Easy, Manageable Hair for Moms

Lesley had a daughter less than a year ago. As most new moms understand, time for hairstyling is extremely limited. Lesley wrote to me asking for suggestions from our celebrity hairstyle contributors, Neil Weisberg and Amanda George of Neil George Salon in Beverly Hills.

Everyday PonytailAfter Blowdry and Flatiron

Lesley says:
“I am in the need of some ideas for a new hairstyle. I have had my hair cut short to where it was an angled bob kind of cut and layered but it took too long to shower, blow dry, and then straight iron. I am looking for a hairstyle that is easy and manageable. My daughter is 8 months old but I still do not have a lot of time to do my hair, I have reverted back to the ponytail, which my husband hates. I wash my hair at night because it takes a long time to dry. It is not thin but not thick either, it is straight and doesn’t hold curl very well, and has those flyaways in the front right now. I have had long hair but never really short hair. I would also like any suggestions on color.”

Neil says:
Your hair would be great if you grew it out a bit longer, got some layers around the face to frame it, and use a bit of curl creme to give it a beachy look. This cut will be more youthful, and although it will be longer, it will be easier because you’ll be going for a natural, younger look. When it’s longer, you can also pull it back in ways other than just a ponytail, so you can have it out of your face, but keep it chic too- like a messy low side bun, with little wispy pieces falling out. For your cut think Giselle Bundchen, but maybe not quite as long as hers, but her hair definitely as far as the style goes. For the flyaways you mentioned, you could use something like our Neil George Indian Gooseberry oil, on damp hair and as a finisher to smooth the hair.


Amanda says:
As for color, something low maintenance like a natural light golden brown or darker golden brown highlights, like Jessica Alba. The more subtle the highlights the more low maintenance it will be. Good luck!

jessica albaJessica Alba

Lesley, I can’t wait to see your results!  If you decide to grow your hair out, send us a picture in a few months so we can see the results! In the mean time, try some fun headbands, hair clips and carefree summer waves!  Don’t you love having Jessica Alba and Giselle Bundchen as your hair inspiration?

Need A Hair Makeover?

If you are looking for a new look for you hair, email me (tammy[at]amominredhighheels[dot]com) a current picture of yourself (at least 350×350 pixels, please!) and tell me about your challenges, needs and how much you are willing to change your hair cut and color! Please put HAIR MAKEOVER in the subject line.  Celebrity Stylists Neil and Amanda will recommend a cut and color!

For further inspiration, check out the Hair Makeover page with great styles to “try on”!

About Amanda and Neil, co-owners of Neil George Salon in Beverly Hills:
Amanda George & Neil Weisberg
Amanda is a celebrity colorist.  She is a true artist when it comes to creating her masterpieces: beautiful heads of hair!  Amanda is a mom with two young sons, a busy fundraiser at the boy’s school and 100% hands-on when it comes to running the salon and the new Neil George product line.

Neil is the man with the scissors.  His talented hands have created some of the most beautiful styles in LA!  Neil is the father of two young daughters who often spend time on Saturdays with Dad at the salon!

Neil George Salon is located at 9320 Civic Center Drive in Beverly Hills, CA 90210, (310) 275-2808.

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  1. I’m a new comer mom and I’m 17 years old, and a full time student. I need a way to do my hair in the mornings without taking a long time. And something she isn’t going to take and try to eat. I’ve had a bob before I was pregnant and hated it. I want some short but still can’t put up or scrunch. Please help me

  2. a wig?