The holiday season brings joy, gifts and lots and lots of goodies (and plenty of occasions to eat those goodies).  It’s a busy time of year that cuts into your normal routine and if you are not diligent, you can easily put on extra pounds.  It helps to have someone come along side of you, encouraging you to continue your exercise program and eat well.  I know just the person to be there for you…my good friend and personal trainer, Rebecca Tabbert.  Rebecca is our resident Fitness Expert specializing in Female Fat Loss.

Rebecca worked with me for 21 days back in April of this year to help me prepare for an important event in my life.  While it would have been great to have her at my side each and every workout, it wasn’t feasible in either of our schedules.  Instead, she gave me written plans for my daily workouts, meal tips and lots of encouragement.  You can see my journey and success on Mom Beauty Bootcamp.

Rebecca is offering an exclusive program that I talked her into letting A Mom in Red High Heels readers in on! This coaching program will help you make this holiday season your healthiest yet! Why wait until the new year to “get in shape”? Start now (or improve upon what you already do) and you’ll be ahead of the game come January! Plus, you’ll save yourself the regret of an extra 5 pounds put on from all the tempting holiday sweets!

Most of you are not in our local area and that is NO PROBLEM at all! The powerful program Rebecca is offering to you is a remote coaching program and so you can live anywhere and benefit from her help! Like I said, most of the workouts I did with Rebecca were custome workouts that she prepared for me so I could acheive the most benefit for my body from each workout.

This offer starts the Sunday after the Thanksgiving holiday and lasts for 12 weeks. I can promise you 2 things, you will LOVE Rebecca and if you do what she instructs you to do, you will get in shape! No matter your starting point, Rebecca will coach you in an uplifting, productive manner. Don’t miss out on this exclusive invitation!

A personal invitation from Rebecca:

“Hey, it’s Rebecca!!!

Did you hear the news? I recently went through my own body transformation to get back into my figure competition shape (it’s my version of fitting back into my skinny jeans)!!! The crazy thing about it is this…I discovered an even better way to lose fat and inches fast, while staying healthy and full of energy. I even trained less and ate more!

Sounds crazy, huh? I know!! I could hardly believe it myself!! I’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the past several years and have helped them lose hundreds of pounds and inches. And I’m grateful to have been a part of their success. But, man!…once I made a few small tweaks in my program the body fat melted off! I’m always learning and experimenting to bring YOU even stronger products and services for greater results. But my recent discovery was unexpected!!

So, my first figure competition in 3 years and I won! I would have been happy to just place top 5. But nope, thanks to my newly discovered techniques…..I won 1st place in THREE categories!! That’s me below!!! Pretty cool!


And yeah, the sword is real…not quite sure what to do with it yet…but at the moment it looks kinda cool against the wall in my office.

So why am I going on and on about me? Well, if you sit down with me for 5 minutes you would know I am not normally this vein but I need to use my story to serve a greater purpose. I want to share what I discovered with you so you too can reach your goals – real results in real time – without feeling deprived and frustrated!

Based on what I found, I developed what I call my Master Fit 12 week coaching program. In this program I will teach you how to be successful in your own 12 week fitness and fat loss mission! How great would it feel to FINALLY reach you fitness goals? What about pulling out that “little black dress” for the upcoming holiday parties? Shouldn’t you beam with confidence and energy this holiday season? Couldn’t you imagine, if you start now, how rockin you will look in your new swimsuit next summer!?

Now, you might be thinking….come on Rebecca, I don’t want to compete!! I don’t want to be that shredded or that muscular. I totally get it! That’s my thing. My point is not my accomplishment; my point is the techniques I discovered that got me to my goal and to the best shape of my life.

Man do I wish I had discovered these small little tweaks sooner. I thought I was doing a lot of people a lot of good! Now the sky is the limit!!

K, ready for another pic? As humbled as I can be, this is me 12 weeks out from my show….

In 12 weeks I lost 4% body fat, 7 pounds and 2 inches off my hips (butt), 3 inches off each upper thigh and 2 inches off my waist!

If I can reach my goal of confidently stepping back on stage again, you can reach your fitness and fat loss goals too! In fact, just to make sure it wasn’t just me, I tried it out on a couple of my clients. In one client’s own words “I’ve lost 3 lbs in my first week….I have never eaten this clean for this long; I feel great and I don’t even feel like I’m dieting!” AND did I mention that on my program you get to eat more and train less? How can you discover these secrets too?

In my Master Fit 12 week coaching program I will personally coach you step by step on your workouts, nutrition planning and mental mind set. See, what I also learned is that above all else…it’s a mental game. You have to learn how to get the right mind set and practice it daily while applying the right nutrition and training program.

My Master Fit 12 week coaching program includes:

  • Introductory 30 minute call to establish your goals for the 12 week program
  • Access to an exclusive Master Fit Coaching Program members only Facebook group for community support
  • Each Sunday you will submit a status email to me with your pic and recap of the week; I will respond within 24 hours with your updated workouts and meal plan (5 workouts that can be completed in your home. These workouts will be shared with all members of the group for that week so you can cheer each other on throughout the week within the exclusive Facebook group)
  • Daily motivational and mindset tips via email, facebook and text
  • Weekly group conference calls to discuss motivation, successes, questions and refocus goals

Man do I wish I had discovered these small little tweaks sooner. I thought I was doing a lot of people a lot of good! Now the sky is the limit!!

Ready for the best news!? I plan to market the heck out of this program, but for now this is still a pilot. In the future people will pay upwards of $299/month to be part of this group/program. Because I am inviting you to be part of the pilot group, you can join today for only $199/month, that’s a savings of $300 over the duration of the 12 week program.

But you must take action today.

There are only 15 spots available. The program starts the Sunday after Thanksgiving; Sunday November 27th . You must act quickly to secure one of the 15 spots!!!”

Check out what Rebecca does with her local clients then give her a call!

Contact Rebecca at 909-520-2589 or via email

Don’t miss your chance to do something amazing for yourself! You’re worth it!


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