Round the Campfire Gala, Camp Conrad-Chinnock
image credit: Camp Conrad-Chinnock

Special Occasions can cause a mixture of emotion. You are excited for the event and anticipate having a great time. You also are nervous about dressing appropriately and looking the part, not to mention stress about the price tag such an event carries with it. Nails, hair, shoes, accessories and a new dress add up to be an expensive event.

With the holidays just around the corner, I want to share some tips to help alleviate your stress!

  • Nails: Do them at home! Select a metallic or light neutral color so that imperfections won’t show as easily. If you have a few extra dollars to spend, invest in a gel polish and top coat. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Pack is a great value.
  • Hair: Visit a DryBar, or a local salon who offers blowout service, to have your hair washed and professionally blown out. If I don’t have to worry about doing my hair and making it look special, I am 10 times less stressed. This is a great solution that won’t take a lot of time and the investment is totally worth it!
  • Shoes: Wear a pair you already own! You definitely don’t want to break in a new pair on a special night so buy a dress that goes with a pair you already own. Classic black is always a great choice for heels!
  • Accessories: While you can find fabulous looking pieces for cheap, it is even cheaper to borrow! Ask your most stylish friend if she has a clutch and jewelry you can borrow. If that doesn’t work for you, shop costume jewelry at the local mall.
  • Dress: You want fabulous, I know. You don’t have a huge budget so what should you do? Shop pre-owned! thredUP is my go-to resale site. I have purchased special occasion dresses for myself and my daughter multiple times. I have a hard time spending a lot of money on a dress that will only be worn a few times so thredUP is a great solution.

Our girls like to look good too!

Here is the latest dress I purchased for my 11 year old daughter.

Un Deux Trois Special Occasion Dress from thredUP

My husband took her on a special date to the ‘Round the Campfire Gala benefiting the Type 1 Diabetes camp they go to every summer, Camp Conrad-Chinnock.  She felt beautiful in her dress and I felt grateful that I could provide her with it. Had it been the original price of $180, I would not have been able to buy it for her. I only paid $40 for it on thredUP! It was in excellent condition and fit her beautifully! She’ll get to wear it again for Christmas and other upcoming special occasions!

Round the Campfire Gala, Camp Conrad-Chinnock
image credit: Camp Conrad-Chinnock



Shop girl’s dresses and women’s dresses for all your upcoming special occasions and holiday parties!

Love, Tammy


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