I had the privilege of interviewing Shawna Snyder, a mom of 5 (ages 20y, 16y, 11y, 7y, 5y), who is a leader with Avon Corporation.  I wanted to hear from Shawna what it’s like running her own Avon business from  home and perhaps encourage you to do a similar thing should you so choose.  Maybe you will be an Avon lady one day?!

Shawna joined Avon in 1997.  While women have many reasons for wanting to start their own home-based business, Shawna admits her reason was a “really bad marriage and the desire to get out of the house.”  Now 15 years later, she is thriving in her business and is passionate about it.  Regardless of the reason, having something of your own is a great way to boost your confidence, teach your children entrepreneurial skills and meet a whole new groups of people.  The additional income is a nice bonus if not your main goal.

Shawna was attracted to Avon as her choice of businesses because her aunt was a district manager with Avon for years.  Shawna grew up playing AVON LADY!  (isn’t that cute?!)  She also said she loves the flexibility and freedom it allows her and her family.  She saw it as an opportunity to involve her 5 girls!  They help her stamp brochures, pass out brochures, and even do a delivery now and then.  And, let’s not forget the fun with makeup! Sampling the makeup has to be so fun for those girls!  Shawna even shares that her husband will help her set up for parties!  What a great way to work together as a family!

When I asked Shawna about the challenges of being an Avon leader, she told me that with homeschooling her girls and running a small licensed day care from home, time is the biggest challenge.  She works every moment she can, fitting business in during small chunks throughout the day.  Her “me time” is limited and she is thrilled when she can take an uninterrupted bath!  Sound familiar anyone?  I think we can all relate to that!  The encouraging message in that is, Shawna does not let being busy stop her from growing her business!

Of course, I had to know Shawna’s favorite Avon products.  She loves the Anew Skincare line, as well as the hair care products (I bet she and her older daughters use the Moroccan Argan Oil on all of the beautiful hair!).

When asked if she wore heels or flats, Shawna admitted to not wearing heels for the past 13 years.  Her favorite shoes are her Toms.  I forgive her, she lives in the mountains.  Heels are challenging on uneven mountain ground.

What I learned from Shawna is that when you have a vision, you have a way. For her, it’s working with the family around the family schedule. What a beautiful way to do life!

I am excited to meet with Shawna and shadow her day.  I’ll take some video to show you what it’s like to be an Avon Leader when you are a busy mom.  Watch for this feature to come next month!

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Shop Avon with Shawna online!  The holidays are coming and Avon always has amazing gifts to give!

Please contact Shawna if you’d like more information about becoming an Avon rep! Her email is shawna.avon@verizon.net and she is ready to answer your questions and help you get started on your own business venture!


PS I have to share my personal favorite Avon product…I love the glimmersticks eye liner!

*This post is part of a sponsored series showcasing an Avon Leader.

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