Your Name:
Megan Gage

How many children do you have?
2 (Jaiden, 11, is my daughter and Christian, 2, is my son)

Your Business Name:
Hot Tot

Brief Description of Your Business:
Hot Tot produces salon-quality hair styling products for babies and children without the use of harsh or harmful chemicals. Created to enhance the lives of little ones, Hot Tot’s products promote a positive self-image from a very early age. Hot Tot employs sustainable business practices and also donates a portion of its proceeds to charities that benefit children so the brand’s success reaches farther than those fortunate enough to use the products.

What was your inspiration to start your business?
When my son was first born, I mixed baby lotion with styling products to give him a small curl on top of his head. I thought it was adorable and was amazed at how many people (everyone from an 80 year old gentleman to a teenage waitress) would stop to ask about what I had used or to share a story of how they related to this seemingly timeless look. After an ongoing joke with my husband about how someone should “create” a product specifically to achieve this look for infants, I read an article about the dangerous toxins commonly used in baby products (The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics No More Toxic Tub, 2009). The alarming information inspired me to create something safe and fabulous, and Hot Tot was born.

When do you make time to run a business with your busy MOM schedule?
I try to plan meals in advance so that even on days full of chaos, I know what we’re having for dinner. I work seven days a week, though my weekend hours are much shorter (for the most part).

Any tips for balancing a business and motherhood?
I continue to remind myself that my kids will only be small for a short period of time. I’m not as good at balance as I’d like to be, though many moms aren’t. My family is my priority. Sometimes you just have to take a break; the work will be there when you get back.

What is your favorite beauty product to bring along when you travel?
I love Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle and Chance. Though both fragrances are very similar, they differ slightly, keeping my scent familiar but never boring (to me). I wear one of them daily and wouldn’t feel like myself if I didn’t.

Tell us about the outfit that makes you feel confident and beautiful.
I love any outfit that accentuates a fabulous shoe. I tend to gravitate to black clothing (though I’m not sure why) and love leggings, skinny jeans, ankle booties, and tweed jackets with long accent necklaces. I love shopping and getting dressed!

Besides your own site, what’s your favorite online site to shop for beauty or fashion?
Who doesn’t love Sephora!?! It really is like Heaven on Earth. I dream of buying Hot Tot there someday ? is also a lot of fun, as it allows users to identify and purchase anything they’ve seen a celebrity wear. I love Siwy Skinny Jeans and found them through CoolSpotters after seeing bazillions of celebrities wearing them

What motivates you to look your best?
Age? Pregnancy? My handsome husband? All of the above?

As a mom, “Me Time” is limited… what are your time saving beauty tips?
While “me” time is extremely limited as a mom and businesswoman, I am a HUGE advocate for exercise. I love to run in the mornings for 20-30 minutes and work out with weights for about an hour in the evening after dinner (5 days a week). While it sounds like a lot, exercise actually saves a ton of time when getting dressed and ready. Naturally, clothes fit a healthy body better. Being in shape saves time because I obsess a lot less than I used to. Exercise has taught me to be much more forgiving and accepting of my looks.

Name one beauty product you can’t live without:

MAC’s (208) Angled Brow Brush and bareMinerals Powder Brow in Brunette are my must-have duo. Eyebrows transform a face.

Heels or flats? Describe your favorite pair.
The higher the heels the closer to God. Honestly. I am known for wearing insanely tall shoes. I think my husband and I had been dating six months before he realized I wasn’t supermodel tall.

Lip gloss or Lip Stick? Do you have a favorite brand/color?
Both. I love the look of a nude lip and use MAC’s Fleshpot. After blotting, I apply a bit of Laura Mercier gloss in Petal.

Are you on Twitter or Facebook? If so, please include your links so we can follow you!
Twitter: @HotTotHaircare

Any additional comments on beauty and style you’d like to share:
It sounds cliché, but beauty really does come from within. Nothing is more beautiful than a happy, kind, generous and confident person.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for sharing your story and tips for looking great with us Megan! Great tip on exercising and how it actually saves time and changes your perspective on your body. I’m going to keep that in mind when I don’t want to spend time working out because I have a million other things to do!

Readers, please visit to shop their safe and naturally based salon-quality styling products for tots!

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TAMMY GIBSON, founder of A Mom in Red High Heels, is a God-loving, coffee-drinking, heel-wearing, wife and mom offering up her best tips to help women look and feel fabulous so they can achieve their biggest dreams.

1 Comment

  1. Eileen Baul

    Dear Megan Gage:
    I believe that your product is a good invention. Many times I resent the chemicals in todays children’s products.
    Recently I wrote a letter to the World Health Organization, WHO, pertaining to the poisons they put in products, including air fresheners. usin an air freshener is the same as putting a cigarette near your child. I would write WHO about your products.
    I would like to make a suggestion that you put your products in all health food stores.
    God bless and good luck to you From Eileen Baul