Linda writes in with an excellent question about keratin treatments:

“Considering keratin treatment in June. Can I use dry shampoo during the 72 hr post-treatment? My stylist says yes but some sites say no.”

Knowing from personal experience that waiting 72 hours to do anything with your hair after certain types of keratin treatment is just gross, I’m glad Linda asked this question! It’s one I never considered and I am excited to see the answer Jordana gives:

“Your stylist is correct, you can use dry shampoo during the 72-hour phase, so long as it is one that sprays out as a dry powder and not a liquid with powder in it; the latter is not truly a ‘dry’ shampoo, but some of them are structured that way so check out a few before you buy. If your hair is anything other than pale blonde, be sure to get one that is either clear/colorless or a color that matches your hair.”

Yay! If you are looking into getting a keratin treatment (before summer is the PERFECT time to get one!) then know a dry shampoo will be your best friend while you wait out your “processing time.”

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  1. I would not use anything on your hair during that time. The best keratin I have used is Global Keratin my hair is not yucky at all during the waiting period. Even my friend who is a master stylist at an upscale salon and she said it is the best. Her salon uses Coppola so she gets global and does mine we her house

  2. Thank you so much for this information. I just had my first keratin yesterday and this morning my hair is so dirty looking. I still have two days that I have to be presentable at work. I’m happy to know I can dry shampoo!