from girly-girl to sporty within hours. She always has a funky vibe to her style. I have to make sure her skirts are long enough as her legs are long. She still likes to play on the floor and playground equipment so leggings are a must under skirts.

This outfit is from the FabKids summer collection but is perfect for her to wear to school for another couple of months as it is still H-O-T in So. Cal.  We’ll have an outfit picture from the newest collection to post about next week!

What do you love to dress your kids in?  Check out FabKids for appropriate, colorful styles! Shop now for a FABulous first day outfit!

BONUS: Become a new member of FabKids (it’s free) and receive 50% off your first outfit! Shop Now!

Candy Girl outfit compliments of FabKids.


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