Exclusive Interview: Janet Thomas, Mom of 7, Embraces the Entrepreneurial Life with Avon

Your Name: Janet Thomas
Janet Thomas Avon Independent Sales Representative
Hometown: Mahwah, NJ

Your Business: Avon Independent Sales Representative; www.youravon.com/buyorsell

What was your inspiration to start your business?
I started my Avon career in January of 2009, after my husband (the bread winner of the family for 20 years) had been out of work for much longer than we had expected. I had been applying for jobs, to no avail, possibly due to my lack of college education or my being out of the workplace for some time (since before I had my first of seven children.) After a few failed interviews for not particularly great wages, my sister mentioned seeing Avon on the TODAY Show and encouraged me to apply.

I went from stay at home mom to Presidents Club member by Campaign 7 of 2010. My confidence, listening skills and income have all improved through my Avon business. Through Avon’s many training programs and my District Manager’s guidance, I am now a Unit Leader and Honor Society achiever for 2014. The support Avon provides is a blessing.

What is your trick to staying laser focused in your business?

Honestly, my business was started out of necessity! I needed the additional income and my inspiration is my family. They are what help keep my laser focused on reaching my goals. I joined Avon to ultimately reach Senior Executive Unit Leader status. The fact that by doing so, I will also be helping others achieve their goals is also a great inspiration!

Any tips for balancing a business and your personal life?
Balance is constantly on my agenda. Having such a large family means I am never bored. Someone or something always needs to be fit into my daily routine. My day is never dull, and I fold Avon into whatever my day brings.

What is your favorite beauty product to bring along when you travel?
I believe beauty starts with the best possible skincare regimen. Avon’s ANEW brand products are my favorite.

Tell us about the outfit that makes you feel confident and beautiful.
My daughters always tease me about my wardrobe, saying “Your closet consists of black, black, white, black and maybe beige.” I feel the best in black, since it can be accessorized in so many ways.

What is your favorite online site to shop for beauty or fashion?
I am not a big online shopper, but I LOVE a bargain! I enjoy poking around a store and scouting out the best deal.

What motivates you to look your best?
A good attitude and love for life is the best fashion/beauty accessory!

As an entrepreneur, “Me Time” is limited… what are your time saving beauty tips?
Keeping my makeup routine simple and natural helps to keep me on track and timely.

Heels or flats? Describe your favorite pair.
I have always been the type to wear heels, and I still do when I’m not on the go all day. I love to get all dressed up and dance the night away, but Avon’s “riding boots” have been a staple this winter for me. I wear them with jeggings, skirts and dresses!

Lip gloss or Lip Stick? Do you have a favorite brand/color?
Lipstick is for when I’m going to a dinner, an event or fancy occasion. Everyday it’s lipgloss!

Confession Time! What is your biggest fashion and/or beauty concern at the moment?
As I’m getting older, my style has had to change, so I need to make sure my style is now always age appropriate.

How can my readers get to know you and your business better?
I am an open book and not afraid to talk about anything. I enjoy partnering with other Avon representatives. Meeting new people, whether part of Avon’s world or not, helps further develop myself as a business. I am always open to coaching and learning from Avon’s District Managers, Division Managers and other Representatives. Avon affords anyone the best chance to achieve whatever goals they choose. In addition, the free training provided is invaluable. The bottom line is with Avon, you really are in business for yourself, but not by yourself!

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Editor’s Note: Thank you for sharing your story, Janet! You are inspiring and a wonderful support to many women!

Ladies, if you’d like more information about Avon, please contact Janet via social media. If you’d like to shop Avon, visit her website at www.youravon.com/buyorsell

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To your style and success, Tammy
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