Estee Lauder's Private Collection Jasmine White Moss fragrance

I’m going to go into this review stating that I really don’t want to like Estée Lauder’s Private Collection Jasmine White Moss fragrance. Why? Well, first of all, I consider myself a sophisticated fine fragrance consumer. I look high and low to find the next best thing and, more often than not, it will not come from a beauty giant such as Estee Lauder. From my experience, those companies focus group their concepts to death, change things a million times in order to please the most amount of people, and what you’re left with is a perfectly acceptable middle of the road product that doesn’t stand out, but will get by. And I find that so disappointing (aside from being a tremendous waste of the company’s money).

So, when I smell Jasmine White Moss, I’m very pleasantly surprised. It’s fresh, feminine and sophisticated. What I smell is a soft green floral bouquet – it’s a little old school smelling, but in a way that seems nostalgic, not outdated. The clean opening begins with fruity black currant and citrus bergamot. A sweet mix of soft lilies, neroli and jasmine form the heart of this blend and the smooth finish is credited to patchouli, vetiver and white moss, for a rich and earthy foundation. I’m not shocked that it’s from Lauder, but this is a fragrance that I’m willing to embrace, especially for the summer months.

$80/1.0 oz

Reviewed by:
Jamie, mom of 1

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