Dressing Your Truth for the Holidays! Beyond the “Little Black Dress”

As the holiday season rolls around, there is one fashion myth that needs to be busted. It is tradition that every woman own- and wear- a little black dress (LBD), especially during the holiday season. Guest contributor, Carol Tuttle, puts this myth to rest:

In my 4 Types Beautiful Profile system I teach that not every Type of beauty can pull off the “little black dress” and look amazing! In fact, when on the wrong Type of woman the little black dress can actually make you feel fat and frumpy- definitely not what you want when attending your holiday parties.

So what’s a woman to do? The little black dress is such a no-brainer when it comes to shopping, but don’t sell out to the little black dress when it is not your best look! Instead follow these style guidelines for your Type of beauty to find the perfect holiday outfit that is going to bring out your true beauty.

Type 1- The bright, animated woman who is known for her upbeat, breath of fresh air personality and youthful appearance will look amazingly cute and beautiful in a high sheen, taffeta dark chocolate brown knee length to tea length skirt matched with a winter white crisp button-up dressy blouse with sparkly buttons, ¾ length sleeves with wide turned up cuffs. Dark chocolate brown dressy mules with gold ornamentation would make this outfit “pop” just like our Type 1 beauty. Make sure you add bobbly-bling in your jewelry with necklaces and earrings that also pop!

Type 2- The subtle, soft woman who is known for her gentle and sensitive nature and endearing personality will look elegantly beautiful in a soft muted purple skirt that floats below her knee, or soft flowing flare bottom dress pants in a plush, drapy velour. With soft ruffles being all the rage this season, pair the soft bottom with a ruffled blouse, emphasizing the ruffles on the front bodice and over the wrist. Any soft, muted color will do. Add a long, flowing liquid silver necklace and dropped silver earrings, a ballet flat in soft tones will make sure our Type 2 beauty is comfy all night- just the way she likes it!

Type 3- The rich, dynamic woman who is known for her fire-ball, get it done personality will look “hot” for the holidays by bringing in this seasons fave- animal print. A rich caramel and brown animal print jacket over a simple tan knit top paired with rich brown dress pants or an A line skirt will be turning heads. Add a substantial necklace made of semi-precious stones or imitation glass red stones encased in gold with a thick chunky gold chain to bring in the holiday red. A sassy red belt and red shoes in a deeper shade will add the hotness to this ensemble

Type 4- The bold, striking woman is a classic “little black dress” Type of beauty. This woman is known for her uncompromising, authoritative personality that demands respect and loyalty. She can pull of the little black dress like no one else. But in case she is bored with this traditional favorite, she can go for a black pencil skirt or straight leg dress pants matched with a jewel red or green wrap around top that has the proper fit to honor her exact nature. One bold piece of jewelry in a high shine silver to make her bold statement. She is known to keep things simple, so going with this simple, classic holiday look is perfect for her. Shoes in a matching color of her top with a classy clutch will pull it all together.

Have fun Dressing Your Truth in holiday spirit! When you feel and look good in your clothes, your true nature is expressed not only in how you look but how you act, because when you are feeling good, your best self comes forward. Have fun at your holiday parties letting your true self shine!

About Carol Tuttle:

Carol Tuttle is the creator of Dressing Your Truth. Dressing Your Truth is a do-it-yourself makeover system that helps you create your unique personal style by first discovering your personal Beauty Profile in her newest book, Dressing Your Truth- Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile. Once you know your Beauty Profile Carol’s Dressing Your Truth is easy and simple to learn through her prolific online learning resources and growing community at www.dressingyourtruth.com

A note from Tammy:

If you’ve been feeling frustrated with the little black dress, wondering why you “just can’t pull it off”, stop beating yourself up!  It does not work for everyone.  In fact, very few can actually pull it off with grace and style, as explained by Carol.  Embrace another look this year, and every year for here on out, and I bet you’ll start to feel more festive during your holiday celebrations!

If you happen to be a Type 4 and can get away with a LBD, go ahead and click on the images below to shop for your perfect LBD!  If you are not sure which Type you are, I highly recommend you discover Dressing Your Truth for yourself and learn to become your own Beauty Expert!

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  1. I just published an e-book called “Beyond the Little Black Dress” to help women understand that they don’t have to have a LBD in their closet. I tell many of my clients that black isn’t their best color and spend time educating them to feel confident in wearing color. What I’ve found is that it’s not so much that women love to wear black, but that they often lack the confidence to wear anything else. I work to empower women to wear color with confidence!

  2. mimi says:

    I would like to read more about your experience with “dressing your truth” styles, colours etc. Please post more like this!


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  2. [...] say “No, to the Little Black Dress!” Published on the Mom in Red High Heels website, Carol explains why the “Little Black Dress” may not be right for you. CLICK [...]

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