Your Name: Shannon Smyth
Shannon Smyth, owner of A Girl’s Gotta Spa!
Your Business:  A Girl’s Gotta Spa! and A Girl’s Gotta Spa! bath and body products 

Brief Description of Your Business:  A beauty blog and namesake luxury, natural bath and body line.

What was your inspiration to start your business?  

I began A Girl’s Gotta Spa! back in the Fall of 2005. As a busy mom and beauty addict, I wanted to fill the void of cutting through the marketing hype and beauty product clutter to talk about what works and what doesn’t.

With thousands of reviews on my skin, I launched my own bath and body line in February of this year. I truly believe that many women don’t realize that they deserve to take care of themselves. I’m on a mission to empower them to believe You Deserve to Be Pampered.

What is your trick to staying laser focused in your business?

I keep myself honed in on the customer. The woman who is mentally, emotionally and physically tired. The woman working 60 hour work weeks, the woman caring for her aging and/or ill parents, the woman who is a new mom or a worn in mom, the woman in college working hard to better herself… she’s out there and she’s the reason I stay focused on getting the word out about A Girl’s Gotta Spa! and our mission. I know our skin nurturing products will make a difference in her life and our product reviews will help her to make more educated decisions about which beauty items would work best for her.
Any tips for balancing a business and your personal life?

There are days where I do this well, and there are days when I don’t, but I don’t beat myself up over it. I do have a rule that I won’t work past 6pm and for the most part, I don’t use the computer on the weekends. This gives me the chance to be present with my 4 boys and take care of myself with another on the way.

What is your favorite beauty product to bring along when you travel?

Dry shampoo. Hands down. I like Herbal Essences Naked, Jonathan Product Green Rootine and evo.

Tell us about the outfit that makes you feel confident and beautiful.

Any dress or shirt that is slimming to both my waist and my chest. These things are hard to come by, especially when you are only 5’1’! But when I do find that magic-making wardrobe piece, look out because I will strut all day long.

What is your favorite online site to shop for beauty or fashion?

For fashion, I love The Limited. I’m only 5’1” though and they don’t excel in petite clothing. However, I can find nice tops and dresses there that make me look like a million bucks. My second love is JCPenney. They have a great petites section, so I cannot live without shopping there. For accessories I adore Charming Charlie. I could honestly live there among their colors and baubles.

For beauty, that’s a tough one because I live rural, so we are limited on our beauty scene. I do spend a lot of time at CVS in the beauty aisle, or I head to Sephora in JCP.

What motivates you to look your best?

My husband, mainly. I love how his face lights up when I’ve done up my hair and makeup. My kids, too. I try to teach them to take care of themselves and that begins with me.

As an entrepreneur, “Me Time” is limited… what are your time saving beauty tips?

To dry my hair faster, I section it with clips and dry from root to tip.

I also like to take care of my most important asset first and foremost, and that’s my skin. If my skin doesn’t look good, then no amount of time saving beauty tips I try will make me look good.

Name one beauty product you can’t live without:

Call me biased, but my Energizing Citrus Body Lotion. My skin has never been softer, smoother or more hydrated.

Heels or flats?  Describe your favorite pair.

As much as I’d love to say heels, my feet are usually killing me in about 5 minutes! I wear flats and my favorite is a pair of faux snakeskin flats from Anne Klein. I’ve literally had them for about 9 years and they still look great!

Lip gloss or Lip Stick?  Do you have a favorite brand/color?

For the most part, I wear lip gloss (and I’m not brand loyal.) However, I’ve finally jumped on the red lipstick bandwagon, and for that I wear CoverGirl in Hot Passion or Avon’s lip crayon in Reddy For Me.

Confession Time!  What is your biggest fashion and/or beauty concern at the moment?

Pregnancy fashion and skin. Maternity clothes were not made for short women (someone should get on that!) Since this pregnancy is like starting from scratch (my oldest is 15 and my youngest is 7), I do not look forward to maternity clothes shopping, especially because it always comes with a very high price tag. Nor do I look forward to what’s ahead with my skin. With each pregnancy I always have Melasma, and combined with my already sun damaged skin, I’m nervous what that will look like. And the acne… oh boy.

Editor’s Note: I’ve known Shannon for years since we’ve both been in the same industry for a long time.  She is a trusted source when it comes to beauty and she has a heart of gold.  I highly recommend you connect with Shannon on social media.  You can also subscribe to A Girl’s Gotta Spa! so you don’t miss a post!

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