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Amber wrote in for makeover advice, saying “This picture was taken a little over a month ago. My hair looks the same just a little longer. I have been wanting to get it cut and colored for awhile. I am wanting something a little more “edgy.” I really don’t have any limits on getting it cut. I was thinking maybe layers. As for the dye, I was thinking a red color. My boyfriend would like to see it with some blonde, just not all over. I would like a good way to incorperate these two colors. Please help.

Thanks alot- Amber ”

It’s good that Amber has an open mind; she has a lot of color options! Her skin tone definitely lends itself to a wide variety of fun shades, especially in the red family. Deep reds, and even plums and purples, will also look great, if she doesn;’t mind bordering on ‘goth’ territory. Simple highlights may be too ‘blah,’ so it is important to see a stylist who is experienced with creative color sectioning. To add blonde, it can be a good idea to use extensions, rather than having the existing hair color bleached out. Bleach can be damaging, and on long hair the panels will taper out to wisps. Using clip-in extensions is a fun option because they are easily applied at home, and bright colors won’t “bleed” onto them (staining the blonde, which can happen when hair is partly blonde and partly a vibrant color) while sleeping or washing.

If Amber is willing to sacrifice some length, this will help open up options for cut/style as well. If not, there are all kinds of funky bangs out there! One caution about layers: they are not particularly ‘edgy’ on long hair, unless it is seriously razored and flat-ironed straight on a regular basis (use a thermal protectant such as Davines Melu).

Case in point:

Ashlee Simpson=edgy; Jessica Simpson, not so much (but also very beautiful!)

Amber reminds me of a client of mine, Christy. She is an edgy person, for sure, but her image was not reflecting that when we met. I think my exact words were, “you’re way to cool for this hair…” Below are pics of Christy when I met her, and after a few different hair styles 🙂 The first set of ‘after’ images reflects the most dramatic change and funkiest color/cut, but as the years have gone on, we have found ways to modify the funkiness without forgoing the edginess.

Christy before edgy hair
Christy with edgy hair

Amber–please check back in and send pics once you make a change!

Readers, what do you think?  How edgy should Amber go?  Leave your comments, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Contributed by:
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