Follow along, I need to know if this has happened to you:

You buy a new pair of pants, complete with creases and wrinkles, so you have to wash them before you can even wear them (ironing/steaming has proven useless). When you finally get to wear your new pants, you discover that in the process of getting the seemingly permanent creases out, you accidentally caused them to shrink.
Dryel At Home Dry Cleaning |
Has this happened to you?

Because it has happened to me more than once. I have even tried to hang dry them but still lost enough length that I would feel silly wearing the pants.

I recently purchased a SUPER cute pair of wide leg pants. I am excited to style them for spring. I’ve learned my lesson and will be skipping the wash/dry process. This time, I’m using Dryel.

Dryel safely cleans clothes with no fading, stretching or shrinking. I’ve found my answer. If all goes well, I can even wear my new pants with heels!

Here’s the process:

  1. If the garment is soiled or stained, pre-treat it with Dryel® Booster Spray. Add 1-5 items and 1 ULTRAcleaning™ cloth to the reusable fabric protection bag, sold in the Dryel Starter Kit.
  2. Tumble in the dryer on medium heat for 15 minutes to renew and refresh, or for 30 minutes to deep clean.
  3. Remove promptly and hang to help wrinkles fall out.

Instructions come in every box.

Dryel At Home Dry Cleaning |

Dryel kit, bag and Ultra-Cleaning Cloth

Dryel At Home Dry Cleaning |

Ultra Cleaning Cloth and garment inside the bag

Dryel At Home Dry Cleaning |

Fresh, clean and ready to wear 15 minutes later!

Dryel At Home Dry Cleaning |

Rocking my pants in the wind at Cabozon.

It is SO EASY- as easy as my pants are cute!

Skip the expense of dry cleaning.

Skip the frustration of the incredible shrinking clothes (Dryel is even safe to use on wool and cashmere!)

Skip the drama that comes from ruining your clothes!

Let Dryel help you get your special care clothes clean!  It is affordable and done in the convenience of your home.

Love, Tammy

I am a Dryel Ambassador and received product for editorial review. Opinions stated are my own.

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