Exclusive: Meet Lucy Williamson of Belly 9

Your Name: Lucy Williamson

How many children do you have? 2 children, ages 7 and 5

Your Business Name: Belly 9

Brief Description of Your Business: Belly 9 offers hip, clever and flattering conversation provoking maternity tees.

What was your inspiration to start your business? Belly 9 was started from the notable lack of cool, fun and flattering tees that actually fit all 9 months of your pregnancy.

When do you make time to run a business with your busy MOM schedule? When my kids are at school or sleeping is when I get most my work done.

What is your favorite beauty tip? Wearing a smile.

What is your favorite beauty product to bring along when you travel? A flat iron and biosilk silk therapy.

Tell us about the outfit that makes you feel confident and beautiful. I love 60’s retro inspired clothes and I have a couple mini dresses that make me feel super cute and cool all at the same time.

What’s your favorite online site to shop for beauty or fashion? Etsy.com has such unique and inspiring items.

What motivates you to look your best? My mirror. And my kid’s brutal honesty.

As a mom, “Me Time” is limited… what are your time saving beauty tips? If I flat iron my hair that usually makes my prep time lightening quick for the next day or two.

Name one beauty product you can’t live without: Retin-A

Heels or flats?  Describe your favorite pair. I rock simple flip flops just about every day unless I go out at night then I am all about heels. I don’t have one favorite pair. If they are comfy and fun then I am bound to love them. I particularly like colorful shoes that make a bold statement.

Lip gloss or Lip Stick?  Do you have a favorite brand/color? Lip gloss. Mac’s Viva glam 2.

Are you on Twitter, Facebook or MySpace?  If so, please include your links so we can follow you!



Any additional comments on beauty and style you’d like to share: “Pretty is something you’re born with. But beautiful, that’s an equal opportunity adjective.”

Editor’s note: Lucy, thank you for sharing with us your tricks for looking great!  Etsy is an amazing place to find truly unique products!

Readers, please visit Belly 9 for some fun maternity tee gifts or for yourself!  As they say, “Belly 9 maternity, worth being pregnant for!”  Check it out!

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